Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 824

Chapter 824: Almost Starved To Death

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They hurried back to the World of Ten Thousand Cities, started the Star Field Teleportation, and set off. After a few starry shuttles, they finally returned to the Star Core World after a few hours.

In a big world close to cracking, Zhao Yuande saw Dong Guofu's village, and the village was ruined. The village head was almost dying under the old willow tree. A somewhat shrivelled old woman saw Dong Guofu. The tears in her eyes were already Can't help leaving La La La.

"Your baby, you're back! Do you know that your mother is waiting for you in the village every day, and has been waiting for three years, her eyes are almost crying and blind!" An old man who looked rather burly, pointed at Dong Guofu , With an angry expression, "Where have you been, why haven't you been able to come back since the last time you left?"

"Uncle, I was taken out of our world by the master, to the depths of the starry sky!" Dong Guofu lowered his head and looked at the old lady who fell in his arms, eyes full of guilt.

"Hey! His grandfather, let's not talk about Fu'er, I know his filial piety." Dong Guofu's mother gently stroked her son's face and couldn't bear people to scold his children.

"Cough! You are used to it!" The old burly man gasped. "We can no longer live here, the wells are dry, and there are many ghosts in the mountains. If we are not waiting for you, we will have moved away!"

"Oh! It's all me bad, don't you cry, mother, isn't Fu'er coming back? Fu'er will take you away this time." Dong Guofu urged his mother softly, and her eyes were red.

"Your uncle's family will also go together, and the three aunts' family, they all did not move because of me!" Dong Guofu's mother grabbed her son's hand hard.

"Yes, take it away. Let's go to another place together! Find a beautiful place where you can enjoy the Qingfu." Dong Guofu promised heavily.

But soon he looked at Zhao Yuande and said: "Third brother, although my inner world can temporarily take people away, but the law of the earth is too heavy to allow them to live for a long time, can you see..."

"Oh, no problem, there are places in my other world, and there are ordinary people living in it. The elderly can move in if they want to!" Zhao Yuande naturally will not refuse, sending Dong Guofu's mother to his own world. This is undoubtedly closer to the relationship between the two people, and only true friends or brothers will give the comfort of their loved ones to others.

When Zhao Yuande came, he sent Dong Guofu and Lin Jin'er into the other side of the world, allowing them to see the prosperity of the other side of the world and the enthusiasm of Zhao Yuande's family.

When he saw Zhao Yuande's five wives, he almost killed Dong Guofu enviously.

Of course, Zhao Yuande also told his original name to the other party and told him not to talk casually.

Dong Guofu had never heard of the name Zhao Yuande, but out of trust in his brothers, he naturally took this matter to heart.

"Even Zhu Boss can't say it?" Dong Guofu asked.

"It can't be said that we don't know him very well, and it's just a chance to be friends. We don't know his character yet. It's better to have a defensive heart and a defensive heart. It's better to keep an extra eye!" Reply.

"Well! I see." Dong Guofu's face suddenly appeared, and he knew Zhao Yuande's good intentions.

The three families who moved in this time had only six people in total. The three aunts and three of them were honest and honest. The uncle and his stupid son were also the mother of Dong Guofu.

Zhao Yuande prepared houses and fields for the other two, seeding grains and making them self-sufficient, while Dong Guofus mother moved to her home and asked her mother to find a room and choose some milder herbs to help her recover.

After all this was done, Zhao Yuande, Dong Guofu and Lin Jin'er walked out of the other world.

"Wait a moment, I have another thing to solve. Second brother Jiner and I first enter your body world, you return according to the original way! This is the toll." Zhao Yuande took out a storage ring, all of which were top grade Lingyu.

"Okay! I'll be a patron once!" Although Dong Guofu didn't know what was going on, he didn't ask much, but opened his own world and let Zhao Yuande enter.

"No wonder there is no way to live. In this inner world, there can only be some fierce beasts with earth properties to survive for a long time!" Zhao Yuande looked at this earth-yellow world. The air was heavy, the gravity was several times that of the outside world, and there was no water or plants. There are only a few earthy yellow sand lizards, lying lazily on the gravel ground, too lazy to look at them both.

"14th Brother, what's the matter?" Lin Jin'er asked with some concern.

"Several friends tried in my trial space, originally planned to let them out for more than a month, and now it has been three months, they have not been starved to death!" Zhao Yuande smiled bitterly, you will have to replace me for a while Intercede.

"Ah! It's okay not to eat or drink for two months!" Lin Jiner was speechless.

"You don't know, the time flow rate inside is ten times that of the outside, and the difference of two months is only a year and a half!" Zhao Yuande smiled bitterly!

"Ah!" Lin Jin'er was so scared that Huarong was overshadowed. "A year and a half, they won't all be hungry as corpses!"

"This..." Zhao Yuande smiled bitterly, "I don't know!"

His soul flew into the space of the Eternal Tower, and then quickly released the ban on the trial space. I saw only a few figures rushing out of the Eternal Tower, although they were not as hungry as they thought, but their faces were not very nice!

"Boy, are you greedy for bear meat! Want to starve me into dried meat!" The black bear pointed at Zhao Yuande's relentless accusation.

"Brother Zhao, hurry up and don't say anything else. I'll get some food first. I've lost a lot of laps!" One ring helped the black wind, like the willow in the wind, floating around.

"Master! I'm almost going to be eaten by them!" Qin Xingyu rushed over and hugged Zhao Yuande's thigh.

Only standing silently again, without complaining or speaking.

"All right! Don't do it anymore! You can't eat too much stuff in your storage space!" Zhu Luan smirked and exposed their lies ruthlessly.

"Oh! Master, I know you will betray us at a critical moment!" Qin Xingyu bowed his head in frustration. "Originally I thought I would blackmail the master for something good.

"Ah! It's still a family member, but they sleep in a bed of friendship." Heifeng scratched his head and grinned.

"You are Zhuluan's sister-in-law!" Lin Jin'er had long heard of this sister-in-law, but she hasn't seen it. Now, when she sees it, she will naturally pull up.

"You are..." Zhu Luan looked at Zhao Yuande with the intention of hearing the news.

"Oh! This is my sister, I mentioned it to you before, Lin Jin'er!" Zhao Yuande blinked at her, so she should never think wrong.

"Oh! Sister Jin'er, I heard you..."


The two women soon came together.