Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 83

Chapter 83: Suppression Repair

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"Brother Zhao, can the Elixir sell me one!" Prince Li Tian said with some embarrassment.

Just now he found that three of the six elixirs refined by Zhao Yuande were top grades, and the rest were middle grades. He thought of his pro-uncle, who is now stuck at this level. Maybe there is a chance to achieve the world!

And he can also get the support of this uncle ancestor, which is expected to be a great treasure in the future.

"Yes!" Zhao Yuande took out a top-grade panacea and handed it to Prince Li Tian. "You can do whatever you want for the price!

"Thank you!" Li Tian looked at Zhao Yuande in disbelief, and he suddenly felt that the boy in front of him was pleasing to the eye.

He took a small bag from the storage space and handed it to Zhao Yuande.

"The stuff inside should be worth the value of this immortality, please take it away!"

Zhao Yuande took the bag with some curiosity. When he opened the corner of the bag, he saw that the contents were all rare elixir, and his face suddenly showed surprise.

He quickly put away the bag and nodded gently to Li Tian.

The transaction between the two was completed in a hurry, and there were not many ideas that caused others. At this time, the eyes of these people were all gathered on the panacea in Jiang Tianyue's hands.

"Zhongpin's Tairi Breaking Pill! This pill is good!" Yin couldn't look at this pill, and his eyes also showed expectations. He didn't expect that the other party could actually produce Sheng Pill. If so, this medicine garden still had It's really possible for them to be opened.

"Nonsense! Don't look at who made the panacea, can it be worse?" The Black Bear couldn't get used to this guy, and if he had nothing to do, he loved to run on him, which became a habit.

Yin couldn't be more indignant in his heart, but he couldn't attack on this knot, he could only turn his head silently and not look at it.

"Counseling!" Black Bear pouted, and his face was contemptuous.

"If you still have elixir, please take it all out. The difficulty of the Saint-level Elixir is too great. No one can guarantee that it will succeed two or three times. It was just good luck." Zhao Yuande hastily interrupted this guy's nonsense. language.

When everyone saw hope, they no longer had reservations, and took out all the elixir. If they could really open the medicine garden, everything was worth it.

"Okay, now the second furnace..."

With the support of everyone, there is a lot of material, and his mentality is not compromised. In this way, the success rate becomes very high.

The remaining two immortals become immortals only once, without wasting a little elixir.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, he also refined the three-color fractal pill, and successfully produced six top grades. Although it was not as good as the last time, he also made him laugh.

Everyone looked at him weirdly, he just explained, take some luck!

Zhao Yuande dumped all the remaining elixir into the storage space. The black bear beside him and one ring couldn't help but laugh, watching the group of people as if they were watching a fool.

Everyone looked at Zhao Yuande with murderous eyes. They thought this kid must be pitting them...

"Cough! Now that the medicine has been prepared, how do we allocate it after entering the drug garden?" Yin couldn't look around and continued, "This time, we all worked together to kill the poisonous tooth viper, and everyone They all contributed their own elixir. Are some people embarrassed to ask for half this time?"

He set his sights on Zhao Yuande, with a touch of unfriendlyness.

"What you said makes sense!" Jiang Tianyue looked at the elixir in the medicine garden, and there were fiery eyes in his eyes. "This time we will divide it into five parts. Everyone take one!"

Everyone nodded one after another, and Zhao Yuande had no other opinions.


Immortal medicine was put in, and a crisp crackling sounded.

At this moment, it seems that an invisible mountain has fallen in the sky, directly suppressing everyone.

"What is this prohibition! It has suppressed all my cultivation behavior!" Yin couldn't be shocked, he instantly felt that he had become a mortal without mana, and there was a trace of panic in his eyes.

"We have completely lost cultivation..." Prince Li Tian looked around uncomfortably. He felt as if he was locked in a beast cage, surrounded by beasts staring at him.

"Hey! That's all right now!" Black Bear sneered unscrupulously. It suddenly felt that he was in a good mood, especially when everyone's eyes swept all over him, and he felt that he could float.

"Cough!" Long Chengan, who had not spoken, also showed a smile on his face at this time. When his unscrupulous eyes looked at Yin Can't, Yin couldn't help but shudder for a while, "Brother, I finally waited until this day!"

Standing under the two men behind Long Cheng'an, at this time, the gaze looked at Yin and couldn't be on the other side, and his gaze became sharp.

Although Long Cheng'an and Yin Chuang are both the disciples of Yin Yang Sect, they belong to Yin Sect and Yang Sect.

Yin Zong focuses on mana, and Yang Zong focuses on physical refinement. There is great disagreement between the two cases, so the two cases are not harmonious. Although there are rules, the battle between the two parties has occurred from time to time. There is a big pressure on Yangzong.

Long Chengan had been humiliated by Yin Yin, he tried to get back to the scene many times, but each time he was defeated and humiliated by the other party, which made him feel fear and anger in the other party's heart.

Now that he has a chance, how can he not be excited!

"Miss Jiang, you are the organizer of this secret realm, are you going to come out and say a fair word!" Yin couldn't look left and right, and finally turned his attention to Jiang Tianyue.

Although Jiang Tianyue was nervous, she had a deep heart. She had absolute confidence that she could leave this place, so she was not afraid.

"Brother Long, danger is lurking in the mysterious realm at any time, don't lose it because of a small one. And you are all fellow brothers after all. If this matter is spread, I am afraid that Zongmen will not let you go!"

"This..." Long Cheng hesitated when he settled down. Although he was very strong, he could not guarantee that he could kill everyone here, especially the black bear who was obviously very powerful.

"Brother, if you don't kill him at this time, he will surely kill us in the future! Brother will decide!" Long Chengan came behind him and came forward to warn in his ear.

"Yes! Brother, he humiliated my disciple Yang Zong and killed him today. Even if we die in the future, it will be enough to make disciple Yang Zong raise his eyes and exhale!"

"Hi! Boy, don't hesitate! Grandpa Xiong won't say it!" Black Bear saw that the two parties were facing each other, and suddenly began to add oil and vinegar.

"Kill!" Long Cheng'an was ruthless and rushed to the past when he couldn't make it!

"Let's go! Enter the drug garden!" Zhao Yuande patted the black bear and turned to look at Prince Li Tian. "Brother Li, do you want to go with us?"

Hearing this, Li Tian immediately looked at him with joy, and hurriedly followed them.

In fact, Zhao Yuande did not want to win Li Tian, but he felt that the items in the small bag that the other party gave him were too precious, and always felt that he owed the other party.

Zhao Yuande and his party ignored the contradiction between Yin and Long Cheng'an and set off towards the direction of the medicine garden. Jiang Tianyue, who had some embarrassment over there, had no choice but to shake her head. The interests in the medicine garden were too great. She could only choose to take herself Follow up.