Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 812

Chapter 812: Stand Firm

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At this time, a loud noise came from the stone column.

The two looked in a hurry, only to see that the silver-white light rushed straight up, but finally stopped at the blue four scale.

The handsome man, seeing this result, seemed to be unwilling to accept it, and his face turned red.

"Senior, I did not perform well just now, can I try again!" The young man looked at the old man in Tsing Yi with a pleading look.

"Okay! But you need to be mentally prepared!" The old man in the green shirt nodded. There was no provision to attack several times. He gave the other family's face. Presumably the other family should understand.

"Give me!"

In the handsome young man's hands, a long sword with cold light shone thousands of glory, almost illuminating the whole world, and the last sword was split on the stone pillar.

"Gorgeous!" The woman in the stands spoke gently, as if slap on the handsome young man's face, making the handsome young man's face extremely ugly.

He never gave up, staring at the silver brilliance on the stone pillar, but finally the brilliance stopped on the four scales!

When he saw this scene, his face collapsed suddenly!


Everyone sighed for a while, this person could not say that he was not strong, and the attack was not weak, but it was only four scales.

"I..." The handsome young man lowered his head and his face turned red!

The infinite pride and ambition in his chest suddenly disappeared.

He didn't even dare to look at the seventeen people. He just felt like he was already a person from two worlds.

He silently bowed his head, walked out of the martial arts field, and was lonely.

"Huh! A little bit of frustration is like this, there will be no big gains in the future!" The girl in the stands sneered.

"The fairy said that this test is just to let you recognize yourself, even if it is a red talent, as long as you are willing to work hard, you can still build a road. Even if you are a purple nine scale, if you don't work hard, in the end it will just be empty!" The angry man's unprecedented opening, without the disdain when facing the special recruitment class.

"Senior should not say this! According to your style, shouldn't you say that waste, worms, and mud can't help the wall?" Zhao Yuande suddenly smiled and his voice spread throughout the audience. Dong Guofu was stunned.

The woman in Ziyi's face changed even more. He didn't expect this young man who seemed to be a good man to dare to refute the immortal so publicly.

"Brother, don't kill yourself!" Dong Guofu was so scared that he hurried to pull Zhao Yuande, but he didn't expect to pull it all at once, and was taken out by Zhao Yuande.

"Don't talk, don't you want a blockbuster? I give you a chance!" Zhao Yuande's voice passed into Dong Guofu's ears, making him stiff.

"Bold!" The old man in Tsing Yi suddenly changed color, even if they are beyond the realm of God Emperor Realm, they should respect these angels respectfully. He did not expect anyone to dare to be so arrogant.

"Wait!" The drunken man, when he heard Zhao Yuande's cynicism, not only wasn't angry, but also looked at him with interest, "You want to be in the limelight! You want a blockbuster, right! Actually you don't need this , It will be your turn soon!"

"No... it's not me. Everyone knows my talents. I'm talking about my friends!" Zhao Yuande pushed Dong Guofu to Shi Zhu and laughed. "In my opinion, except my friends, I was present All of you are rubbish! Dont stare at me, its useless to stare at me, thats the truth!"

"Brother, what do you want to do!" Dong Guofu secretly transmitted a voice to Zhao Yuande, "You are hurting me!"

"Whether do you want to marry her dozen or twenty daughters-in-law? Now is the time, even if you are jealous, there is a waiter in the fairy world, who dares to move you! Even if you come to the fairy world in the future, there are these angels. The master guards you, what are you afraid of! Let go of your hands and feet and do a big job! My brother still enjoys the blessing with you!" Zhao Yuande has actually seen it for a long time. Although this guy is super talented, he has some flaws in his heart. .

Why did he say so much? It was to cover up his inferiority. He, a man who came out of his childhood from a small village, always had the illusion that he was inferior to others before many superpowers in the world, especially him. The old man of the master also passed on to him a kind of rules for doing things, which made him more cautious.

During his constant contact, Zhao Yuande saw his weaknesses, and if he did not correct them in time, he might be planted under such weaknesses in the future, and even his enemies would target him according to his weaknesses, and his heart would collapse. The bad is still light, maybe it will end in the end.

Zhao Yuande felt that this person was acceptable, so he decided to give him a strong medicine and let him change it all at once. Although there may be some sequelae, it can be remedied in the future.

"Okay! Get out!"

Dong Guofu is definitely not a fool. When Zhao Yuande said this, he understood that Zhao Yuande must have done something very meaningful. Although he didn't have much time to contact this brother, it was a feeling that originated in the spirit of the gods, let him know The other party will not harm themselves.

And for the sake of themselves, the other party can be said to offend the whole fairy class. If he doesn't know what to do anymore, he will be better off.

"Senior! Can I try first?" Dong Guofu squeezed his fist hard and strode toward Shizhu.

The old man in Tsing Yi was unhappy, and these two guys dared to refute the immortal envoy, which was just hitting the face of Wanjie City, but he just wanted to exit and scolded, and heard a voice come.

"Let him try!"

The drunken man shone his eyes, staring at Zhao Yuande with interest.

He did not go to see Dong Guofu, but kept staring at Zhao Yuande, which made Zhao Yuande a little puzzled.

Could it be that they are not hiding well enough, and after the system change, people can still see the Chaos Eucharist?

"I'm going to do it! You all stand firm for me!" Dong Guofu shouted at this moment, his body suddenly became very heavy, the whole performance martial arts field, even the whole fairy hall, the whole world The city sank at this moment!

Dong Guofu's standing ground collapsed in an instant, and cracks spread like dense spider webs everywhere. There was a burst of explosion in the earth, and all protective arrays burst at the same time.


Dong Guofu raised his fist, which seemed to be an understatement, but after hitting the stone pillar, the stone pillar was beaten upright.

The silver light above seems to have broken a certain speed, then the purple scale appears at the top!