Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 808

Chapter 808: Dong Guofu

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This hall is like a hall for the emperor to go up and down. There is no huge dragon chair in the past. At this time, the drunken man is sitting on the big hall in front of a huge chair. Holding the wine gourd, he poured wine into his mouth.

The big man's expression was a bit sullen, as if he had a very heavy worry, only to drink wine to worry.

"Everyone, please report your cultivation and age!" Ziwu Woman is one of the three giants of Wanjie City, but she can only afford all her work in front of this fairy envoy.

"Dongfang is five or eight hundred and three hundred and seventy-two years old.

"Wang Potian, 6,917 years old, the peak of Divine Emperor!"

"Ouyang Wan, 3,400...I forgot how much, early Emperor!"

"Song Qingfeng..."


The seventy-eight people reported on the list one by one, but there were 29 people over the age of 3,000 and 68 people over the age of 30, which means that only 10 people were under the age of 30, but there were still 6 people It was a child, and finally only four young people, including Zhao Yuande, remained.

When everyone focused their hopes on them, a young man walked out slowly, only to see that his face was somewhat sallow, and he seemed to be feeble to walk. What was more, his body was cold and like a block of ice.

"Sun Hong, twenty-two years old, the field is five...cough cough...sorry, my mother was attacked by the devil when she was born, I was invaded by the cold in my life, this time I want to take a look at Xianchi Can you..."

"Understand, understand!" Everyone nodded their heads in sympathy.

There are three people left, in addition to Zhao Yuande and the fat young man Dong Guofu, there is a young man with a thin figure, who sighed and slowly walked towards a group of twilight old men.

"Zhu Linwei, thirty-nine years old, the late Emperor, that I actually want to be promoted to God Emperor in Xianchi..." The thin young man did not speak very loudly, and seemed a little embarrassed.

"Oh! It's a pity! At the age of thirty-nine, I had the power to be promoted to Divine Emperor, which is much stronger than those of the fairy species!" Someone suddenly exclaimed.

"It's called not waiting for me. I was born nine years early! What a pity, what a pity!" The eyes of old men were envious.

"In a while, I can ask Master Xianshi if it is possible to open the net. The nine-year-old is not too far apart!" The woman of Ziwu is also shocked. Her talent is definitely more than many people in the first and second classes. She thinks it can be cultivated.

At this moment, even the dull drinker could not help but glance at this person, a little shock in his eyes.

When he was promoted to Divine Emperor, he was already over this age. This person's qualifications are absolutely strong, only nine years old, it is not true, as long as he is willing to nod, this person can eventually become a fairy, but still have to Look at his performance thereafter.

At last, there was some comfort in the heart of the big man, and finally a useful person appeared in this group of people.

In the end, only Zhao Yuande was left. Zhao Yuande felt that Dong Guofu around him gently pushed himself and had to stand up first.

"Zhao is fourteen and nineteen years old, with six fields." Zhao Yuande's age, combined with this cultivation practice, was barely a genius, and it was very in line with the regulations of the Xianban.

But everyone seemed to be dissatisfied. They seemed to want to hear whether this guy had any hidden illnesses, any injuries, or...

But after waiting for a long time, Zhao Yuande didn't say anything, just looked at Ziwu woman quietly.

"Well, you are the first disciple of our special recruit class to meet the requirements, not bad!" Ziwu woman's face showed an awkward smile, she knew that the big man must not look down on this young man.

Sure enough, the big man didn't even glance at Zhao Yuande, but he was still drinking booze.

"My name is Dong Guofu, the blessing is a blessing. I am 26 years old and the world is triple. Dont laugh at my name. Our family is very poor. My father..." Dong Guofu saw many people hear his name. With a smile on his face, he could not help explaining to everyone patiently.

"Okay, you are the second qualified disciple!" Ziwu woman couldn't help but frown, and quickly interrupted his torrential talk.

"Don't look down on me, I was very powerful and able to fight, but I was alone..." Dong Guofu suddenly felt the atmosphere was not right, saw the expression of the woman, and looked at the old men and middle-aged people. Finally, I looked at the big-headed man who drank and drank, his voice suddenly stopped suddenly, and there was a trace of loss on his face.

"Well, Brother Dong Guo, we really are hard brothers and brothers!" Zhao Yuande patted his shoulder, half-truly comforting, "They don't see us because they have problems with their vision, we can do it ourselves!"

"Yes! Good brothers, be yourself, and finally let them stare!" Dong Guofu seemed to be born with an optimistic attitude, and the sudden loss of emotion was driven away, shoulder to shoulder with Zhao Yuande, and walked towards that Swarm of worms.

"Master Xian Shi, don't you say a few words?" Ziwu woman records everyone's situation and turns to look at the big man.

"Forget it! What is there to talk about a group of worms and waste, let them love what they do!" Dahan sweep did not glance at them, just waved his hand, indicating that it could be disbanded.

Everyone looked at each other, especially Zhao Yuande and Dong Guofu looked at each other silently, and did not expect that the name of waste would fall on both of them.

Ziwu woman shrugged. Since others said so, she could only helplessly did it.

"Brother, let's talk over there?" Dong Guofu pulled Zhao Yuande and walked to a corner of the hall.

"Don't leave the hall, you two, you will have a test with other Xianban people in a moment." Ziwu woman suddenly thought of something, and said to Zhao Yuande, "Age and talent are not all of cultivation, There are many aspects such as perception, perseverance, etc., you should not give up like this."

"Thank you senior for reminding us, we know!" Zhao Yuande gave Ziwu woman a thankful look.

Dong Guofu also nodded gently, but rarely said anything, remembering something.

Coming to the corner, Dong Guofu has returned to normal.

"Brother, I dont think youre easy. Did you hide your cultivation base and want to make a big impact in the future?" Dong Guofu looked at Zhao Yuande from top to bottom and laughed, "Actually, you don't know, I also hide some secrets, waiting for the test to start At that time, I want to surprise them, especially the drunk... The fairy, I want to surprise him with his chin!"

"Brother Dong Guo, don't be too anxious to take your time. Lu Yao knows that the horsepower will see people's hearts for a long time, and he will regret it one day." Zhao Yuande smiled. He really didn't think about what to hide. He was actually not at all. Knowing that this is the case for the special recruitment class, otherwise he will never come, and he will give this quota to those who need it.

"Hey, I can't wait for the next test." Dong Guofu rubbed his hands excitedly.