Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 816

Chapter 816: Purple Man

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"Relax! When I sign the Heavenly Dao Contract, I must let you be present, or help me check it!" Dong Guofu smiled brightly and brightly, more confident than before.

"No problem!" Zhao Yuande chuckled, he also felt the change of the other party, this change was brought by him, he had a sense of pride in his heart.

"Thank you! Brother!" Dong Guofu suddenly clenched his fist very seriously and bowed deeply to Zhao Yuande.

"Brother Dong Guo, you are too kind! We are brothers! If you change you to my point of view, you will do the same!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly lifted him up and smiled lightly at him.

"Good! We are brothers, real brothers!" Dong Guofu's face was full of joy.

"It really makes you both dead!" Zhu Linwei from the side chuckled. He did have some envy in his heart, but if he was just changed to him, he would not be as risky as Zhao Yuande.

"Haha! Is Brother Zhu envious? If we were envious, we would have said earlier, we don't care about having another brother!" Zhao Yuande looked at Zhu Linwei. He didn't feel bad about this person. It's okay to be an ordinary friend. It hurts to see his future performance.

"Yes! Brother Zhu, we are all borer class, you are older than us, it is better to call you brother!" Dong Guofu also shined, this person will also serve the big Han family sooner or later, the two may In the future, you may still fight side by side, and its not bad to have a good relationship first.

"How old is Zhu Mou, and since the two don't dislike me, then I'm welcome!" Zhu Linwei also had a happy face. He didn't care about Zhao Yuande, but Dong Guofu would in the future... he thought the same as Dong Guofu.

"Ah! Why don't you Yijin Jinlan call us, we are also a member of the moth class, also accept us as a younger brother!" A little boy came over and wanted to join them.

"Go! The little fart kid hasn't grown up yet, and I won't take you to play now! I will wait until you grow up!" Dong Guofu smiled and scratched the kid's nose.

"Okay! But you have to talk and count!" The child was suddenly attacked. Instead of being annoyed, he smiled happily at Dong Guofu. The sentence just now seemed to have got a palm of the imperial edict and returned to himself joyfully. Beside the partner, show off to the partner.

"It's a ghost elf!" At this time, even Ziwu's women felt a little forbearing.

Just four people have tested it before everyone speaks, but these four people, there is no too amazing existence, all stop at the blue eighty-nine scale, so that everyone can not help but a little disappointed.

"Three younger brothers, look at the remaining six, which one can exceed the purple scale?" Dong Guofu soon changed his name to Zhao Yuande, and called him the third younger brother.

"In my opinion, there are only two people. Look at the woman with long blue hair. I think she can at least reach the purple triple scale." There was a woman with a temperament in Zhao Yuande's eyes. She was slender and tall. The figure is so hot that people feel a little dry at a glance.

"This girl...I think it's good to have a baby!" Dong Guofu followed Zhao Yuande's eyes. After seeing it for a long time, he didn't see anything special about this girl. He just looked at the perfect body and looked back. In a word, but he saw Zhao Yuandes weird eyes, and he couldnt help but quickly add, "Really! My mother said, buttocks are so good to grow up, you see her buttocks are going up to heaven Big fat boy."

Zhao Yuande almost spit old blood on Dong Guofu's face, and they looked at each other relatively silently!

"What's wrong? Am I wrong? My mother won't lie to you! What are you looking at? What I'm saying is really true, our neighbor's Cuihua has an **** that's not as big as hers. There are two fat boys in the nest!" Dong Guofu didn't know whether he really knew it, or did he not know it anyway, anyway, his face was suffocated with redness, and if the two people didn't believe him like that, he would die.

The woman with long blue hair seemed to feel the gaze of the three people, and she couldn't help turning her head to glance at the three people, her eyes full of warning.

The three of them hurriedly diverted their gaze like guilty conscience.

"Forget about her, who else is there?" Zhu Linwei looked at the remaining five.

"There is also the young man in purple clothes. I feel that she is more terrible than the woman with long blue hair. This person may be the strongest except the second brother." Zhao Yuande looked at the other corner, and the young man in purple clothes was quiet Standing, there doesn't seem to be any terrible momentum or sharp cutting spirit. Some of them are only indifferent. For so long, this person has been acting very indifferently, and indifferently makes people feel terrible.

"I also feel that this person is dangerous." Zhu Linwei nodded.

It turned out that as Zhao Yuande had guessed, among the remaining six people, the blue long-haired woman actually reached the purple three scale, creating a small wave of climax again. This woman was eventually called the little fairy in the stands Young boy draws.

The young man in purple clothes, even with a shocking mouth, couldn't close his lips. The purple five marks were the same as Dong Guofu's.

Zhao Yuande used the appraisal technique to find that he could not identify his information at all, just a series of question marks. This person may have great treasures or be blessed by super powers.

It is strange that the three immortals seemed to turn a blind eye to the performance of this young man in purple clothes, or to say that he deserved it, and did not draw him in, selectively ignoring it!

The others in the first class are all in the blue eighty-nine scale. Although they are not so outstanding, they still make Ninja feel satisfied.

Now the nine fairy classes are over, leaving the three special recruits and Zhao Yuande and Zhu Linwei.

The old man in Tsing Yi turned his gaze to the five of them and said with a smile: "Who will come first?"

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" All three children raised their hands enthusiastically, like good students answering questions in class.

"Let's go together!" The old man in Tsing Yi was helpless, but it was not good for being too harsh on such a cute child. "Whoever is old will come first!"

"Okay! My biggest!" The girl almost jumped up in excitement, waving her fist and smashing it towards the stone pillar.

"Ah! It hurts!" The girl covered her fists and almost cried.

Everyone can't help but feel a little disappointed, so a light punch, do not know if the silver light will move?

However, something that shocked everyone happened. The silver ray actually rose into the sky. It stopped slowly until it reached the blue scale. Finally, it stopped at the blue six scale. Even if it is placed in a group of fairy classes, this talent can Ranked in the top one hundred.

"Haha! I'm so good!"

Seeing where the silver light stopped, the girl jumped up and down with excitement.