Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 817

Chapter 817: Announce The Result

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"This woman is definitely a genius. Now she can get a blue six scale before she is an adult. If she can at least raise three scales after adulthood, it is a good fairy." The woman on the stands nodded slowly.

"I have to fight too!" The other child couldn't help but see the girl's beauty.

But the result made people sigh, this child's blue three scale, much worse than the girl.

Seeing the result, the boy could not help crying.

"Can I stop playing!" The last child suddenly shrank his neck when he saw the result, and took back the palm he was eager to try.

"This is up to you!" The old man in Tsing Yi nodded to him.

"No, I can't admit defeat like this!" The child didn't know what he suddenly thought of, or what someone said to him, and suddenly his eyes became firm.

The child ran over and raised his fist to hit the stone pillar fiercely.

The silver ray shook up, and finally broke through the blue six scale and stopped above the blue eight scale.


The child jumped up excitedly.

"You remember, my name is Dongfang Chengtian, I'm not the coward you said!" After the excitement, the boy shouted at the sky as if he was venting his dissatisfaction.

A slight arc appeared in the corner of Zhao Yuande's mouth.

"Third brother, you were the ghost you just did!" Zhu Linwei looked at Zhao Yuande with a smile. He just felt a wave of the soul wave pass from Zhao Yuande in the direction of the boy.

"Hey! Can help one by one!" Zhao Yuande smiled.

"Aren't you afraid, he shot lower than the blue three scale, what should I do then?" Zhu Linwei asked.

"I don't think people are wrong." Zhao Yuande was not humble at all.

"Oh! What do you think of me?" Zhu Linwei suddenly looked at Zhao Yuande with great interest.

"You... purple two scales!" Zhao Yuande glanced up and down at each other, then answered very calmly.

"Okay! If you are right, I invite you, and we go to the best restaurant in Wanjie City!" Zhu Linwei laughed suddenly, "But if you are wrong, you will be invited!"

"No problem, I promised!" Zhao Yuande stood on his chest with a confident smile on his face.

"Good! I like it the most!" Dong Guofu laughed excitedly, making the two speechless.

"Don't hurry up, only two of you are left!" The old man in Tsing Yi looked at Zhao Yuande and Zhu Linwei.

"Go! You come first to see if my guess is correct." Zhao Yuande pushed and Zhu Linwei let him first.

"I didn't ask, what scale would you be?" Zhu Linwei suddenly turned around and asked.

"This, confidential!" Zhao Yuande smiled slightly.

"Just keep it secret! I will see it in a moment!" Zhu Linwei no longer hesitated and strode to the stone pillar.

Suddenly, a force of Heavenly Dao rushed out of him, and the force of Heavenly Dao turned into a big hand, which was slapped **** the stone pillar.

The silver ray climbed all the way in the eyes that everyone expected, and finally broke through the purple, and stopped on the purple two scale!

The big man in the stands was full of comfort. He had valued this person for a long time. As for the nine-year-old, under the talent of purple two scales, it was not a problem.

Ziwu woman, Dong Guofu, and two people who heard Zhao Yuande's assertion were stunned at this time. They thought that Zhao Yuande was just guessing at random, but did not expect it to be so accurate.

"Really...really purple two scales!" At this time, even Zhu Linwei couldn't help but stunned. He didn't reach the excitement of the purple two scales, he just kept thinking about whether Zhao Yuande was blinded, or he saw it. of?

There was a long silence in the field, after which a very heated discussion broke out.

They didn't expect that the special mob class called the moth class even appeared this kind of anti-celestial existence again and again, I don't know what kind of talent the last daring guy would be? Can it exceed purple?

"You are the last one!" The old man in Tsing Yi looked at Zhao Yuande. He did not have a good impression of Zhao Yuande. This guy was not honest before, dared to fight in the World of Realms, and dared to hit the immortal master, this is a thorn. head!

No matter how talented he is, he is difficult to manage and makes people unhappy.

"Finally, it's my turn!" Zhao Yuande stretched his lazy waist and stepped closer to Shi Zhu.

"Hey! It can't be too high, too high for people to look down on, or too low, too low to be disgraceful. How many scales do I need? Just barely get a purple scale!" Zhao Yuande whispered all the way, just right The grunt fell into the ears of the old man in Tsing Yi.

The old man in Tsing Yi was almost cheered by him, and he almost didn't point his nose at him and scolded him because he didn't know it was thick.

Zhao Yuande looked lightly shot on the stone pillar, but did not directly withdraw his hand, but still pressed on the stone pillar.

He could feel that the stone pillar was absorbing the power of his beat, and a silver light rose up into the sky, all the way to the blue, then broke through the purple and stopped directly above the purple scale.

The silver ray seemed to have more power, but at this moment Zhao Yuande withdrew his palm pressed against the stone pillar, and the silver ray stopped suddenly, no longer moving.

"This... how is it possible!" The old man in Tsing Yi showed an incredible expression on his face.

At this point in his heart, it was like a surging wave. Is this guy really free to control or knocked right? If the former, what level of talent can he achieve? And if it is the latter, his luck is too good.

"Very good! Haha!" The big man in the stands suddenly laughed and laughed heartily. He didn't expect this brave boy to be so talented, even though there weren't a few guys who were against the sky, but also promising. And the important thing is that the other party has the courage to know others, and the future achievements will not be too bad, Xianjun can't run away!

He did not expect that his harvest in the lower realm was so huge! The three geniuses with purple scales were obtained, and the three children would have to contact more in the future, maybe they would grow up and get two genius figures with purple scales.

The women and the teenagers nodded with satisfaction, they all got their own money, this time the fairy class was more exciting than expected.

"I haven't announced the result yet!" Dahan and three other envoys waited for a long time, but found that the old man in Tsing Yi still had some dementia at this time.


The old man in Tsing Yi coughed. He was shocked by Zhao Yuande and forgot to announce the result.

"Sorry everyone, now I will announce the results. This talent test has a total of seven geniuses with a qualification of purple, including four in the first class and three in the special class. And it has reached 140 for the blue five scale. Seven people. We will reorganize these 154 people into the first fairy class! The second fairy class is the other 145 people who have reached the blue mark. The third fairy class..." After the announcement, he set his sights on the three immortal envoys again, "I don't know if the three immortal envoys have anything to add?"

"This division of cents is not the final result. In the following year, we will re-divide it according to your performance! Of course, your talents are not static. Next, we will open the first cents. Step, Xianchi cultivation! I know that in fact this Xianchi is your biggest purpose to enter the Xian class, but you must remember that this Xianchi is provided by our uncle's family, you must know how to be grateful!" Dahan finished this In response, he slowly sat down and looked up and started drinking.