Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 81

Chapter 81: Opportunity Is At Hand

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The two of them specially picked some injured split-tooth tigers and started to throw them into their storage space after being killed.

Their behavior attracted everyone's eyes for a while, but these guys held their identities and were embarrassed to **** these two guys and could only give orders to their men.

Hundreds of split-toothed tigers were eventually slaughtered by them. Although several people were seriously injured, they were not life-threatening.

Black Bear and Yi Jie even grabbed the bodies of more than thirty split-tooth tigers, and the two guys returned to Zhao Yuande triumphantly, their eyes full of joy.

"Brother Zhao, this is too much for you!" Even Jiang Tianyue was somewhat dismissive, expressing his dissatisfaction with Zhao Yuande.

"Yes! Everyone kills the enemy, but you are on the side to pick up the bargain. Why is there such a thing!" Chang Yuming came out to help again.

"What's the matter? We got the spoils of our own ability." The black bear had a stalk in the neck, but these were all eaten by himself. If anyone dares to question, it doesn't mind letting the other party know why Grandpa Xiong's fist is so big. !

"Okay! The two of you will pay attention to the next time and leave a way for others!" Zhao Yuande blinked at the two guys, deliberately and seriously reprimanded.

The two guys immediately understood the meaning, and never spoke again, just holding a force in their bodies.

The black bear also gave Chang Yuming a provocative glance, which means that Grandpa Xiong is just like that, how can you bite me!

Chang Yuming's face turned black, his mouth twitched, and he almost ran away. He came directly to cramp the black bear.

In the ensuing encounters, Black Bear and Yijie did not converge at all. They still picked up at a low price. Jiang Tianyue finally gave orders to his men and snatched the loot!

It is a pity that although these people are all in the late stage of Lingtai's pregnancy, the combat effectiveness is not at the same level as the Black Bear and Yijie.

In the end, even Jiang Tianyue was a little shocked. A monk of unknown origin and a black bear brought from the Huoyun Sect were so powerful?

She even felt that she was not an opponent of these two guys! How did Zhao Yuande trick these two guys into the people around him?

Other people also have this kind of psychology. They have turned Zhao Yuande's neglect into attention. With the help of these two strong men, Zhao Yuande has exceeded the weight of everyone in the hearts of everyone.

"Front... where is that in front of you?" Someone exclaimed when he came to a canyon.

When everyone looked in the direction he pointed, they found that in the huge canyon, there was an area covered with colorful lights, and they could smell an attractive fragrance from that area hundreds of miles away.

"It's a medicine garden, and it's the biggest one in this secret realm!" Jiang Tianyue compared his information and quickly reached this conclusion.

"The largest piece of medicine garden?" All eyes were greedy.

According to Jiang Tianyue's description, this secret realm seems to be the private space of a powerful emperor realm thousands of years ago. This big man finally rushed out of the world of the Eastern Emperor, without the trace of the system. This secret realm has never been discovered.

After the Jiang family got the news of the secret realm, they thought it was of little value, and they put it in the disciples' reward, which was obtained by Jiang Tianyue.

After Jiang Tianyue found out, she began to consult the data and found that the emperor realm might be a god-level pill master, and she couldn't wait to win this reward.

After careful investigation, she finally determined the possibility of this incident. She had entered the secret realm more than once, but in the end she returned without success.

She found that there are not only powerful beasts in the secret realm, but also a high level of alchemy. In desperation, she set out to invite the strong and enter the secret realm to explore together.

In fact, she didn't think of asking several strong men of Yin and Yang together to explore together, but she also knew that when the last treasure was born, the strong men of Yin and Yang would inevitably roll over.

So she would rather share the treasures inside, and get the favor of some big family disciples to score points for herself, instead of risking it.

"Okay! Everyone, be careful. The dark air in the canyon is guarded by powerful beasts!" Jiang Tianyue reminded everyone that she had felt a pair of cold eyes staring at herself in the canyon.

None of them are reckless, they approached the canyon carefully.

In the canyon, the aroma of the elixir is getting stronger and stronger, and the hearts of the people are getting more and more nervous, because they all feel that a powerful crisis has always haunted their hearts, and the powerful beast has never been seen, nor is it hidden in Where to watch them.

"Look! There is a medicine garden!" Not far from the canyon, everyone saw a magnificent colorful light, and a huge medicine garden was looming in the light.

"That's the sixth-level elixir of Duyuanguo, and the seventh-level elixir of fire dragon grass, phoenix **** flower, and prajna lotus..." Prince Li Tian looked at the medicine garden and couldn't help but swallow a big spit and began to dream a little. Said the name of a large list of elixir.

Others are not much better, most of them have straight eyes and salivation in the corners of their mouths.

Only Zhao Yuande was still able to calm down at this time. He used to be a **** emperor and strong man in his previous life, and even saw many god-level and fairy-level elixir, let alone these elixir.

Master Yijie slobbered while fantasizing, if he could get these elixir...

"Be careful!" Zhao Yuande suddenly felt that the soil under his feet was loose. He grabbed the black bear and Yi Jiefei also withdrew to a distance of hundreds of feet.


A shriek came from the ground, and the whole ground flipped in an instant. A fierce monster rushed out of the ground and swallowed Chang Yuming and Jiang Tianyue's hands directly into his belly.

Without even screaming, the two guys were corroded into a pool of blood by the acid in the monster's mouth.

"Rewind! This is Vipertooth Viper!"

Yin couldn't see this monster, his face suddenly changed, he seemed to know this thing.

"Sixth order beast venom viper, the body is extremely venomous, its gallbladder can be eye-catching, medium-level ingredients, matching the recipe'viper dragon phoenix soup', its taste is extremely bitter, there is a chance to increase the level of sky eye, ingredients list ..."

Zhao Yuande obviously didn't care about this kind of beast, he just looked at the poisonous tooth viper with his eyes bright.

He has a way to open Sky Eye, because the materials are difficult to get together, it has not been realized. Now with this poisonous tooth Viper, he decided to put the materials together and directly promote the level after starting Sky Eye.

After opening Sky Eye, the first Sky Eye promotion will have various effects, such as fire, thunder, breaking delusion, breaking virtual, yin and yang, etc.!

After he opened Heavenly Eyes in the last life, he was promoted to Heavenly Eyes after hundreds of years of cultivation, but finally got one of the worst flame **** pupils.

But even the worst of them had very extraordinary magical effects, at that time he directly doubled his strength.

Now that the opportunity is in front of him, how can he not be greedy.