Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 825

Chapter 825: Beautifully Dressed

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"Your progress in this three-month period can be described as rapid!" Zhao Yuande looked at the four of them, and they all showed surprise.

Both the Black Wind and Yi Jie are in the early days of Emperor Realm, and Qin Xingyu has also entered the realm of the world, and its foundation is solid. What surprised Zhao Yuande the most was the breaking of the sky. This silent dumb gourd actually reached the Divine Beast Realm. The edge, if it breaks through again, it is equivalent to a strong man in the Divine Realm!

However, his combat effectiveness must be stronger than that of the Divine Emperor, and he must be forgotten that he is a parent animal of a beast. Although his physical strength is not as good as that of Zhao Yuande, it is far superior to ordinary people, and his combat effectiveness naturally rises.

"Huh! If you prepare us the elixir for three months, our realm will be even higher!" Heifeng was very dissatisfied that Zhao Yuande had forgotten them, and said with a bit of blame, "Where are you going in these three months?" Did you just forget about us, even your siblings have forgotten, you shouldnt be too much."

"Yes! It's me wrong! Xianchi hasn't had a chance to slip out after soaking for three months. I really don't have time. I'll rush to remedy as soon as I come out! Let's talk, what do you want to do? Eat a few meals How is the meal?" Zhao Yuande sincerely admits his mistake and his attitude is correct.

"Eat! Its about to eat, were really going to be hungry! The meat roasted by the black wind has no way to bite!" The eyes widened as soon as he heard the food.

"Okay! Anyway, it will take some time to reach the Wanjie City. Just enough, I will give you a "sea dragon feast"!" Zhao Yuande directly took a hundred-foot sea jelly from the other side of the world and began to pick it up.

Soon the milky soup in Dading was tumbling, and several people sat next to the gluttonous True Lingding, looking at Dingzhong's food with excitement.

Lin Jin'er has been looking forward to Zhao Yuande's food for a long time, and his big eyes looked at Zhao Yuande's skillful movements without blinking.

"It's not good! Hey! I'm so anxious!" Heifeng rubbed his hands hard, and Hara Tick ticked in the corner of his mouth.

"Xiong Xiongzi, wiped the saliva, all got me!" Yi Jie dissatisfiedly pushed the black wind.

"Go, go! Don't delay the black wind uncle!" Black wind big hand pulls one ring to the side.

"Xiong Blind Man hasn't practiced for a long time, right! Today, the master is going to demons and demons!" As soon as he quit, he rushed up and wrestled with the black wind.

"Bald, you angered me, I bite!"

"Ah! Let me loose..."


Suddenly a chicken jumps!

"Brother, do you want to pull them apart, then there will be no danger." Lin Jiner looked at the two guys wrestling together with a weird face, his hands on his feet, his teeth bited, his hair caught, his clothes ripped, there was nothing. Don't use it.

"Hey! Uncle Master, find a good place to sit, don't block me, such a wonderful drama hasn't been staged for a long time!" Qin Xingyu, who was blocked by Lin Jin'er behind him, hurried around her.

Seeing Po Tian and Qin Xingyu looking excitedly at the pinch in the field, there were black lines all over her head.

"No! They are just playing and having fun! It will be fine when they eat!" Zhao Yuande smiled.

"It's okay! You'll know it in a moment!" Zhu Luan boar smirked.

"Really?" Lin Jin'er doubted.

"Do not believe it!" Zhao Yuande beckoned to him, let her make room, and then shouted, "Okay, you can eat!"

"What... you can eat!" The two guys in the pinch stopped in unison, patted the dust on their bodies, rushed to Dading with joy, and looked at Zhao Yuande with expectation.

"This will do!" Lin Jin'er looked sweaty.

"Boy, you are fooling us again, we two haven't played enough!" Heifeng found that the hole in Zhao Yuande's hand hadn't stopped, nor did the scent float out of Dading, and he knew he had been cheated.

"Fine! I'm not afraid of Jin'er jokes." Zhao Yuande Chao Lin Jin'er made a nuisance, "They are a little girl, just worried about you two!"

"No, no!" Lin Jiner's face was reddish and he waved his hands in a hurry.

"Sister! Thank you!" Heifeng waved his hand carelessly, "Say something to Brother Heifeng in the future, even if this kid bullies you, he will help you out!"

"Heifeng, what do you have in shape, how can I bully Jin'er, and punish you for three fewer drinks in a while!" Zhao Yuande laughed and scolded.

"What! Isn't it a fine to drink three glasses? Why do you have to drink three glasses less? This is unfair!" Heifeng waved his hands hurriedly.


Everyone laughed. Heifeng was an old drunkard. When he stole the monkey wine at Huoyunzong, he was beaten up by the Golden Retriever and had to drink more.

Now, the three holy wines made by Zhao Yuande even made him forget to return, and fined him three cups of pleasure, not letting him and that amounted to torture.

Soon the food was out of the pan, and seven people were sitting next to Dading. You took a bowl of chopsticks for me, but in a little time, you would eat a whole sea jelly of hundreds of feet.

"Hurry up, don't waste, hurry up and practice!" After a few guys finished eating, they hurriedly began to guide the power into the body.

As their level improved, the effect of these foods on them was also very small. Zhao Yuande felt that it was time for a new round of food gathering activities.

Soon Dong Guofu's voice passed into the space, and it turned out that Wanjie City arrived.

"You still go back to the other side of the world, let Rushuang help you arrange your residence in Wanjie City, and then you will live in Wanjie City. In the future, Xianban will have many tasks. I will take you to do it together. Let's gather more ingredients. , Strive for better food." Zhao Yuande put their brains back into the other side of the world, because if these people appear beside him, his identity will be exposed immediately.

"Brother, did you eat in my space just now? This tastes delicious!" Dong Guofu's nose shook and his face was intoxicated.

"Yeah! A few of my friends were trapped in the trial space for three months and almost didn't starve to death, so I made them a little delicious! I saw you on the road, so I didn't call you. I will take you next time eat together!"

"OK, no problem!" Although Dong Guofu didn't know what trial space, he didn't ask.

"Now that the old mother is brought back, you should put your heart down!" Zhao Yuande looked at the other party.

"Relax! Thank you, my third brother!" Dong Guofu thanked him very sincerely.

"Dear brothers, you said thank you again, no, you will be punished!" Zhao Yuande squeezed his chin and said, "What is the penalty for you?"

"Punish me for the bar!" Dong Guofu smiled.

"What you think is beautiful! I'll punish you to see her immediately!" Zhao Yuande took Dong Guofu's hand and walked to Jianboling's residence.

"I'm going! I'm going right away! But you have to change your clothes first. You see the clothes are ragged and ragged!" Dong Guofu ripped at his ragged clothes.

"Go quickly..." Zhao Yuande smiled, "be sure to wear beautiful and beautiful, let people see your son-in-law at a glance!"