Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 831

Chapter 831: A Big Disaster

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"Yes, you didn't disappoint me anymore! But then, these Void Beasts... Do you have a good way?" Dahan pointed to the front, as long as I passed that place, I could break through the Void, and we are safe Too.

Everyone looked through his fingers and saw a tasting red channel leading to the depths of the distant starry sky, like a huge sausage hanging in the starry sky!

"This is the channel of purgatory..." The crowd couldn't help but be silent for a while.

"The channel is upwards to the fairy realm. If you are the realm of the **** emperor, you can try to break the barriers of the fairy realm!" Dahan Yao pointed upward.

Everyone could only see where the white mist was steaming, like boiling water. Even if they were so far apart, they all felt the pressure from a higher plane.

"Of course, if you have more power than the Divine Emperor Realm, you can also try it. If you succeed, you can still enter the Immortal Realm in advance!" Dahan's voice was calm, but he did not seem to be optimistic about them.

Seeing that no one meant to express an opinion, the big man could only helplessly laugh, and he couldn't help but be a little funny when he was anxious. What good idea they would have, this is the Void Beast that even worries himself.

"Come on! You have all entered my inner world, and I will take you there!" A huge world behind the big man slowly opened. Among them, the five elements are really complete, and it looks like a real big world.

Everyone will naturally not refuse this kindness, and can safely pass through the Void Beast, and they don't want to try the risk by themselves.

"Void Beast must be careful when opening its big mouth. If you are sucked into the belly, you must find a way out as soon as possible. The void in the Void Beast's body may not be broken even by you!" Just when Dahan was about to move forward, There was a voice in my ear.

"Oh! Have you met the Void Beast?" Dahan naturally knew who the owner of the voice was and told him, "How did you escape from the Void Beast's belly?"

The natural reminder was Zhao Yuande. Although he didnt want to reveal his identity, he could see the helplessness in this big mans eyes at a glance. He knew that he had never fought against the Void Beast before. For his own safety, he decided to remind him .

"Oh! At that time..." Zhao Yuande told him how he escaped from the belly of the Void Beast. Of course, he also understood that he encountered the power of the Void Beast.

Dahan listened to nodding again and again, and couldn't help but gain some confidence in this battle again.

His previous worries were entirely based on the unfamiliarity of the Void Beast and the fact that he did not understand it. Now Zhao Yuande said so, he suddenly knew how to deal with it, and he was already knowing himself and himself!

"Thank you! I used to cancel your mustards a bit!" Dahan was very happy and very real. For Zhao Yuande who bumped himself on the spot, he naturally had a mustard in his heart.

"Okay! I wish you success!" Although Zhao Yuande doesn't care about the other party's stubbornness, it's better to resolve nature!

Without Zhao Yuande and their cumbersomeness, the speed of the big man is almost incredible, but the size of those Void beasts is really too large, each head is tens of thousands of miles long, and the space around the Void is accompanied by bursts of waves. Change.

If it weren't for nine days above, close to the fairyland, this fluctuation could even explode the planets.

These Void beasts look like snakes, their heads are just a big mouth, and their long bodies coil around in the void, almost occupying the entire void.

The Great Han constantly shuttles around the Void Beast, and minimizes his breath, so that these Void Beasts do not feel its existence.

Dahan's strategy is very successful, but at the moment he wants to successfully shuttle out of the Void Beasts, suddenly a bright godman shoots from afar, directly on a Void Beast beside Dahan.

Shenmang directly tore the body of the Void Beast, and the ink-colored blood flowed like a river bursting from the embankment, and suddenly the entire Void was dyed black.


The Void Beast eats pain and roars, and immediately feels the existence of the big man.

"Haha! Uncle Zhong, you are here to enjoy the Void Beast! My son is going first!" A blood-red figure shuttled from the depths of the distant Void, and turned out to be a handsome young boy in red. The eyes shone with glare, cold and evil.

The young man in red flicked his finger gently in the void, and directly opened the blood-red channel, and the body flew into it.

The blood-red passage wriggled slightly at the next moment, and returned to its original state in the blink of an eye.

"It's you! Mozhatian!" Dahan burst into a rage, "Mozhatian, you will wait for a while and your grandpa will break you up!"

However, the big man can only send out cruel words, and the Void Beast has opened his mouth at this time, and he has bitten towards the big man!

And at this time, all other Void Beasts are also attracted by the Void Beast's roar, and a huge body is swimming in this direction!

The huge crisis came in an instant, and the big man only felt that his scalp was blown, as if the little sheep had been stared by a group of hungry wolves.

"Damn it! Mozhatian, you cub, caused Laozi to use this broken symbol! Laozi and you were on the bar, and never stopped!" There was an extra jade-colored rune paper in Dahan's hands, facing his teeth. The red figure roaring away!

The jade-colored rune paper flared up in his hand, his body violently retreating, and rushed toward the blood-colored channel frantically.

With the burning point of jade-colored rune paper as the center, the space collapsed at once, and a large black hole appeared, which was constantly expanding and expanding!

The head of the wounded Void Beast was close to the **** hole, and he was continuously pulled into the black hole by the terror pulling force from the black hole.


The Void Beast's horrified roar, desperately fighting against this power, but still being pulled in by the terrible power in the black hole.

Several other Void Beasts felt the changes here, and no longer dared to gather in this direction and scattered away.


In the end, the Void Beast was dragged into the black hole by the force of terror, and the head turned into a blood mist in the roar.

But when the black hole engulfed the body of the Void Beast, a terrifying loud horror came suddenly, and the space contained in the body of the Void Beast shattered, smashing the entire Void, and the black hole was also in this explosion. Crazy expansion in the middle, instantly expanded tenfold and hundredfold!

At this moment, Han's body had just fled to the Scarlet Passage, and he felt an irresistible force of suction coming, pulling him desperately.

He turned his head to look, and his face suddenly turned pale.

"Mother! A big disaster!"