Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 806

Chapter 806: Special Recruitment

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However, if the content of the exercises is needed, it does not matter. Not only can calm this storm, but also make this seemingly bullish fairy satisfied, why not do it!

Everyone was a little stunned, and even the white jade woman who wanted to attack suddenly calmed down.

"Why?" The woman in white looked at Zhao Yuande lightly.

"The exercises are very good and very suitable for me. It is good, but the books written in the exercises seem to come from the hands of the ancient gods. Some of them are strange. I want to stay and study them carefully! But I am not afraid to disclose the contents of the exercises. If you are I really need it. I can make a copy for you." Zhao Yuande explained.

The woman in white thought for a while, the master just said that she needed a practice method, and once said that copying is also ok, so she has no objections.

"Okay! This is a hundred fairy jade, it should be the cost of my transcript!" The woman in white dropped a storage ring.

Zhao Yuande took a look at it. Sure enough, there were a hundred fairy jades lying quietly in it, and he couldn't help but feel happy.

He hurriedly took the exercises in front of the people and engraved them on a jade charm with the spirit of the gods, and then threw them directly to the woman in white.

The woman in white nodded gently, indicating the end of the transaction.

"Okay! Things are clear, Zong Yuan you are deceived, how do these four people deal with you!" The old man in Tsing Yi glanced at Zhao Yuande again and nodded slightly to him, "Little fellow, you are fine! Pay attention to it in the future, the wealth is not exposed!"

"Thank you for reminding seniors!" Zhao Yuande thanked with a quick smile.

"Let's go!" The white woman's voice sounded faintly.

The crowd drifted away.

Zhao Yuande and Lin Jin'er who came over looked at each other with a faint smile on their faces.

On the other hand, Zong Yuan and the cold and cold youth were extremely ugly, especially the cold and cold youth, as if they had eaten a dead fly.

Obviously, he found something to be dedicated to his family ambassador, but he was given to other ambassadors by understatement, he felt that he would not have good fruit to go back.

The middle-aged woman and the young Taoist were mixed at this time. The young Taoist was happy because she had a good relationship with Zhao Yuande. She was worried about the missed opportunity of the middle-aged woman.

"A few goodbyes!" Zhao Yuande waved to them, especially blinking provocatively at Zong Yuan.

Zong Yuan almost wanted to kill this kid directly.

Zhao Yuande and Lin Jin'er turned a blind eye, turned around and flew down the Daoshan, and quickly merged into the crowd.

"Let's go too!" The middle-aged woman sighed and turned to leave.

The young Taoist did not speak, and silently followed behind the middle-aged woman and disappeared on the top of Daoshan Mountain.

"Sixteenth brother, I thought you would not succumb." Lin Jin'er blinked, "I'm trying to find a way to persuade you to compromise, but I didn't expect it to be given directly to the other party's exercises. The big changes made me start. Unexpectedly."

"Actually, you don't know, I'm not the kind of person who doesn't want to kill my face, the other party is not aggressive, and the strength is obviously very powerful, I can only promise half a half!" Zhao Yuande laughed, "I just felt By the time, your nervous body is shaking, even if I want to desperately, I have to get you out first!"

"Thirteenth brother, thank you!" Lin Jin'er smiled sweetly on his face.

"Let's go! Go back today. I have gained a lot. The Taoist Sect's comprehension about the Void Avenue and this nameless exercise are enough for me to digest for a while!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand. "You will go back and you will not die." The body and the extreme realm of each realm are well cultivated, and tomorrow I will give you a small stove to let your sea of blood grow again."

"Well!" Lin Jiner waved his fist hard, "I will work hard!"

The two figures soon disappeared into the crowd.

Soon it was the day when the immortal palace really opened.

Zhao Yuande and Lin Jin'er came to the fairy palace early. Hold their own jade cards.

Lin Jin'er is in the seventh class, and Zhao Yuande is in the special class.

This time, there are a total of ten fairy classes, including nine regular versions and one special recruit class.

Ordinary classes are arranged from one to nine. The first fairy class is full of talents and talents. The second fairy class also mostly has the hope of becoming a seed of the fairy world. The third fairy class is used as a preliminary seed cultivation.

The special recruiting class is the most special. There must be a genius who is against the sky, there may be a mediocre who is not a shit, and it may be a descendant of a big man in the fairy world. Anyone may have it anyway.

Of course, the current ten classes are just the initial decision. The organizers of the fairy class, the three immortals in the fairy world, will finally re-class according to the various performances of these two thousand people.

Divided into fairy classes and ordinary classes.

The fairy seed class will recruit 100 people at the beginning, and finally will gradually survive the inferior and the remaining 30 people. All others will become reserve fairy seeds. Although they are still in the same class, the treatment is very different.

"Everyone with special recruits is here!" Suddenly someone shouted loudly.

Zhao Yuande waved at Lin Jin'er and walked in that direction.

Lin Jin'er nodded, her body slightly stiff, and Zhao Yuande felt nervous as soon as she left.

Zhao Yuande came to the man, and now a large group of people had surrounded him.

Compared with other young and energetic centuries, this group of people seems a little lifeless.

Zhao Yuande even saw a few white-haired old men, they were greeted with each other and greeted each other enthusiastically, and they saw two eight-year-old children holding hands, their eyes full of curiosity and innocence, the most is still one A heroic middle-aged man, some of them have a magnificent temperament and they know that they are in a high position, some of the twilight and blue seem to have no vitality, and some are like the old monk sitting quietly and peacefully, but they are few like him. .

"Hey, brother, are you alone?" While Zhao Yuande was looking at these wonderful flowers, and some felt that he was walking in the wrong place, a fat young man of his age approached him.

"Oh! Alone." Zhao Yuande replied subconsciously.

"Hey! I was really hurt by the old man. I thought I was holding an invitation letter and entered the special recruiting class. It sounded a little taller, but I only now understand the true meaning of this special recruiting class." Since he was familiar, Zhao Yuande answered him, and his words suddenly opened.

"Don't you know before?" Zhao Yuande asked, but he regretted it after asking it. Isn't that nonsense?

"I didn't know until I arrived in Wanjie City, and all the people in this special class came to Xianchi!" The fat young man said in a small voice, "You also got an invitation letter, you must know that you can get an invitation letter. What kind of family are they? These families are at the peak in the lower realm. They can be squeezed into the fairy class if they walk out of the family disciples, so they will treat the invitation letter as a family welfare once every 8,000 years, and give them the most outstanding credit. Among them, there are old immortals who are dying. If they can soak in the fairy pond, maybe they can live for hundreds of years, and those children with outstanding qualifications, if they can get washed by the fairy pond , Talent will be even more outstanding, and then there are some strong men who have been unable to break through to reach the bottleneck! On the contrary, there are very few young people like us!"

After listening to the explanation of the other person's chase, Zhao Yuande finally understood what happened to the strange faces on those people's faces when he took out the invitation letter.