Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 823

Chapter 823: Decide

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"Do you have a good place for the third brother?" Dong Guofu looked at Zhao Yuande, and only Zhao Yuande could reassure him.

"Are you going to break through the realm?" Zhao Yuande looked at each other.

"Yes! I am too scary to break through the realm. I need to find a good place, otherwise I will be scolded to death!" Dong Guofu's face was accosted, as if remembering the previous embarrassment.

"Yes, you will come with me in a moment!" Zhao Yuande looked around again next week, saw the sword drifting, and Feng Wujiang, their faces filled with joy, smiling at them, "Your family should be here. I dont need me to arrange it."

He suddenly saw Lin Jin'er looking at himself and couldn't help laughing: "Jin'er, come with me too!"

"Well!" Lin Jin'er nodded, she was really insecure without Zhao Yuande beside her.

"Two wise brothers, I have also gone to the family members, and we will see you again after we are promoted to Divine Emperor!" Zhu Linwei's momentum at this time was already faintly overwhelming, and he hurriedly clenched his fists and hurried away. .

In the next few days, many stars around the Wanjie City lived, there were continuous rumbling sounds.

I don't know how many people are here, and they have successfully entered a new realm.

At this time, Zhao Yuande and Lin Jin'er were already standing in the starry sky, watching the thunder like a waterfall in front, pouring down continuously, drowning Dong Guofu completely in it.

"14th Brother! This guy is really strong. His flesh is not afraid of Tian Lei's bombardment, and he seems to continue to absorb the power of Tian Lei to refine his flesh!" Lin Jin'er's eyes flickered strangely, Dong Guofu's Lei The robbery continued to be hungry, and the day and night were not over, even when she was watching from the side, she felt tired for a while.

However, Lin Jin'er is not stupid here. His hollow eyes can see through things, and he has gained a lot of insights from the Heaven Tribulation. It will also be of great benefit to her practice in the future.

"Well! He is the Holy Communion, second only to the strongest physiques of the four major Communities in the world, and his physique is a town character, which is so heavy that it can crush the world. Of course he hasn't reached that level now. If he bursts out with all his strength, he can crush a small star at most!" Zhao Yuande did not conceal Lin Jin'er at all.

"Jesus Eucharist! It's so perverted! I'm afraid that one finger is even heavier than the mountains. Who dares to fight him!" Lin Jin'er was shocked.

"There are advantages and disadvantages naturally, he is so heavy, natural action is not so fast, speed is his shortcoming! Therefore, this physique must continuously refine the strength of the flesh, making the flesh not only heavy, but also extremely tough, Otherwise, if you encounter a fast and attack a super powerful cultivator, he is easily calculated to be killed!" Zhao Yuande sighed softly, "I don't know if his master thought about this, like his physique, if it is Wearing the strongest armor and having the most powerful defense, I am afraid that it will become a killing machine on the battlefield. Killing enemies across the border is as easy as eating and drinking."

"Haha! Thank you, my third brother, for protecting me!" At this time, Dong Guofu's Heavenly Tribulation was over, and he came to Zhao Yuande's side with a big smile, and smiled at Lin Jin'er, "Sister, go to the robbery first! We two Help you!

There was a mighty emperor's might in Dong Guofu's body, which made him irritated.

"Thank you Brother Fu!" Lin Jin'er smiled slightly and went straight to the robbery.

"Third brother, what do you think of my girl? I heard her say to go back and ask the elders of the family and say that the matter will be settled! Do you want me to be so anxious!" Dong Guo Fuele looked at Zhao Yuande and asked his opinion.

"You can rest assured, there is absolutely no problem! I tell you the truth, Jianpiaoling and Fengwujiang are all my people. They dare not hide anything from me. The woman I have already told you is also Wanjian. A young lady in the domain has a decent identity. If you like it, hurry up and settle down. If you dont like it, hurry and tell others, dont delay others."

"Like! Like! I like her most..."

"Okay! Brother, don't talk about it. If you go on, I might be moved by what you say! Are you not afraid of me robbing you?" Zhao Yuande didn't dare to let him go on, what a big shit, Big ass, **** and the like, if Lin Jin'er heard it, that would be bad.

"Ah! Don't! Three brothers, I won't say it or not!" Dong Guofu shut up in a hurry, and he suddenly felt annoyed again, "But my mother... his old man is no longer in front of me!"

"Where is she?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"In the East Forest, the Galaxy World! It's so far away from here. It takes at least a few months to fly back and forth! It takes too much Lingyu to send the Star Formation to the large array. I can't afford it..." Dong Guofu's A little embarrassment appeared on his face.

"It's okay, I have Lingyu. After my Heavenly Tribulation is over, we will go to the Galaxy World and take your mother over!" Zhao Yuande patted Dong Guofu's shoulder, "Don't thank me, we are brothers, Would you do it if you changed your position?"

"Yes! Definitely!" Dong Guofu's face was filled with emotion. "There is no need to say more gratitude between brothers. I remember the brother's feelings in my heart!"

Lin Jin'er's Heavenly Tribulation was much smaller, her realm was elevated to the world realm, the power naturally rose, and more importantly, her hollow eyes seemed to have a slight change under the sky. Every time There will be electric light shining during the exhibition.

Finally, it was Zhao Yuandes Heavenly Tribulation. Although this physical physique was not as good as the Chaos Eucharist, it was also beyond the ordinary physique. He not only experienced the baptism of the thunder, but also suffered four terrible attacks of earth, water, wind and fire. However, for him who had experienced a major disaster in the field, it seemed that there was a drizzle.

"Let's go!" Zhao Yuande floated to the two of them.

"It's that simple?" At this time, Dong Guofu was really shocked. He felt that the other party's thunder was not as good as his own, but it was already quite scary. Even if he faced him, he must be careful, but the other party seemed to walk in the drizzle. , There is no pressure at all.

He didn't even know when the Sky Tribulation was over!

"Yes! It's that simple!" Zhao Yuande smiled, "If we don't hurry, time will not be enough, and East Forest will take more than a day to go back and forth."

"Oh! Okay, let's go!" The more Dong Guofu looked at Zhao Yuande, the more he felt that the third brother was mysterious, and there was a force in him that made him feel convinced!

If the spirit jade in Zhao Yuande's pocket is a common expense, he can't spend it for ten lifetimes. If he doesn't take a few trips to the star field to send a large array, he can't see the decrease in spirit jade even if he participates in the auction. The chamber of commerce, the day-to-day fighting gold, makes his wealth comparable to a super family.