Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Alchemy

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After eating two invaders, the Tooth Viper re-drilled into the ground and wandered back and forth under the earth.

"Everyone gathers, although this kind of fierce beast is powerful, it is only equivalent to an ordinary yin and yang powerhouse. It is not difficult for us to unite and kill it!" Although Jiang Tianyue lost a powerful man, but But he did not panic and commanded everyone to gather together.

"You two nerds remember, as long as the snake's gallbladder of this big snake, don't stick your hands to the other, otherwise don't blame me if you die!" Zhao Yuande secretly transmitted the sound to the two guys.

When the two guys who were not afraid of the fear heard this, they suddenly became a lot more honest, and the meat was not tasty, and they were suddenly not interested.


The earth was cracking, and the vipertooth dragon escaped from the ground again, but unfortunately everyone had already prepared this time. Prince Li Tian was the first to attack the vipertooth dragon.

Prince Li Tian practiced the inheritance exercises of the Dali dynasty, and the dragon elephant broke the heavens. This kind of exercise focuses on defense and is best used to attract this poisonous tooth viper.

Prince Li Tian was shrouded in golden light, and was fighting with the Tooth Viper, while everyone gathered to fight the Tooth Viper.

These are the genius characters of the major families, each has its own strengths, so many people are not easy to deal with a vipertooth viper.

After more than a dozen breaths, the Vipertooth Viper fell to the ground with a bang, its head was cut off, and ink-colored blood splashed everywhere.

Black Bear and Yi Jie got the prompt of Zhao Yuande early, and quickly let go of the blood splatter, but some people were splashed by the blood.


A screaming scream came, and one of Prince Li Tian's men was recently splashed with blood on his face. The person's face rotted instantly. The whole person uttered a scream and turned into a pool of pus.

The crowd suddenly realized that they used their aura to form a shield to block the flying blood out.

"I need to use this to make medicine for this poisonous viper dragon's snake gallbladder, everyone has no opinion!" Zhao Yuande looked around.

Everyone shook their heads. This kind of poison could kill a strong man with a drop of blood. Everyone thought about it and felt a chill.

Zhao Yuande stepped forward and carefully took out the fist-sized snake gall and placed it in a jade bottle to seal it.

Everyone disgusted the body of the Vipertooth Dragon and set it aside, heading towards the direction of the medicine garden.

There were no more waves along the way, and everyone found an altar outside the medicine garden, but this time the altar was no longer a spirit-level elixir.

"Tairi Breaking Obstacle Pill, Taixuan Qingling Pill, Taiqing Golden Essence Pill! This is all Saint-level Elixir!" Yin could not clearly understand the Elixir all the way, he looked at Zhao Yuande with some doubts, "You How is it possible for a Xuan-level pill master to refine holy-level pill medicine, it seems that we have to give up the opportunity here."

Others are holding this attitude, shaking their heads and sighing, they come with hope, but want to go disappointed, anyone feels a little uncomfortable.

"Brother Zhao?" Jiang Tianyue has also developed a calm personality these days. She is not impatient, but she turns her attention to Zhao Yuande.

"These three immortals are only the lowest rank among the immortals. I think I can try them!" Zhao Yuande didn't agree, but responded with some pretentious thinking.

"Okay! What kind of elixir is needed for Brother Zhao, though." Jiang Tianyue said with a smile on her face, she knew Zhao Yuande's personality. This person never talked empty words, as long as he said that he could try at least 60% to 70%.

If Zhao Yuande knew that the other party knew himself like this, he would also praise this woman's vision.

"The elixir needed for these three immortals is very complicated, but we collected it all the way, but it is enough!" Zhao Yuande quickly reported a list and handed it to Jiang Tianyue.

Although everyone suffers from physical pain, there is a large amount of high-level elixir in the drug garden. As long as you can get a few of these losses, you will make up!

"Can anyone among you be proficient in flames?" Zhao Yuande thought for a long time, and felt that his only shortcoming was insufficient flames. If he succeeded in relying on his own flames, his alchemy success rate was not very high.

"I have a kind of sky-burning fire. The temperature for alchemy should be enough!" Prince Li Tian came out, a red flame lit in his hand.

The flames of the high-temperature flames crackled, and the crowd stepped back in awe at the fire.

"Well! That's right! Prince Li Tian, this is a bottle of Healing Elixir. I hope you won't be distracted throughout the process of alchemy. The Holy Elixir is not an ordinary Elixir. If something goes wrong, you will be defeated." Zhao Yuande He handed a bottle of Elixir to Prince Li Tian, and the other party took the bottle stopper and smelled it, and his face showed satisfaction.

"Since Prince Li Tian manipulates the flame, he will get a share of the prince as soon as he enters the medicine garden." Jiang Tianyue first blocked Prince Li Tian's mouth, and then turned his head to say to everyone, "Everything is fine. Don't disturb Brother Zhao's alchemy!"

Everyone nodded their heads, Zhao Yuande began to lead the black bear, Yi Jie and Prince Li Tian sorted the elixir.

Soon they began the refining of the first panacea, Tairi.

Tairi Breaking Obstacle Pill is a kind of Saint Pill that breaks through the realm. It is specifically aimed at the strong like Mingzhen who has reached the peak of the realm of the field and will break through the world.

The market value of this elixir has exceeded what ordinary people can afford. In addition to the complexities required for elixir, the difficulty of refining is the most important reason.

A saint-level pill master has only one-third chance of refining this pill.

What makes Zhao Yuande a little worried is that they only have enough materials now. If the two are unsuccessful, the medicine garden will really give up.

The alchemy furnace in his hands does not have a fine product, and there is really no way to take out the gluttonous true spirit tripod to practice the pill. He has already made small repairs and changes to this tripod, covering up the text of the exercises above, otherwise, take it out Sooner or later, people will find out.

With the gluttonous true spirit tripod, although he has no blessing on his alchemy, this is a spiritual treasure after all!

Two hours later, everyone heard a loud noise.

Everyone came back one after another, only to find that the cover that temporarily covered the gluttonous true spirit tripe was blown up by the powerful medicinal properties!

Zhao Yuande's flesh was strong, and it was so fast that he was not injured, but Prince Li Tian was struggling to urge the flames at this time, and he was directly blown up with his face covered with medicine residue, which was extremely embarrassing.

"Who has a lid that can cover this tripod? If there is no suitable one, we will just give up and forget it. This medicine is too strong, and ordinary spirit tools can't suppress it." Zhao Yuande couldn't help but ask everyone for help.

"I have a shield here, but it is an intermediate spirit treasure." Jiang Tianyue reluctantly took out a small shield, but this is a life-saving thing he exchanged in the family treasure trove with his contribution. Expose the meaning of the bottom card.

"Mid-level Lingbao is probably enough! I hope this time it will succeed! Otherwise we can only turn around and leave!" Zhao Yuande got a small shield and turned the shield into a suitable size to cover the tripod.

After two hours, a scent came, and when the crowd was all around, Zhao Yuande had put away the Elixir and only handed one to Jiang Tianyue.

This immortality medicine is of great value, and the extraneous nature should be collected by oneself in case of need.