Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 833

Chapter 833: Blood Lord

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When they walked out for dozens of miles, a group of monsters with green skin and big ears jumped in front of them. These monsters are not powerful, and they are equivalent to the strongest in the world.

"Let them do it!" Zhao Yuande swept to Dong Guofu and Zhu Linwei, these things are too simple for us!

The two nodded, Zhu Linwei thought for a moment, and suddenly said: "I'll go over there to see, you are more careful here."

Zhao Yuande glanced at him, and suddenly knew his thoughts, and he didn't say more nods: "OK, be careful!"

Zhu Linwei nodded and turned away.

"Boss, where is he going?" Dong Guofu looked at Zhu Linwei's back, scratching his head doubtfully.

"He probably didn't want to be a nanny. He wanted to go out and run." Zhao Yuande smiled a little at the corner of his mouth and continued, "This is the difference between a real brother and a brother who is called brother on the surface!"

"Not at all!" Dong Guofu looked at Zhu Linwei who was away in disbelief.

"If you don't believe you, just wait and see. He won't come back if the trial is not over!" Zhao Yuande also felt a little disappointed. He didn't want Zhu Linwei to be this kind of person, but the words that people see for a long time are really true To the famous saying.

"Hey! Okay! If he really didn't come back, I would never have recognized this big brother!" Dong Guofu's face also showed a bit of solitude.

The monsters in the world are nothing to them, and they will be solved soon.

They could have walked through the passage at will, as long as they did not go in the direction Tai Shuzhong said, they basically had no taboos. Zhao Yuande and Dong Guofu were too powerful, and they were not worried about what they would encounter. Ever been a terrible monster.

Of course, if this is the case, the rest of them will lose the meaning of trial, so they still let Lin Jiner observe with a blind eye, and then move forward.

Zhao Yuande and his wife temporarily escorted everyone.

After everyone completed their own trial tasks, the two went on to complete their trials.

The purpose of this trial is to hunt down talents and monsters that match your rank.

Guided by Lin Jin'er's direction, they soon appeared on a **** plain. From a distance, they saw a group of blood-winged giant wolves lying on the plain. One of the group of blood-winged giant wolves was extremely powerful, feeling To its power is equivalent to the early strong of the Divine Emperor, while other ordinary blood-winged giant wolves are equivalent to the strong emperor.

"Yeah! I didn't find this leader, Lin Jin'er's face showed an embarrassed look."

"It's okay, this leader seems to have a trace of space in his body, which can distort the space around his body. It's not a big deal. You should be careful to deal with it. There should be no big problems." Zhao Yuande waved his hand. "This is also your test. I am afraid that killing those ordinary monsters will not play the role of trial. Dont think that we should relax our vigilance when you are around. If you are not worried about life, the two of us will not shoot."

"Hmm!" Lin Jin'er focused on her head.

The color of perseverance also appeared on the faces of other people. Being able to enter the first immortal class, their own strength and mentality will not be worse.

At the beginning of the battle, everyone tried their best. Everyone broke out their most powerful fighting power, and fought with this group of blood-winged giant wolves.

"Huh! There are also battles in the distance. You are guarding here, my second brother. Let me take a look!" Zhao Yuande's eyes looked far away, revealing a trace of vigilance.

"Okay! Be careful." Dong Guofu asked.

Zhao Yuandetong covered his body with a ghost mirror, and disappeared directly in the next moment.

About a hundred miles away from this place, there is a big lake of blood, above which a dozen strong men are besieging a giant beast in the lake.

This giant beast seems to be a huge octopus, with countless tentacles flying in the sky, the power of terror tears the void, and the octopuss big head is shining with a seven-color gemstone, and every breath will emit seven-color brilliance. The seven-color brilliance seemed to be a sharp blade, constantly cutting the void around, so that the group of strong men besieging it suffered.

"These are not the people of our first immortal class. The magical spirits on them are definitely undoubtedly demons, but their cultivation behavior is not much different from that of the immortal class. Isn't it just like us to come to the trial? "Yes?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but see this judgment in his mind.

In this case, they are our enemies, and it is our mission to hunt down this group of demon disciples!

The breath of this octopus monster is so weird. The seven-colored gemstone above his head seems to be very precious, not as good as me...

But when he hadn't made up his mind to do so, several Demon Strongs flew again in the distance, and these were even more powerful, one of them was even comparable to the young man in purple clothes.

All of Zhao Yuande's plans were immediately nullified. He quietly passed on the sound to Dong Guofu, allowing him to immediately participate in the battle and resolve the group of blood-winged giant wolves. If the battle continued for too long, the other side would definitely be aware.

With the joining of Dong Guofu, the battle was almost solved in just a moment.

Dong Guofu's physical body is not as powerful as a clash, and a dozen of the powerful blood-winged giant wolves were smashed into **** by a collision, and the leader was blown by his punch.

It was at this time that Zhao Yuande had returned, enlarging everyone through the magnifying glass and quietly taking them back to the Great Lake.

"This is the blood sea demon master, there will be such a thing here!" Dong Guofu saw the huge octopus's first glance, and began to be dumbfounded. Then his eyes burst into an unshakable divine light.

"Blood Demon Lord, demigod beast, the body contains the blood demon fetus, the forehead has a prismatic crystal pupil, the descendant of the innate **** demon blood demon master..."

"Do you need this kind of monster?" Zhao Yuande looked at Dong Guofu's eyes and knew what he was thinking.

"Yes, my master once said that my constitution has five major levels, the first level is Zhenyue, I have reached it, and the second level is Zhenhai, which is the level I am currently breaking through. Soaring, the flesh reached an unprecedented level... And the blood fetus inside the main body of the blood sea monster is my opportunity to break through!"

"It turns out so!"

Zhao Yuande was very pleased with the other party's trust. Others were even more eye-catching. Dong Guofu was able to say this face-to-face and also showed his trust in them.

"In this case, it's simple. We'll pick the peaches when we're almost done!" Zhao Yuande said with a smile on his lips. "Just because they are demons, we don't have to be polite!"

However, at this time, there were more than a dozen silhouettes flying continuously on the side of the Mozu, all of which were extraordinary, and they were comparable to the geniuses of the first fairy class. And one of them is extremely powerful, and only Zhao Yuande or Dong Guofu can cope with them.