Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 809

Chapter 809: Talk

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The two chatted, and Dong Guofu quickly entered a state, from the south of the sky to the north of the sea, from the heavens of the world to the sea of chaos, from the pantheon to the eight-view palace...

Zhao Yuande couldn't help listening. Someone was enthralled. This guy deserved to be an old guy who had lived for many years. There were many things that Zhao Yuande hadn't even heard. This chatter made him grow a lot of knowledge.

I dont know how long after that. It may be that after waiting for the registration of other Xianban to be completed, Ziwu girl seems to have answered the notice.

"Let's go, you guys! Go to Yanwuchang to test your true qualifications. Of course, if any of you don't want to go, don't ask for it!" The woman of Ziwu looked at the white-haired old man with helplessness in her eyes.

"Just don't ask, then we won't go!"

At this time, Ziwu woman looked helplessly at her eyes, three cute childish children, and three young men with big eyes and small eyes.

"Hey!" Ziwu woman glanced at the big guy who was still drinking and took six people out of the hall.

They soon appeared in a huge performance field.

At this time, the other nine fairy classes had all come together. Each fairy class occupied one direction. When the woman of Ziwu walked in with six people, everyone could not help but reveal a strange color in his eyes.

Are there six people for the special classes? Why are there still three little farts?

"Brother, are you nervous? How do I think my heart is about to burst out, dong dong dong... Did you hear?" Dong Guofu saw so many outstanding young people, and he lost all his energy just now. , A pair of calves trembling.

"You won't see so many people for the first time!" Zhao Yuande asked.

"Brother, you guessed it right. There are only a hundred people in our village. After I was taken away by the master, I was never seen by a living person. Now I see all these two thousand people. I feel a little panicked!" Dong Guofu held his heart, where it really sounded like a drum, rumbling.

"Just if they don't exist, or you just think you are an elephant, and they are all a group of ants." Zhao Yuande comforted him casually, at this time his attention had been concentrated on the middle of the Yanwuchang Above a huge stone pillar.

There are seven colors of red orange yellow green blue blue purple on the stone pillar, divided into seven sections, red on the bottom, purple on the top.


Zhao Yuande's appraisal technique swept above the stone pillar, and a series of question marks appeared.

What the **** is this, even Chaos Lingbao can be identified in anxiety, is this stone pillar that looks inconspicuous what a great treasure?

At this time, the old man in Tsing Yi who Zhao Yuande had seen came out, first he arched his hand in one direction of Yanwuchang, and then began to speak to the crowd: "You! This is the three immortals who made adults from the fairy world The stone pillars brought down to test the qualifications of cultivators, as long as you will make a full blow towards the stone pillars, the stone pillars will naturally recognize your physique, age, and a series of situations, and finally will give an objective result. If the qualification reaches cyan or cyan Above, it is the superior qualification, if it is above the yellow, it is the middle qualification, and below the yellow...I think there should be no yellow qualifications between you!"

After listening to these words, everyone focused their eyes on the stone pillars.

Stone pillars are divided into seven colors, each of which has clear ten scales, which can make a person's qualification level accurate to a very detailed stage.

"Senior, this stone pillar can't go wrong!" Some people looked at it for a long time, and didn't find the strangeness of the stone pillar, they couldn't help asking.

"Absolutely not wrong. According to Master Xian Shi, this is a certain mountain from the Sea of Chaos. Although no other use has been found until now, but I don't know how many times I have tested the qualifications. I have never made a mistake!"

"Do you have any questions?" asked the old man in T-shirt.

The crowd shook their heads one after another, and they could have any questions.

"Well, now from the ninth class, everyone comes to test one by one!"

Most of the people in the tenth centenary class are some ordinary geniuses. They were brushed to the end in the beginning of the test. They also regarded themselves as the strongest, and they were all confident to want to return to the top, so this The test pillars are the stepping stones to their peak.

The first one to walk forward was a woman in pink. She had a fair look, but her face was firm, and her tightly clenched fists were slightly blue.

"Don't be nervous, give your full blow, don't worry, even the Immortal Emperor can't destroy this stone pillar!" Tsing Yi old man comforted.


The pink-clothed woman took a deep breath and her fingers flashed a bright golden awn, pointing towards the stone pillar in front of her.


As if the symphony of gold and iron sounded, a golden spark struck the stone pillar with a spark.

The woman was slightly disappointed, but this was her strongest finger sword. This blow almost consumed all her spirit, but it seemed that the thunder and heavy rain were not as small as she thought.

I saw a silver brilliance on the stone pillar that went straight up from the red area, through the red area, through the orange area, and finally through the yellow area, the speed began to slow down, and finally stopped at the place where the green scale was seven.

"Well! Moderate qualifications, green scale seven, not bad!" The old man in Tsing Yi nodded and said to a child next to him, "Take a good record, don't forget it!"

"Yes! Master!" Xiao Tong filled his head.

"Senior, my qualifications..." The woman in pink looked at the old man in Tsing Yi with a look of anticipation on her face.

"Don't worry, in fact, I don't know, you are the first!" The old man smiled helplessly, "Next!"

The second one came from a bald monk, with a peaceful light on his body, which looked somewhat sacred.

The monk nodded and smiled at the old man in Tsing Yi, said nothing, but slowly approached the stone pillar.

"This bald head is not simple, I can feel a terrible power hidden inside him." Dong Guofu looked at the monk and frowned slightly. "It's just that the second one is so powerful. It seems that these guys are really Hidden dragon lying tiger."

"It's okay!" Zhao Yuande looked at the monk, and also felt as if he had the power similar to the one ring in his body, probably also the reincarnation of a spiritual Buddha!

The monk shot it with one palm, without the stormy waves and the earth-shattering momentum, so the flat palm shot on the stone pillar.


The whole Yanwuchang shook, and the cracked road appeared on the ground centered on the stone pillars.