Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 820

Chapter 820: Scramble For Site

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"This guy's eyes make me hate, otherwise we rush up and start fighting!" Dong Guofu stared at the young man in purple, he felt the strength of the other party, but he didn't feel scared at all, but there was a kind of faint Excitement.

"Don't worry, he is waiting for us! He wants to consume our power." Zhao Yuandela lived in Dong Guofu, and there was a sneer in the corner of his mouth. "Don't worry, we occupied the rockery anyway, they must be even more anxious than us. ."

Sure enough, the other party had gradually gathered more than 20 people at this time, led by the young man in purple, Luo Chengkun beside, and several blue nine-scale figures surrounded him, and slowly began to move towards Zhao Yuande.

"Hey! I'm already hungry and thirsty, come here! Uncle Dong Guo can take care of you!" Dong Guofu's body gradually appeared a black mist, and everyone around him only felt the earth sink, and the bottom of the pool around him was hard It sank a foot deep.

"Third brother, if you stay behind, your cultivation is the lowest. Don't take risks." Zhu Linwei has also recovered. His cultivation is the emperor's peak. Although he is suppressed, he can play a very powerful role. Fighting power.

"No, you two deal with those two purple scales, just leave the rest to me!" Zhao Yuande felt that he should show a little strength, otherwise these people might think that they are low and soft. Persimmon can be squeezed casually.

"Can you do it?" Zhu Linwei looked at Zhao Yuande with some doubt. "Don't try to be brave."

"Soon you will know!" Zhao Yuande rubbed his palms, as if an old farmer was going to work on the ground.

"Get out of here! This is the territory of our Alliance of All Realms!" The young man in purple roared and punched at Dong Guofu!

"Small bean sprouts, get rid of Lao Tzu!" Dong Guofu waved his fists.


The two immediately collided together, and the shallow pool water burst into monstrous waves, and the bottom of the white jade stone collapsed instantly, revealing many mysterious formation patterns.

The young man in purple groaned and flew out a dozen feet. He stumbled and finally stood still. On the other hand, Dong Guofu's feet were as steady as a rock, but his body leaned back slightly.

"Haha! Is this your skill?" Dong Guofu laughed and strode the meteor forward.

At this time, Zhu Linwei had already battled with Luo Chengkun. Luo Chengkun's state was low, and he immediately showed a defeat. However, the two strong men around him rushed up and left to fight with Luo Chengkun. Zhu Linwei.

Although the talents of these two people are not as good as Zhu Linwei, but the cultivation base has also reached the emperor's realm, the combat effectiveness is naturally not weak, and the four people have even tied.

And the remaining dozen people have already rushed up at this time, culling towards Zhao Yuande.

"Three younger brothers!" Zhu Linwei exclaimed. Although these more than ten people were low-level cultivation, they were all world powerhouses, and there were two strongmen in the early days of the emperor. If so many people surrounded Zhao Yuande, he could really resist ?

At this time, Dong Guofu had already rushed out dozens of feet away. Seeing this situation suddenly seemed to retreat, but at this time the young man in purple had rushed over.

"But I thought I was really not your opponent, I just wanted to lead you out!" The young man in purple smiled coldly and rushed to stop Dong Guofu. This time it really wasn't as embarrassing as it was last time. It was still not as good as Dong Guofu, but he was able to entangle him so tightly that he couldn't be separated.

When the two were anxious, but had no choice but to hear it, they only heard a cry of screams.

They felt tight in their hearts and said, its over!

But the next moment they heard a familiar voice.

"The two brothers only need to hold down your opponents, and these **** will be cleared away soon!"

The two of them opened their eyes together and looked in the direction of the sound, only to see a body covered in blood crashing down to the ground, and Zhao Yuande was so energetic at this time that his body looked like a sturdy bobcat, as if in this fairy pond. There is no resistance at all.

Those strong men who rushed up were beaten upside down by him, their noses and noses were spurting blood, and from time to time there was a crackling crackling sound.



A scream screamed through the whole fairy pond, scaring the remaining forces to move.

"This kid's flesh is too strong!" At this time even the big man was stunned.

"Will he hide his strength?" Tsing Yi old man tentatively asked.

"Maybe! This kid is the most insidious, playing as a pig and eating a tiger, and playing with all the cubs of the Allied League between applause! Even his two companions are kept in the dark." Dahan frowned Said, "What the **** do you want? Is it for the sake of hiding? Or do you not want to be drawn?"

"Can't guess, this guy is a little mysterious, so mysterious that it reminds me of someone!" The old man in Tsing Yi seems to be remembering something.

"Who is it? Didn't there be more powerful geniuses in the lower realm?" Dahan asked curiously.

"There is indeed." The old man in Tsing Yi said slowly, "This person is called Zhao Yuande, and his reputation is all over the world. Do you know what kind of people are there to congratulate on the day of his wedding?"

The old man said that he was somewhat smug and sold Guanzi in front of the big man.

"I don't know! Are you the three giants of Wanjie City?" He will not have such a big face!" Dahan did not believe it.

"What am I! Do you know that Wanjie City was originally the four giants? Master Zhengyi was directly killed by a friend of his in a palace because he had hatred with him!" The old man in Tsing Yi was afraid. "Although I was not on the scene at the time, I knew his deeds. With the five powers of the field, I was able to kill a strong early emperor. Although the early emperor was just promoted, he still couldn't believe it. ."

"There are such people against the sky!" The big man almost jumped up without being shocked. He immediately became interested, and said urgently, "Hurry and talk to me!"

Good guy, there is such a man in the lower realm, even if he himself can't kill the **** emperor strongman with the five levels of the field, even a divine emperor early strongman has to work hard!

"On the day of his wedding, the elders of the inner gate of Bajing Palace were present, and there was a disciple of a patriarch in the Pantheon who arrived, and..."

"Goodong!" The big man swallowed hard. His face was very beautiful. He murmured a little. "And... there are higher positions than these two?"

His voice was hoarse, as if caught in a fishbone in his throat.

"There is a fairy beside the fairy emperor fairy fairy goddess!" At this time, even the old man in Tsing Yi couldn't help but clicked his mouth. This is not the first time he talked about it with people, but he still felt some lips dry and throat itch.