Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 830

Chapter 830: Life In A Star Meteorite

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"Go! Master Nephew, let's go! Master Uncle teaches you to develop a physique, and guarantees you to fly into the sky in the future!" Wan Yao already could not bear the excitement in his heart at this time, and pulled Qin Xingyu away, but thought of what to Zhao Yuande He replied, "Brother, help us find a good place, otherwise it won't work!"

"This is no problem, but please don't worry, Sister, help me look at this first!" Zhao Yuande pointed to the huge star meteorite not far away. He might think that only Sister Wan Yao can explore this. The mystery is gone.

"This is... a piece of star meteorite? Such a big piece... among them..." Wan Yao looked in the direction pointed by Zhao Yuande, and suddenly saw the huge piece of star meteorite. She didn't care at first , Instantly transformed into shock, followed by incredible!

"What's wrong with this?" Zhao Yuande asked anxiously, "Is a life conceived?"

"Yes, there is indeed a life! You wait, let me feel it!" Wan Yao waved to him, beckoning not to disturb.

Zhao Yuande hurriedly signaled to everyone, not to say anything.

After such a long time together, everyone did not feel strange about what happened to Zhao Yuande. Not to mention the appearance of a star **** body sister, even if there was a fairy elder brother, they felt normal.

After about a dozen breaths, Wan Yao exhaled slowly, his face dignified and said: "There is indeed a life in it, and it is still very powerful. It is small but constantly engulfing the stars. Iron is constantly coming to the outside world, but it is reassuring that its spiritual knowledge is not open, as long as it communicates with it when it bursts out of the star meteorite, maybe it can establish a certain contractual relationship with it." Wan Yao carefully worded, Come slowly.

"How long will it take before it can come out of it?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"Maybe a year, maybe half a year, maybe a month, no one is sure! You have to be prepared at any time!" Wan Yao asked, "Its combat power is already very strong, and few people here can surrender it." , Or only you, and... he, the strength of the two of you is enough!"

Wan Yao pointed to the sky, but said again, "But the words of the Divine Beast are somewhat reluctant, because the guy inside may be more mysterious than the Divine Beast!"

"Okay! No way, my soul can only wait here at any time!" Zhao Yuande shook his head helplessly, "Sister now, you go with me to try the space!"

Zhao Yuande swept his sleeves, the three figures disappeared in place, and appeared in the trial space of the Eternal Tower.

"Sister Brother, you have too many secrets! If Sister is not in a hurry to teach disciples, maybe you really want to get to the bottom!" Wan Yao felt the time flow rate in the trial space and was a little more curious about Zhao Yuande. .

"Sister, you are still busy first!" Zhao Yuande said helplessly. Now that we are on the way to the purgatory passage, I can't be more distracted.

"Okay! Wait for you to interrogate you later!" Wan Yao gave him a blank look and turned to teach Qin Xingyu the basic knowledge of the star **** body.

Zhao Yuande shook his head helplessly and turned to leave the trial space.

He believes that after the end of Professor Wan Yao, Qin Xingyu will definitely increase his power, and even leap through the sky to become the strongest person except him, because the star **** body is similar to the prison body.

At this time, the outside world, the people shuttled through the void, and soon came to the top of the nine days. The endless black wind raged, so that everyone who saw it couldn't help but look white for a while.

"Senior Master, how should we pass this piece of wind?" a disciple of the Xian class asked carefully.

"Fengsha is regular, but you need to wait for the time." Dahan frowned and looked at the huge Fengsha belt, even if he had a slight headache at this time.

In fact, this wind shame can't do any harm to him, but for those disciples who have not reached the realm of God Emperor, it is extremely dangerous, so wait!

"Senior emperor, how far are we from the purgatory passage?" asked some disciples.

"It's not far away, you should be able to see through this wind brake belt!" Dahan looked up at the opposite side of the wind brake belt, and his eyes were suddenly full of worry, because he saw a road opposite the wind brake belt. The huge figure is cruising in the void, he knows that it is the void beast!

Adult Void Beast is even stronger than him, but it is the most dangerous creature in the lower realm.

Among these more than one hundred disciples, geniuses with all kinds of different pupils are also indispensable. They obviously also saw those wandering figures.

One of these people is not a source of family learning. Those who have broad knowledge and knowledge immediately recognized it as the Void Beast.

Suddenly, the news of the Void Beast across from him spread among the crowd, and everyone's face was sad.

However, no one dared to ask the big man if there was a way to successfully cross the Void Beast.

"Hey! Although it's a bit tricky, the Void Beast is not as terrible as the legend. It may be able to pass smoothly by my means." Dahan sighed softly. He didn't want to hurt the morale of the young man in front of him, but he was not at all sure. .

Suddenly he regretted that he should take the guard who was allocated to his family. That was a strong man at the beginning of the fairy monarch. Although he was promoted by the secret method, his strength was even stronger than the average fairy monarch!

If a fairy is here, they will definitely pass easily.

But now he is worried that it is useless. After a while, he will send all these people into his own body world, and he will go alone. Although there are some dangers, he can only throw his own cards.

Zhao Yuande naturally also saw the Void Beasts across from him. He compared it with the one he encountered last time, and found that these were almost a little loach compared with that one.

The Void Beast has a huge world in it, and even one of the three powerful players of the Devil has laid chess pieces in it. It must be the ancestor level of the Void Beast, and these are only a few children at best.

So Zhao Yuande is not worried. This waiter in the fairy realm is a pinnacle of the fairy, and as an important person in the uncle's family, there must be more than one card.

"Okay! The windshakes began to fluctuate. You must keep up with my footsteps. Don't lose them. Otherwise, you won't be looking for me when you die!" Dahan stepped into the windshade belt and ran through it.

More than a hundred people behind him followed closely behind him, forming a long dragon, which was also spectacular.

The one of these more than 100 people is not a genius of cultivation, a smart aptitude, and if you can do anything wrong with this kind of follow-up, you dont have to be confused.

So Shuo Fengsha was very successful, and even the big man couldn't help showing a slight smile.