Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 821

Chapter 821: The Immortal Immortal

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"What! The Spirit Emperor Emperor gave the Immortal Pill!" The big Han Huo Ran got up. The Spirit Emperor Emperor is one of the strongest immortal emperors in the fairy world. According to rumors, he is most hopeful that he can be promoted to the king of immortal emperor. Give the elixir personally, what does this represent!

As long as this matter is passed back to Immortal Realm, I am afraid that countless forces in Immortal Realm will draw it to him. If his family can form an alliance with this person, maybe it will also be protected by the Spiritual Emperor...

For a while, he was absorbed in thought. For these geniuses in the fairy class, they felt high above them, and they used Huairou to attract them. When facing Zhao Yuande, who had never met before, they even whispered and lowered their posture. !

"Actually, actually..." the old man in Tsing Yi tentatively said, "There are actually more shocking things."

"And..." Dahan suddenly felt that his heart could not bear it. Is this still a small cultivator in the lower realm?

"Well, there is! I didn't come out to greet all of what I just said, and finally there was a mysterious person, who didn't know who he was, so he stood outside and waited personally and respectfully. We can't guess this person Identity!" said the old man in Tsing Yi with difficulty.

"Okay! Could it be that the Immortal Emperor came in person! This guy was inextricably linked with the major forces. It seems that I'm going to visit this person." Han Han slowly sat down and waved his hand to the old man in Tsing Yi. "Okay, you monitor the whole situation first, let me think about it!"

"Yes! Immortal Master!" Tsing Yi old man collar.

At this time, Zhao Yuande had continuously beat the seven or eight strong men who rushed over the ground. These people ranged from broken bones to broken arms and legs, and even more miserable people were slammed in half!

The young man in purple clothes who was proud there saw this situation and burst into flames all of a sudden. These were all his classmates in the future. Unexpectedly, he was abandoned by such a simple person. He did not expect Zhao Yuande to be so cruel. powerful.

"You give me a hand!" The young man in Ziyi's eyes are splitting and he wants to get rid of Dong Guofu and go to rescue.

But how could Dong Guofu give him this opportunity, he was entangled with him.

"Hey! Boy, I regret it! I knew why I wanted to yin and we should deserve it now!" Dong Guofu's body became heavier, and every punched space seemed to be solidified, so that the young people in purple clothes opposite had some breathing difficult.

"Boy, you stop me, otherwise I will catch you in the future! I will make you regret for life!" The young man in purple saw that he could not get rid of Dong Guofu, and immediately slammed at Zhao Yuande, wanting to realize himself through threats the goal of.

"You can come if you have the ability, and don't beep if you don't have the ability!"

He punched a big man who wanted to escape with a punch, and kicked him **** the opponent's body. The person's body suddenly split.

"Ah! Don't..." Dahan's promotion head burst into tears, why did the original good chance get this way!

"It's just blaming you who are too greedy!" Zhao Yuande showed no mercy. Looking at these people's rushing eyes, he knew that if these people failed, the end would be even more miserable.

"We don't **** it!" The remaining few people saw this situation and were so terrified that this guy was just crazy and unreasonable. Why didn't anyone stop it, didn't he let his life go?

Where do they know that at this time the person presiding over the big event is in deep contemplation, and the old man in Tsing Yi has gradually reconciled the identity of Zhao XIV and Zhao Yuande, and he will not offend the other party until a last resort, and he feels that the matter has yet to be stopped when.

The attitude of the elderly in Tsing Yi made these people almost wiped out. Although they were not really dead, they also needed someone to take care of them, and they needed a panacea to regenerate the flesh. But now they are in this fairy pond, everyone is busy Absorbing the spirit of fairy spirits in the fairy pool, there will be someone to control them, and they can only suffer and die.

In other words, slowly absorb the power of fairy spirits to restore their physical damage, anyway, this great opportunity has been wasted.

This is the price of greed and the cost of blind obedience.

Soon Zhao Yuande chased several escaped guys one by one, and turned to Zhu Linwei's opponent not far away.

"Go!" Zhu Linwei's two opponents glanced at each other, and there was a little more fear in their eyes, and they turned around and fled with a blow.

The young man in purple clothes saw that the general trend was gone, and he turned and left after biting his teeth.

Dong Guofu got Zhao Yuande's voice, and did not stop, but grinned and grinned.

"Damn it! This greatly limits our fighting power, and you will pay the price when you go out!" The young man in purple clothes dropped a sentence fiercely.

Zhao Yuande looked at each other and didn't care.

At this time, the women in the blue dress watching in the distance saw this result, and immediately dispelled their minds of competing with Zhao Yuande for the site, and turned around to find the next level of local cultivation.

"These guys are really annoying, let me get out of here!" Zhao Yuande looked at the seven or eight broken limbs on the ground and kicked them out with one foot.

"Third brother, you are hiding too deep!" Zhu Linwei looked at Zhao Yuande with a smile-like expression, "I'm afraid your body is not worse than the second one!"

"How can I compare with the second brother, people... But this thing can't be casually talked about, but it can't be listened to by intentional people." Zhao Yuande suddenly shut up and looked around.

"Okay! There is something to talk about when you go out from Xianchi!" At this time, Dong Guofu was a little anxious. He didn't want to expose his physique. Although he didn't tell his physique to Zhao Yuande, he still had a feeling. He seemed to have no secrets in front of this third brother, but he could feel that the other party would not harm himself.

Others, including Zhu Linwei, who has always been called brother and brother, have not been so relieved. Although the other party is also very kind, it always makes people feel a sense of utilitarianism in it. It seems that they are only allies for temporary alliances for the benefit, not a life and death. brothers.

He had already secretly talked to Zhao Yuande about this feeling, and Zhao Yuande naturally agreed with him.

To look at a person, first look at his eyes. In fact, all secrets will be hidden in a person's eyes. As long as you look closely, you will see a person's heart.

Dong Guofu had been told this question more than once by his master. Although he appeared to be honest and honest, he also had his own rules of seeing people. Otherwise, how could he trust Zhao Yuande so easily, he would see the soul through his eyes.

Since Dong Guofu was unwilling, Zhu Linwei had to give up his intention to ask carefully, but he was still slightly disappointed.