Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 827

Chapter 827: Hungry And Unbearable

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"Senior, in fact, this time, I want to match Dong Guofu and Gu Jianqiu. They seem to be destined for the previous life, and they are inseparable!" Zhao Yuande pointed outside, and the two people hugged together at the gate , The action is a bit...

"Cough! This dead girl, dare to do such a vulgar thing, I will go..." The majestic middle-aged man saw the scene at the gate and almost ran away.

"Senior, since they are happy with each other, we will complete them! This time we made a special trip to Donglinyu to pick up Dongguo Fu's mother. This time, I just want you to make a decision. Let's settle this matter!"

"OK! Everything depends on the son!" The majestic middle-aged man nodded hurriedly.

It is strange to be reluctant. The qualification of Dong Guofu is the first in Xianban, and he signed a contract with Taishu's family. In the future, God Emperor is expected to be dissatisfied with this kind of son-in-law. What else does he want?

More importantly, Dong Guofu is also Zhao Yuandes brother, and Zhao Yuande is Wan Jianyus future backer. These two relationships are related, and no one can separate this marriage, even if he does not agree, Wan Jianyu Those old monsters will also force themselves to agree.

The next thing was simple. Zhao Yuande invited Dong Guofu's mother to come out. The two discussed a time and decided to get married after the end of this fairy squad, and then prepare for each other to get married.

"Hey, second brother, let's go!" Zhao Yuande patted the door of a big house before leaving, and the tone was increased.

"Hmm! Three go first! I will go back in a while." There was a heavy gasp in the room, and the girl's giggling sound made Zhao Yuande and Lin Jin'er look at each other, especially Lin Jiner's shame 'S little face was reddish and fled.

"Hey! The girl is not staying in the middle, seeing her forgotten, and valuing her friends... what words are coming!" Zhao Yuande murmured, thinking that this guy was too ridiculous, but suddenly his eyes widened. , Whispered in a low voice, "Am I jealous, it seems there are a few ladies...tonight!"

On the second day, the crowd arrived at the newly established first class, but the first class was changed from the first 154 to 149, five of them were beaten by Zhao Yuande. Broken, not dead is already good, then it is still eligible to come to the first fairy class.

Of course, the conflict did not stop at the first cents, and there were many deaths and injuries in other cents. I heard that there was a large-scale conflict in the third cents, and the abbots of the immortal pond did not stop.

"Everyone, since you have become the first class, you will get more training resources than other classes, and of course you will experience more cruel practice than other classes, and even your mortality rate will be affected by other Immortal class is much higher, you remember a sentence, everything is empty after death, and only the most important thing is to survive!" Dahan seems to be in a particularly good mood today, and said a series of reasons to the people of the first immortal class.

"The first battle after you soaked the fairy pool, I will help you choose the channel of purgatory!" Dahan's face showed a cruel smile, I hope that no one of you will fall into it.

"Purgatory channel!" Someone suddenly exclaimed, "How can our cultivation practice go to the purgatory channel? Isn't that just to death?"

The speaker is Luo Chengkun of the Luo family. His face is very bad. He has a very good understanding of the purgatory.

"The lowest ranks in the Purgatory Passage are all magic soldiers of the Divine Emperor level. These magic soldiers are usually in groups, and the most common monsters are at least Divine Emperor Realm, and even powerful monsters above the Divine Emperor Realm abound. Yes, are we going to deliver the food?" Another man from the Allied Realm agreed.

"What! It's so dangerous?"

"It doesn't make sense!"

"I protest!"


Suddenly many people started to talk about it, some of them had fear in their eyes, some were full of excitement, and the most people were still blank.

They did not know why such a dangerous trial was arranged. The uncle's family spent a lot of money, so they would not let them die!

"Shut up! If you are afraid, you can give up the first immortal class, the second immortal class welcomes you, their trial is much simpler to go to **** to hunt the Warcraft of the Three-Headed Divine Realm! You can join them, of course The benefits that will be enjoyed in the future will also become the second immortal class." Dahan looked coldly at those who were excited.

"As Master Xian Shi said, everything is empty after death, and only the most important thing is to survive! We don't want to die, so we chose to enter the second fairy class!"

Suddenly, seven or eight people stood up and walked out of the gate of the first fairy class.

Luo Chengkun, the first to speak, hesitated for a while, but still sat down heavily. He first reluctant to the welfare of the first fairy class, and he couldn't afford to lose that person. He said that a super genius with a purple scale was afraid of death. I went to the second fairy class and said that I shouldn't make people laugh.

"Third brother, what do you think?" Dong Guofu turned to look at Zhao Yuande.

"Oh, I think, you're good luck anyway, even if you die, you won't lose!" Zhao Yuande chuckled and ridiculed.

"Third brother, you are not allowed to laugh at me! That girl is so crazy, I almost didn't get up this morning!" Dong Guofu leaned to Zhao Yuande's ear and whispered.

"What are you talking about?" At this moment, Dong Guofu suddenly felt that a small hand was quietly pressed against the soft meat in his waist, and a pain came from the next moment.

"Oh!" Dong Guofu didn't hold back, and stood up directly, yelling.

"Dong Guofu, what are you talking about?" The big man looked at Dong Guofu in doubt.

"I said! Oops, that's great! My fists are already hungry and thirsty!" Dong Guofu waved his fists, "I'm going to make Mozu fart roll urine!"

"Okay! That's what men should say!" Dahan nodded comfortably. "Sit down! If no one raises an objection, or wants to leave the first class, I will tell you about the situation in the purgatory channel. ."

"The purgatory channel is said to be a channel. In fact, it is a vast world. It is sandwiched between the fairy world and the demon world. This channel has always existed since the world was opened. And the fairy world used this channel to win the devil world in one fell swoop and succeed. Unify the two realms of fairy and demon!"

"But then because of the sneak attacks of the cubs in the Pantheon, the back of Immortal Realm was lost, and the Demon Realm took advantage of it. This made the Immortal Realm have to give up the results and come back to defend against the Pantheon's attacks, and the Demon Realm has time to breathe."

"In the end, although Immortal Realm repulsed the Pantheon's attack, he was seriously injured, and he no longer has the ability to continue to conquer the Demon Realm, so he let the demons of the Demon Realm regain their pride and prosperity until now."

"And just thousands of years ago, the war was on again, and my expeditionary army was dispatched again. The intensity of this battle exceeded everyone's imagination. Although it is dangerous in the purgatory channel, it also has endless opportunities, and you will be Arranged under an army of immortal world, life should be guaranteed, but you need to hunt a certain number of magic soldiers or monsters to complete the mission."