Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 805

Chapter 805: Free Transcript

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"See Master Immortal Envoy!" The cold young man saw the woman in white, suddenly a trembling body, and immediately stepped forward to bow to salute.

"Do you know me?" The woman in white said indifferently.

"Small is Liu Xianshi's lower-class people. I have been lucky enough to have seen Master Xianshi from afar!" The cold and cold young man's body is still slightly bowed, and he is extremely respectful.

"Well!" The woman in white nodded gently.

Seeing that the woman in white was missing, a Tsing Yi old man came out, looked at Zong Yuan, and shouted sharply: "How are you? Zong Yuan, what are you doing?"

"Return to Master Uncle, this person is disturbing the order of Wanjie City, buying and selling, and I am enforcing the law!" Zong Yuan pressed his teeth and simply went wrong.

"Yes, senior, he snatched Liu Xianshi's things, and dared to injure me and four others. It is definitely a cancer of Xianban, and he will be expelled from Xianban!" The cold young man hurried forward to the ground.

"Really?" Tsing Yi old man's body is powerful, obviously beyond the realm of God Emperor, but a powerful existence of a fairy realm.

"It's true, he also snatched the white tiger's torch from the white tiger family, which is really evil and full of evil!" Zong Yuan added.

"Then why didn't you win him?" The old man in Tsing Yi wondered. "He is not a six-level cultivator, is it..."

The old man in Tsing Yi said that he didn't even believe it.

"The predecessors said well, I only have six domains, why would I go find them all, these emperors, the trouble of the world's powerful, you don't want to listen to their one-sided words!" Zhao Yuande came out at this time, clenching fists against the old man .

The old man in Tsing Yi is not here by himself. The dozen powerful existences are among the heavens and the world. The strong man in the realm under the fairy world, and the woman in white are one of the three envoys in this lower realm. If it is a problem, it will not only be laughed at by people in other big domains, but it will also make the adults dissatisfied with themselves.

"You tell me what's going on?" The old man in Tsing Yi looked at Zhao Yuande. This person's cultivation style was not high, but he had a temperament of indignity. Even if he knew that the woman in white was a fairy, he didn't blink his eyes, as if Don't care, he can't be moved.

This situation seems to be generally only possessed by two kinds of people, one is to cultivate the sky, far beyond the realm of white women, and the other is to be aloof and not afraid of the identity of white women.

However, this person seems to be less than the sixth level of the field. Since coming to study in the Immortal Class, his identity will naturally not exceed that of the woman in white. Both are not the same. Is it because his natural character is tough and his heart is strong, as if he has been practicing for many years. The old monks in general are no longer concerned about foreign objects.

"Predecessor, it's actually very simple, I'm just..." Zhao Yuande roughly said the skill that he bought, and then how these people forced him step by step, he probably said about fighting up again.

Many strong men around the woman in white heard Zhao Yuande's words, and they all looked at him one after another. They felt curious. A little guy with six layers in the field could actually defeat the four strong men in the Emperor Realm and the World Realm. This child is absolutely extraordinary.

A dozen pairs of eyes were swept up and down on Zhao Yuande. Zhao Yuande suddenly felt that his clothes were being stripped, and those who had full eyes of red fruit fell on his body.

"What did you say? You got a copy of the exercises left by the suspected ancient god?" The woman in white only turned her head and said lightly to Zhao Yuande, "You make a price! I want it!"

"Do not sell, the exercises and my constitution are exactly what I need." Zhao Yuande shook his head with a very determined attitude.

"I can give you exercises of the same level. As long as you say it, I can help you find it." The woman's words are full of confidence, as if everything is not difficult for her.

"No, what kind of exercises do you come up with? Will I change it with you?" Zhao Yuande said in his mouth, but in fact he said in his heart, except for this exercise, no exercise can be so suitable for me. Physically.

"Little guy, don't be so absolute, I have a kind of exercise called the source of life, which is very suitable for people like you to practice. If you are willing to exchange, I will give you a congenital treasure. What do you think?" Next to the woman in white is a middle-aged man in a yellow robe with magnificent demeanor. It looks like a worldly emperor.

"Thank you seniors for your kindness!" Zhao Yuande shook his head slightly to the middle-aged man in yellow robe. "But I said, I won't change any exercises."

"Little fellow, why are you so stubborn? You don't want to leave Kangzhuang Avenue with all the way up, you have to... Hey! Forget it!" The middle-aged man in Huang Pao shook his head and said no more.

"Really don't sell?" The woman in white is still not stubborn, and continued, "I can take you directly into the fairy world and send you to the top monastery of Xifengzhou to cultivate you!"

Speaking of which, the woman in white seemed to have lost her normal heart, and there was a touch of anger in her eyes.

She is Xifengzhou, one of the five continents in the fairyland. She is a disciple of the Shenguang Sect. Because she is so talented, she has already cultivated to the fairyland at the age of 24, and is regarded by Xifengzhou's powerful people as Xifengzhou. One of Shuangfeng!

I don't know why, the master suddenly gave her such an order, saying that she was asked to be the immortal angel for three months.

At that time, she was very unwilling, but she could not violate the order of the master. Before she left, the master told her this secret mission, asking him to search for the exercises left by the ancient gods in the lower realm, especially the strongest ancient gods such as Wa Huang. Practice.

After receiving this secret order, she suddenly realized that the master took her seriously, but most of the geniuses she saw in the lower realm were far from her, and she gradually gave birth to the mentality that all the lower realms were ants.

Although the ants in front of him had better talents, they were still ants. He dared to refuse his good intentions over and over again, saying that he would have to take a lesson to teach each other.

At this time, not only did everyone around see the anger of the woman in white, but even a few cold young people also found out.

This time in his heart was full of bliss and misfortune. If you are bullying and turning against the sky, it is just a genius in the lower realm. It is not worth mentioning in the eyes of this fairy ambassador. They want to kill you, not to kill you. As simple as an ant.

"It's probably not a good thing to lose the competition." Zhao Yuande still shook his head lightly, but he suddenly said, "If you want the above exercises, I can copy a copy for you for free!"

Why is Zhao Yuande not willing to exchange with the other party, because there seems to be an inexplicable power of heaven and earth in the book, which is of great benefit to his cultivation. Zhao Yuande suspects that there must be some mystery in the practice, so he does not change it.