Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 807

Chapter 807: Borer

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"Brother, what family are you from?" The chubby young man looked at Zhao Yuande curiously, "How is your talent? Oh, it turned out to be a sixfold field, and it's not bad!"

"Oh! I don't have a family, the invitation letter given to me by the master." Zhao Yuande really had no way to explain, so he could just lie.

"Hi! Brother, we are really hard brothers and brothers! I also gave it to the master. My master took care of the last retreat for a long time. After going out, I realized that my family has disappeared. I dont know how many years. I decided to accept a disciple , And found me! This time, Wanjie City sent him an invitation letter to his old man. He couldnt use it. He had to throw it to me and let me look at it, so I..." Start spitting bitter water again.

"Dong Guofu, the heir to the old galaxy, the triple dominance of the world, the Holy Communion..."

Seeing this message, Zhao Yuande grinned. This guy turned out to be the prison body. The prison body is second only to the strong constitution of the four major bodies. It is characterized by a strong physical body and heavier weight. It is said that one person cultivates to the **** emperor. After the environment, its own weight can crush a big star! Don't know where this guy is practicing now?

"Brother, are you listening?" The chubby youth said in a drool, but found Zhao Yuande stupefied and could not help but stab him.

"Oh! I'm listening, I'm listening." Zhao Yuande smiled embarrassedly, which is indeed a little impolite.

"I still dont know what the brother is called? My name is Dong Guofu, my father said that our family is poor, and I have no luck in my life, so I named him Dong Guofu. I was laughed at because of this name, but The guys who laughed at me were beaten by my crying father, I was a good player when I was fighting, I remember that I was only seven years old..." Dong Guofu started talking about the anecdote of his childhood. Zhao Yuande stepped back quietly and took a small step away from this guy, so as to avoid the danger of washing his face with saliva.

"Cough... Brother Dong Guo, my name is Zhao XIV! Someone called us over there, should we go over and see?" Zhao Yuande interrupted the other's torrents and pointed not far away.

Zhao Yuande felt that if he did not take the initiative to stop, the other party might tell himself the story of the ancestors before the eighteenth generation.

"Oh! Haha! Brother Zhao, your name is very good, easy to understand, you rank 14 at home!" Dong Guofu scratched his head embarrassedly, and laughed while walking, "I know from your name Your family is in good condition. You can have 14 children. Your father is very profitable, and your mother is very..."

Zhao Yuande wiped the cold sweat on his forehead quietly. This guy must never give him a talk, watching this, he didn't finish it for three days and three nights.

But Zhao Yuande not only did not feel disgusted, but felt that this person was very real and true! It's much better than those who live all day in the fight.

Fortunately, they were taken care of by an immortal palace, and took them into the immortal palace, and soon came to a huge palace.

There were already two people waiting in front of the palace at this time. One of them was a woman shrouded in purple mist. The other was tall, with a large wine gourd slanting around her waist, and the whole body was full of alcohol.

"Have all the special recruits been here?" Ziwu's voice was quiet, but she couldn't see her face clearly.

"A total of seventy-eight people are all here." The immortal palace manager bowed slightly to the Ziwu woman.

"Okay, let's go down!" Ziwu woman waved her hand, and turned back to the alcoholic big man beside him, arching her hand, "Senior Master, all the special recruits are here, do you see... "

"Okay! Bring it all in! Anyway, there are some useless borers!" The drunken man, too lazy to look at them, turned and entered the hall.

Suddenly many people looked very ugly. Seventy-eight of them represented seventy-eight powerful forces. If this force could be united together, it could set off a great chaos in the whole world as one of these forces. Members, they are called worms in public, and the anger in their hearts can be imagined.

"Good guys! Just now, Master Xian, the fairy pond you are going to soak this time is provided by the family of this King Xian, and they should say a few words of complaint, shouldnt they?" The dilemma.

Although she is one of the three giants in Wanjie City, she is not afraid of any of these 78 forces, but it is simpler to step on her than to step on an ant, so she cannot Offend these people.

The drunken man is one of the three immortals this time, and is still the highest one. She dare not offend!

Ziwu woman is also helpless. She was assigned to a special recruiting class to assist this immortal lord, which was originally unwilling, but whoever let others see her at a glance.

The three giants of Wanjie City, in addition to themselves, are yin and yang strange children in red clothes, and one is a stinking Taoist with a dead fish face all day. Anyone can choose only himself, and the other two immortals may be It is even more painful than myself!

Thinking of this, she felt her mood suddenly improved.

Many disciples, you look at me, I look at you, and finally you can't help shaking your head. If you say it, just go! Anyway, that is the big brother of the fairy world, said a few words is not embarrassing, and they also provide fairy pond, which is the key to their coming.

"Okay!" A gray-haired old man looked a bit dignified. He came out and smiled at everyone. "Actually, we are really just borers. People are right, but the status of this borer is also behind. What the family forces won, we strive to be good as this moth, and don't let the family pay such a high price."

"Good! For Xianchi, we're going to be **** once! Let's go, don't let Xian make adults anxious!" Another old man agreed, and walked into the hall with a smile.

"The old guys are really open!" Dong Guofu sighed in amazement. "I thought the old guys would lose their face. I didn't expect them to be open-minded. In fact, there is only one word in the final analysis, that is' "Positive!" Immortal makes adults powerful, even if we all unite, I am afraid that they will not be his opponents, and others have already overwhelmed us in "Positive"!"

"Yes!" Zhao Yuande finds that he is a little pitiful, and he dare not say more to this guy. As long as you start, he will continue to talk. Zhao Yuande even suspects that he stays with this guy for a long time. By the way, will it become like the sky!

The crowd followed the Purple Mist woman into the hall. The hall was wide enough to accommodate thousands of people. Seventy-eight of them stood empty.