Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 815

Chapter 815: I Will Be Yours In The Future

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"Qinglian Huo... It really deserves to be the sage of Qinglian!"

"It is said that this Qinglian fire has many wonders and can be promoted to become Qinglian true fire!"

"The world of Qinglian is really extraordinary, and it is possible to cultivate the fire of Qinglian, and it is also a matter of restoring to return to its heyday!"

"It seems that I will visit Qinglian World more in the future..."


Everyone saw the cyan flame appearing, and then turned their attention from Zhao Yuande's legend to Qinglian Saint.

This has satisfied a little vanity of Saint Lian Qinglian.

But then the scale above the stone pillar did not give her face at all, even staying at the blue eight scale!

Although the blue eight scale is quite good, but compared to her identity, it is too low, especially compared with Luo Chengkun just now, which makes her smile face, and suddenly became very pale.

"Hey! Life's ups and downs!" Zhao Yuande looked at the woman's complexion, and couldn't help but grin.

"Zhao... little brother, you are so kind!" Zhu Linwei, who was thin and thin, looked at Zhao Yuande with a slight smile on the corner of his mouth.

"Hey! Brother Zhu said yes." Zhao Yuande smiled, he did not deny it.

The Saint Qinglian walked back a little decadently, but her appearance gave her a lot of points. Several people around her continued to speak out to comfort her, and her mood gradually improved, especially a few men, who treated her Especially diligent, although they are not the first class, but they are all geniuses on the blue scale. They intend to take advantage of the emptiness, and it is best to win the saint.

"As Master Xian Shi said, the current performance does not represent the future performance. After entering the fairy world, it can only be better. Everyone should not be discouraged no matter what the final judgment is!" Tsing Yi Old Man sighed softly and continued. "next."

The remaining few people in the first Immortal Class were a little silent, but soon a big man came out.

The tall man's tall muscles are even taller, and his clothes are bulging, and his chest muscles are bigger than ordinary women. Some women look a little sour, but only hate the two big chest muscles. Come on yourself.

"Who is this person? Why have I never seen it."

"I don't know, maybe it's not our original realm. The other subordinate forces of the Immortal Realm of the Heavens and Ten Thousand Realms don't have such a number one character. Did he get out of it?"

"I have seen this person, and I heard that it seems to be a genius coming out of a small world, with the blood of a wild god!"

"Small world! How is this possible, the aura of the small world is even thinner, how can this peerless genius appear!"

"This person is practicing the way of sanctification in the flesh. One punch can break the sky, the sea can be broken, and the stars can be broken."

"That's not the same as the **** horses before! Can he also..."

"Wait and wait!"

Dahan Meteor came to Shizhu in a big stride and punched directly on Shizhu without any nonsense.


Shi Zhu shook slightly, the silver light rose into the sky, and drove through five colors, even if it was blue, it was still strong.

"It seems that this year's fairy class, the strong body is the main one!"

"The guy just now is pure physical strength. This is another one, and the momentum is not reduced. Although it may not be comparable to the guy just now, it will not be weaker than Luo Chengkun."

"The road to the physical body is very difficult and ups and downs, and now it has the advantage, but it is difficult to reach the fairy world. When you raise the realm to the fairy world, most of them are understanding of the Tao, and no matter how strong the physical body is!

"Don't say that these are useless, you can't eat grapes and say grapes are sour!"

"Isn't it enough to complain?"


The silver light rushed into purple all the way, and finally it did not exceed the purple scale!

But even so, everyone looks at this big man with admiration.

This person came out of a small world and was able to get to this step with his own efforts. It is definitely more authentic than Luo Chengkun's purple one scale. Some people even think that if this person grew up in the big world It may even reach the purple two scale. Once the qualification reaches purple, don't look at the gap of only one scale, it is a world of difference.

"What's your name?" The woman in the stands slowly stood up and looked at the big man.

"My name is Lu Dehou!" Facing such a beautiful waiter in the fairy world, Dahan said a little sturdy, and some blushed, and even the eyes under him used Yu Guang to glance at the fairy from time to time.

"Huh! Lu Dehou, join my sect, our sect will try to train you, if you can successfully ascend to the fairy world in the future, I dare to guarantee that you can achieve the position of fairy monarch." The woman did not hide.

"Are there many fairy sisters like you in our ancestors?" Lu Dehou grinned, looking forward in his eyes.

Everyone listened for a while and squinted. This guy really came from a small place. He talked vulgarly, and he was so scary. The immortal should make adults very angry!

But what surprised everyone was that the woman was not angry and said very seriously: "Many! Many, as long as you are outstanding, there will be fairies who are prettier than me and will fight to marry you!"

"That's fine! I agreed, but you shouldn't lie to me!" Lu Dehou seemed to be afraid of the other person's remorse, and continued, "Let's just say it, if you lie to me, I have to go!"

"Relax! Isn't I there?" The woman couldn't help smiling, the meaning was obvious.

"This feeling is good!" Lu Dehou grinned and said he was very satisfied. He suddenly seemed to remember something, and said, "Hey! I forgot the most important point, I am going to follow me, I will go there, she will be there!"

"This is simple. Before returning to the fairyland, I will trust people to take the elixir of longevity and prolong life, so that your mother can live at least a thousand more years!" The woman nodded, and there was a hint of appreciation in her eyes.

Such a filial son, the heart will not be worse!

"Thank you Fairy! I will be yours in the future!" Lu Dehou smirked.

The woman frowned and immediately smiled.

"Hey, brother, what are you laughing at?" At this time, Dong Guofu returned to Zhao Yuande.

"Nothing, how are you talking about?" Zhao Yuande turned his head to look at Dong Guofu and found his smile on his face, his heart suddenly settled.

"The conditions of their family are very generous, and they are very free..." Dong Guofu sent his soul to Zhao Yuande and told Zhao Yuande the conditions he had negotiated with the big han.

"It's not bad, but when signing the Tiandao contract, you have to confirm the above terms again, don't be fooled!" Zhao Yuande paused and felt very reasonable. Even if the other party's conditions were out, he even felt that it was a bit excessive.