Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 828

Chapter 828: Set Off Immediately

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Everyone heard this explanation and let out a sigh of relief in their hearts. It seems that they are not really letting them die, as long as they are not too unlucky, they should be able to return safely.

"Senior Master, when are we going to leave?" someone asked.

"Start right away and follow me!" Dahan got up and strode out of the first fairy class.

The crowd hurried to keep up, only to discover that the Han was heading to the Star Field Teleportation Array of the Wanjie City.

"Senior Master, are we going to send a large formation to the fairy realm through the star field?" Some people were curious and thought, if the star formation teleportation can enter the fairy realm, we still have to do this thing.

"No! I will make a slight change to the Star Wars Teleportation Warfare, so that it will send us to the Nine Heavens, and the Purgatory Channel is actually connected to the Lower Realm and the Immortal Demon Realm. Outside the channel, tear the void barrier and enter the purgatory channel directly." Han explained calmly.

"Changing the star field teleportation! Tearing the void barrier!" Everyone's eyes showed an incredible light.

Everyone saw that the big man was constantly wandering around the Great Array, and from time to time a piece of crystal and shiny fairy jade was thrown into the array.

"Okay! Everyone is in the formation!" Dahan took the lead in entering the formation and beckoned the crowd.

After the crowd stepped in, the big man confronted the manipulating the teleportation of the Great Array: "No one will be allowed to change the Great Array within ten days. Now start the Great Array!"

Those who manipulated the teleportation dare not follow, nodded hurriedly, and began to activate the telepresence.

"Protect your woman!" Zhao Yuande whispered to Dong Guofu, "The transmission may be a little uncomfortable."

"it is good!"

Zhao Yuande waved at Zhu Linwei, Feng Wujiang, Jian Wushuang and their cousin.

At this time, the big man couldn't help but look at Zhao Yuande twice, and his eyes showed surprise, and he said, "Did this kid find his hands and feet? It's unlikely! He couldn't recognize this kind of fairy formation."

Everyone hurriedly stepped forward, with an inquiring expression on their faces.

"Don't be too far away, this kind of transmission is a little bumpy, and they all guard their own hearts firmly." Zhao Yuande whispered.

"Third brother, you can rest assured that we even..." Before Zhu Linwei's words were finished, he felt a violent violent shaking. Everyone felt like they were hit by a high-speed running bull. The whole person Suddenly lost his focus.

"Ah!" Lin Jin'er beside Zhao Yuande grabbed his arm.

"It's okay, just stay by my side!" Zhao Yuande patted her behind gently.

"My God..." Zhu Linwei, who was a little careless just now, almost ran into Zhao Yuande's body. If it wasn't for Zhao Yuande who helped him in time, it would be ugly.

At this time, the most stable is Dong Guofu and his woman. When Dong Guofu's body sank, he completely suppressed everything and made him stable like Taishan. Gu Jianqiu, who was beside him, snuggled softly on his shoulder, really envious of others.

Feng Wujiang and Sword Drift, they were warned by Zhao Yuande early, but it was okay.

Others, except for a few people, have basically turned into gourds, not to mention that embarrassment.

The big man snickered in his heart. Although these little cubs are all talented, but they are all very arrogant, they should give them a look.

After the initial embarrassment, everyone gradually became familiar with the teleportation, and each person's face almost showed a particularly lingering look.


A loud noise came, and their transmission seemed to be interrupted by something. The people looked up and saw that the beam of light overhead was blocked by a meteor that was hundreds of miles in size, blocking everyone directly. Under the meteorite.

"His mother!" Dahan couldn't help but utter a swearing, which was entirely due to his calculation errors. Now that he has been lost, how can he not get angry, he glanced around at many first-class disciples, coldly said , "Who told me that this meteorite broke me! I reward him with ten drops of fairy liquid!"

"I'm coming!" Suddenly, someone flew directly to the meteorite and punched it toward the meteorite.

This man's cultivation is the early days of the emperor, and his talent is in the blue eight scale, which is higher than the wind, and the sword drifts to them. They are one level higher, and they are also regarded as a powerful genius.


The man punched on the meteorite with a dull sound.

The meteorite was not broken, but the person flew back upside down.

"Poof!" The man slammed into the large formation, with a mouthful of blood spitting out. He looked very ugly, "This meteorite is a whole piece of meteorite!"


Hearing her words, everyone could not help swallowing a spit, they looked at the man's fist subconsciously.

Suddenly he saw that his fist had been blurred, even if his bones were broken, it was very miserable.

"Who else?" The big man did not look at this person, but looked around and glanced at the crowd.

"I'm coming!" Another person came out, it was the black sword repair.

The man did not speak much, and took off in one step. The sheathless long sword in his hand flashed a brilliant brilliance directly on the huge star meteorite.


The sound of gold and iron symphony came, and the star meteorite splashed a spark, but it was only a half-foot deep groove.

"Hey! No!" Black Sword Xiu shook his head silently and turned back to the crowd.

Everyone looked at each other suddenly.

"Who else?" The big men looked around. They all knew themselves. The black sword sword repair's attack was extremely powerful. I'm afraid it could already be similar to the Divine Emperor's peak strongman. This kind of power has not been crushed. It was disgraceful to come out.

"Brother, do you want to try?" Zhao Yuande blinked at Dong Guofu.

"I can't do it, this guy is too big! Even the sword madman can't help it, how can I do it!" Dong Guofu's head shook like a rattle, and he secretly glanced at Gu Jianqiu, who was in his arms, against Zhao Yuandenu Nuzui, that means, your boy, dont let me be ashamed in front of a woman.

"I think this big rock is good for you to use as a weapon! Since you are not willing to take action, my second brother, I will help you solve it!" Zhao Yuande stepped out and pressed the air to block the road. That star meteorite.

This star meteorite is about a hundred miles in size, and its weight is probably heavier than that of a small planet, and the star meteorite is very sturdy, similar to the innate treasure. The most frustrating thing is that it is really It's huge!


Zhao Yuande's palm was printed on the huge star meteorite, and the star meteorite made a rumbling noise, as if there was a burst of sound echoing.

"Huh! It seems to be empty!" Zhao Yuande looked weird. He wanted to find out what the soul was, but the soul fell on the star meteorite and couldn't penetrate into it.

"Hey! It's a shameful thing again. The power of this palm seems to be a joke at all." Someone immediately sneered.

"It's just a guy who wants to be in the limelight. His poor cultivation makes me want to laugh." These are the people of the Allied Alliance. They were scared by Zhao Yuande in the fairy pond, so now they want to find Back to face.

"What are you talking about?" Dong Guofu was angry when he heard these words, "I have the ability to come out and fight with the uncle, otherwise don't be blind here!"

"What's wrong! Are we afraid that you will not succeed!" The young man in Ziyi stepped forward and looked at Dong Guofu coldly, holding a belly in his heart, nowhere to vent, really looking for someone to vent.

"Boy, I didn't kill you last time. This time you jumped out and came back. Come on, we will fight again!" Dong Guofu rolled up his sleeves and sneered.

"What! He..." Just as the two were struggling, there was a burst of exclamation next to him, and a guy stared dumbstruckly at the top of his head, his face showing a **** expression.