Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 832

Chapter 832: World War

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Taishuzhong desperately urged the body to pull towards the red channel in front of him. The red channel was suddenly torn open. He desperately grabbed the torn barrier of the red channel and rushed inwards.

His body suddenly rushed into the red channel, and the red channel closed slowly at this time.

But what he didn't find was that the blood-red channel connecting the two realms was pulled by the bigger and bigger black hole, and it started to skew!

And at this time, the few Void Beasts that had not yet escaped were gradually sucked back by the bigger and bigger black hole!

Several Void Beasts mourned, but they couldn't resist the terrible power of the black hole. They were pulled back by them.

"Boom! Bang..."

The black hole was expanded again by the force of the space explosion in the void animal, and it became almost as big as a big world. The blood-red channel was almost pulled into a triangle, with one corner connected to the fairy world, one corner connected to the demon world, and the other corner was pulled toward Among the black holes.

At this time, the stars in the lower realm, the big worlds, and the great power of the black hole led to the slow flight above the nine days.

The violent explosions one after another shook the worlds.

Above nine days high, among the immortal world, several powerful immortal emperors appeared at the entrance of the immortal world at the channel of purgatory at the same time, and on the other side there were several demon emperors who were close to each other, and their faces showed uncertain colors!

And below the ever-growing black hole, which is above the city of the world, a figure flashed, and an old priest with a white beard and white beard appeared. At this time, he was still holding a streamer flag, seeing the situation in front of him, his face There was an uncertain look on it.

"The world is here! What should I do next?" The old Taoist suddenly uttered a string of unknown language, obscure.

A wave of rippling in the void, a lot of petals like a lotus flower were born in the void, the petals blocked the black hole, and the stars in the lower realm finally gradually restored their orbits and protected the world under nine days.

And the blood channel that was pulled into a triangle gradually shrank back!

Nine days later, calmness was restored, but there was a black hole covered by petals.

At this time, if someone is here and sees these petals, they will be exclaimed. These are the petals of the Heavenly Dao Flower. What kind of power can the talents of the Heavenly Dao Flower appear to protect all Heaven and earth.

"I've tried my best, but this can't hold back much time. When the day erupts completely, there will be no obstacles between all walks of life, I don't know how many big worlds will be annihilated with it, and what kind of **** cruelty will usher in Years." The old Taoist stepped out in one step, as if it had merged with heaven and earth, and disappeared on the next nine days at the next moment.

At the end of the fairy world, in the distant chaotic sea, on top of a majestic mountain, a Tsing Yi woman sat cross-legged and looked down at the lower realm.

"Is that day finally coming? Unfortunately, I can't go back! I don't know how many years I have traveled in this endless sea of chaos. I climbed one mountain after another. Unfortunately, I still don't know where the end is. Is it chaos? There is no end to the sea, where did the ancestors come from?" The woman in Tsing Yi lightly puffed up like a waterfall, and her eyes were full of confusion!

Above nine days, in an ancient area that does not belong to the fairy realm or the demon realm, a majestic palace is as high as the sky, and on the uppermost floor of the palace, a white-haired old man slowly opened his eyes. His eyes penetrated through the world, projected through the endless world.

"Is the World of Controversy finally opened? Donghuang, you can only fight for the lower realm for ten years. The disaster that broke out ten years later is probably stronger than it is now. Is it really worth it?" Language, it seems to be talking to someone.

At this time in the purgatory channel, Taishuzhong, who had caused a tremendous disaster, stood in shape and was surrounded by a large group of blood-winged giant wolves.

"Damn beast!" Taishu Zhongzheng was so angry that there was no place for it. This group of blood-winged giant wolves who didn't know about life and death rushed to death.

The light in his hand flickered, and a silver ray of light flew out of his hand, as if it were a sky knife, turning around the necks of these blood-winged wolves. All the blood-winged wolves' heads flew at the same time. The flowers flew away, and a thick **** atmosphere spread out at the scene.

"Huh, I didn't seem to feel this way last time. What happened?" Tai Shuzhong suddenly felt that his body was light, and he seemed to have lost all his strength. The whole person lost the center of gravity and avoided the passage. Just hit it.


Taishuzhong only felt a headache and almost fainted.

He touched it with his hand, a large bag appeared on his head, and blood stained with red blood oozed out.

But at the next moment, everything seemed to be back to normal, the huge force was completely recovered, and the place where it was just hit was quickly back to normal.

"What happened just now? Could it be related to the break symbol I just said?" Tai Shuzhong touched his head. He didn't know that he had become the hand that broke the peace of the heavens and the next. What fate will be greeted.

"You all come out to me!" Taishuzhong let go of the inner world and let 149 Xianban disciples enter the purgatory channel.

Zhao Yuande looked at this blood-red world and felt the violent breath fluctuate in it, and his face suddenly showed a dignified color.

"Now you can move freely! As long as you don't go in that direction, you shouldn't encounter the Demon Powerhouse. Of course, I can't guarantee it. Everything can only be seen by your luck!" Tai Shuzhong's voice passed into each In the ears of individuals.

"Everyone shouldn't inhale the breath here too much. I'm afraid it will be harmful to our cultivation." Zhao Yuande told several people around him.

"I feel a trace of unusual restlessness. Here is a crisis, everyone be careful!" Zhu Linwei looked very dignified.

Dong Guofu pulled Gu Jianqiu to his side and whispered to her, "Don't leave me more than three feet, otherwise I'm afraid I can't protect you."

"Don't distract everyone, let's walk together!"

Zhao Yuande had nine of them at this time, all gathered around Zhao Yuande's three people.

"Where should we go now?" Dong Guofu looked at Zhao Yuande, who only believed in Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande gave Lin Jin'er a look, Lin Jin'er nodded.

The hole in her forehead opened with a virtual eye, glanced around secretly, and then quietly told Zhao Yuande her discovery.

Zhao Yuande suddenly made a decision. He pointed to Lin Jin'er and told himself: "I think we should go in that direction."

"What are you waiting for, let's go!" Dong Guofu's first response to Zhao Yuande's words, he strode in the direction Zhao Yuande pointed. Everyone hurried to keep up.