Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 811

Chapter 811: Draw

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A clear voice sounded, and everyone saw the silver light whizzing at once, and the five colors of red orange yellow green green almost passed by, and the speed gradually slowed down to blue.

"Nine scales! It turned out to be nine scales!" Someone suddenly exclaimed when he saw where the silver light stopped.

"Blue nine scales, only one line away to reach purple, it's a pity!" Some people can not help but show a sorry look.

The eyes of the three immortals were immediately attracted by the shadow figure, the blue nine scales, even in the fairy world are good qualifications.

The most important thing is that the spirit spirit of the fairy world is abundant. People are washed by the spirit spirit before birth. The qualification of the cultivator is obviously stronger than that of the lower realm. The lower realm can reach the blue nine scale. After the air has washed the body and the soul, it will at least upgrade to two or three scales, that is, it can reach the purple three scales. This talent is already quite powerful, and almost all major forces in the fairy world will fight for it.

The three immortals have their own abacus in their hearts. After the test, they must meet this person and draw them into their own camp.

"Good! Very good! The next one!" The old man in Tsing Yi saw the shock of the three immortals on his face, and could not help feeling that his face was also radiant, and he did not mean his praise.

Seeing that the youth in black shocked the audience, others suddenly couldn't sit still and started to try.

"I come!"

A dull young man with a dark face and a low height stepped in front of the stone pillar in one step, punching on the stone pillar with impunity.


Everyone felt the earth trembling for a while.

Dunshi youth also learned to be young in black and wanted to turn around and walk away, but his eyes couldnt help. He always wanted to glance over the stone pillar, and finally gave up on the limelight of turning around and walking honestly. Standing on the spot, staring at the silver light.

The silver ray was fast, climbing all the way, and soon reached blue, but the speed was obviously slower than that of the youth in black.

"Hey! Only eight scales! Can't compare to that guy!" Dun Shi youth's head dropped, and some listlessness returned to his place.

"Don't be pretentious, the difference between the eight scale and the nine scale is not big. If you fly to the fairy world, it is possible to improve!" The girl in the stands was soft, not anxious, but it seemed to have been eaten by the young people of Dunshi A heart pill.

"Really? That's fine, this guy is so stinky, I don't want to raise my head in front of him for a lifetime!" The young man of Dunshi's expression was delighted, he sat down again, and glanced provocatively at the young man in black.

"Boring!" The young man in black snorted coldly, but there was a faint smile in his eyes.

The two knew each other, and the relationship was quite good, but this guy has always refused to accept himself. Today, letting him eat for a while is a lesson.

"It's time for me!" A cold-faced woman appeared in front of the stone pillar. She glanced at the young man in black, and her eyes showed a strong sense of war!

The woman is eighteen or nineteen years old, born small and exquisite, beautiful facial features, a pair of eyes shine like stars in the sky. But his face is not as old as it should be, but frosty.


The cold-faced woman lifted her feet and kicked **** the stone pillar.

The surrounding space was rippling like water waves, and a thunderous sound exploded, making people feel a sway of mind.

The woman closed her legs and stood quietly in front of the stone pillars, watching the silver light rise from the sky.

The first five colors also passed in one pass, and the momentum was not slower than that of the youth in black, and they immediately reached the eight scale, followed by the nine scale, purple...

But in the end, it was only a slight difference to reach purple, but it returned to the nine scale.

"It's a pity! It's a pity!" Everyone shook their heads and felt sorry for the woman.

"Very good! Very good!" The teenager in the stands stood up all at once. "Don't feel sorry, your talent is even a superb asset even in fairyland. As long as you can successfully ascend to fairyland, I'm willing to recommend you to me Family, as long as your luck is still there, I guarantee that you can reach the purple three or four scale after the spirit of the fairy spirit is washed. It will not be a problem to achieve the peak of the fairy king in the future. As for the fairy emperor, it depends on the chance. Dare to guarantee the promotion to Immortal Emperor!"

The young mans remarks were completely drawn by Chiguo Guo, which was not quite in line with the rules, but the woman and the big man just frowned, and did not say anything to stop it, which was considered the default.

"At this time, I have to return to the family, and I also ask Master Xianshi not to be surprised!"

"Well! I'm waiting for you!" The teenager sat down slowly and gave a grateful smile to the two people around him.

The young man really took a fancy to this woman. This woman has the spirit of water and spirit, and she is very solid in practice, and her body is much more than her peers. It is very suitable for their Liu family's cultivation skills. A powerful fairy.

"Next!" The old man in Tsing Yi smiled and looked at the remaining fifteen. He looked forward to his gaze and looked forward to the emergence of a few surprisingly powerful characters.

"I'm coming!" A handsome young man came out. He looked so perfect. He was definitely the best candidate for Huaichun girl's dream.

As soon as he walked out, he heard the exclamation of many women, ninety-nine of them praised the handsome young man.

"This guy's face is really beating. Look at those women's eyes, it seems that they can't be pulled off!" Dong Guofu was a little bit angry. "Seeing him, I think God is too unfair, the same Its a man, why did he grow like that, and I... you see wide mouth and wide nose, big eyes with copper bells, hey..."

"Okay! No matter how good-looking he is, he can't eat as a meal, and his combat effectiveness will not improve. As long as you can overpower him in talent, I guarantee that girls will drill into your arms one by one!" Zhao Yuande thinks this guy is a little bit Devilishly, the horns were sharp.

"Really?" Dong Guofu seemed a little moved, but he didn't know what he remembered in his head, and suddenly shook his head, "No, no, the master said that if I perform too well, I will be jealous. Not only can't you get the benefits, maybe you will be killed, what people often say, what...wood, forest, wind..."

"Musiu Yu Lin Feng must urge it, I didn't expect you to be very cautious!" Zhao Yuande smiled, "then there is no way, I can only watch the other people hold the beauty and return!"

"I forbear! I forbear! After entering the fairyland after a big deal, I showed my true strength and directly became the focus of attention, and then collected ten of his twenty beautiful women. When the time comes... Hey, brother, do you want it, brother, I even you several!"

"Have you thought that the fairy world will be even more cruel!" Zhao Yuande directly interrupted his YY, "Maybe not in the realm of the fairy monarch, we still have to be humans with our tails, what should we do?"

"Brother, can't you say something good?" Dong Guofu mourned with tears. "They finally made a beautiful dream. Why do you want to wake me up!"