Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 819

Chapter 819: Xianchi

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There are four relatively powerful forces in this first immortal class alone. The largest number is about fifty people from the Wanjie League, led by the young people in purple clothes, and Luo Chengkun, they are also the most comprehensive in strength. A strong group.

Secondly, there are about thirty people in the Blood Fiend League, headed by the blue-haired woman, there are several blue nine-scale men gathered around the blue-haired woman. These are the admirers of the blue-haired woman.

The third largest force should be the team of Zhao Yuande. Although they are not many people, they have three strong color scales, especially Dong Guofu and Zhu Linwei. They are not only purple scale geniuses, but their fighting power is absolutely against the sky. .

There is also a Mingyue League, there are more than 30 people, although there are no geniuses with purple scales, but there are black swordsmen, sitting with the two blue nine scales of the cold woman, which is the fourth largest force.

The remaining bits and pieces, some seven or eight people, and some a dozen people, but usually there is no strong among them sitting in the town, you can not get too good.

The people of the first immortal class were quickly brought to a huge palace, the gate of the palace was closed tightly, and a piece of immortal rune paper was affixed to it, even if the breath that leaked out of the door gap made People feel relaxed and happy.

The old man in Tsing Yi stopped in front of the palace and seemed to be waiting for something.

It was not until half an hour later that the big man with the wine gourd walked drunk.

"Please also invite Master Xianchi to open Xianchi!" The old man in Tsing Yi bowed. At this moment, even he felt a little excitement. Even if he could not enter the Xianchi to practice, he could greatly improve his physical body outside.

"You can fight with each other, but you are not allowed to kill me. You know that you are all seeds of great hope from my uncle's family! Although Xianchi is good, it is nothing in fairyland, if you are here After losing his life, the countless great chances above the Immortal Realm have nothing to do with you! So you have to think twice!" Dahan hiccups and persuades everyone to bitterly, "Of course your brain is yours, you love it, I just give you a kind reminder."

After the Han finished speaking, he did not verbosely shoot the door directly on the hall. The Xianfu slowly fell on the palm of the Han. The Han took his income into his arms and strode into the hall.

"Come in!" Dahan's voice rang in everyone's ears, and they hurried into the hall.

The hall is very large, as if it were a small world, among which immortal mist is lingering, and everyone feels fluttering as soon as they enter.

As soon as they entered the hall, everyone saw a pool of tens of acres in the center of the hall. The water in the pool was milky white, as if the temperature was very high. From time to time, bubbles appeared from the bottom of the pool.

"This is the fairy pond. You see that there is no rockery in the center. The range of hundreds of feet around the rockery is the best. The farther the effect is, the weaker it is. We choose the position according to your strength!" Dahan sits cross-legged in the pool Bian, eyes closed, this shows an attitude, do what you love to do?

Everyone glanced at each other, and the eyes suddenly shone brightly, and everyone's eyes focused on the rockery in the next moment.

"Chong!" Zhao Yuande and Dong Guofu and Zhu Linwei headed in a row. The following people followed closely and jumped directly into the fairy pond.

However, as soon as they entered the fairy pond, they felt their bodies sink, and a majestic spirit rushed out of their bodies instantly, and began to wash their bodies and souls.

There are many people with different colors on their faces, but in the next moment they simply won't go, sitting directly in the fairy pond cross-legged.

The water in Xianchi is very shallow, and people only sit cross-legged to their chests.

Several people in Zhao Yuande will not be satisfied with their current state. Since there is such a strong fairy spirit on the periphery, how rich the spirit must be next to that rockery, they imagine that they are excited.

"In the fairy pond, the soul and spiritual power are basically useless, only the physical body is the key, second brother, you rush to the front, you can explode all the power!" Zhao Yuande saw that some of the people behind could not keep up with their footsteps and turned back , "You guys are holding hands, let me take you away!"

The three people of Feng Wujiang naturally knew Zhao Yuande's strength, and they weren't wordy, they just said what Zhao Yuande said.

When they took Zhao Yuande's hand, everyone only felt that the heavy steps underneath became light and light. They didn't have to go in a hurry at all. They were all dragged by Zhao Yuande and went all the way.

Even so, Zhao Yuande's speed still easily followed behind Zhu Linwei.

"Third, you hid so deeply!" Zhu Linwei was behind some of Dong Guofu's breath at this time, but he was a little breathless, but when he saw this scene, he suddenly knew that Zhao Yuande had been hiding.

"I'm just physically stronger, hehe!"

At this time, Dong Guofu in front of him was getting faster and faster. Every foot stepped in the fairy pond, splashing high waves, and the entire fairy pond, and even the entire hall were trembling under his footsteps.

Even the big man who closed his eyes was shocked with water all over his face, but he touched the corner of his face but showed helplessness.

"This kid is really tossing, who can stop it once the prison body is out!"

"Senior Master, such a great momentum, there will be no baskets!" The old man in Tsing Yi, who greedily absorbed the spirit of the fairy, also had to ask the Han.

"It's okay, it's a big deal to die a few people, and it's not me anyway!" Dahan grinned, and rarely smiled.

"Okay!" The old man in the blue shirt was too lazy to control, but this was a thankless job.

Dong Guofu was the first to rush to the rockery, turned around and saw Zhu Linwei panting, came to his side and sat directly in the fairy pond, almost breathless.

And Zhao Yuande held everyone else hand in hand, looking light and fluttering, as if he didn't feel the huge resistance at all.

Seeing this scene in the distance, the big man narrowed his eyes, and suddenly such an idea appeared in his heart. Was this brave boy hiding his strength?

"A few of you go to the rockery, let's block those people." Zhao Yuande looked not far away, the young man in purple clothes looked gloomy, dozens of people behind him formed a long dragon, and many people simply walked halfway to paralysis Sitting in the fairy pond, they really can't walk.

The young man in Ziyi really deserved to be a genius who could be on the same scale as Dong Guofu, and he didn't even notice that he was tired.

He felt the situation of the people behind him, and did not directly rush up, but stood standing a dozen feet away from Zhao Yuande, just looking at them coldly.