Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 834

Chapter 834: Bullying

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"So many people? Can we handle it?" At this time, everyone was inevitably depressed, and even Dong Guofu's face was dignified.

"It's okay! Isn't it just humans? Me too!" Zhao Yuande waved his sleeves, and the Black Winds were recruited by him from the other side of the world, "Hey, brothers, husbands, welcome to the Purgatory Channel!"

Of course, several of his wives were summoned at the same time.

"Sister Zhu!" Lin Jin'er saw Zhu Luan appearing, hurried up, greeted with a smile.

"Come here, let me introduce you to the other sisters. This is Ji Yuling, Zhai Linxuan, Shui Juekong. This is the younger sister recognized by Yuan De!" Zhu Luan pulled Lin Jiner to the women.

Lin Jin'er had heard these names long before, but hadn't seen their people. After Zhu Luan's introduction, he immediately called a few sisters cordially.

Ji Yuling's three daughters, because they have a relatively low cultivation level, they do not practice with the black wind Zhu Luan in a trial space. Zhao Yuande prepared enough materials for them, so they did not appear to be the case of the black wind.

After Zhu Luan came out, he felt a little bored, so they called out the three of them.

At this time, the cultivation of the three people is also a thousand miles, and they are already the strongest in the world. Coupled with the powerful Lingbao support on them, even the Emperor Strong cannot help them.

"Cousin! Look, they have pearl jewels on their bodies, and there are two or three treasures on that one, which is really greedy!" Gu Jianyu took Jianjian's arms and looked at Zhu Luan with envy.

"That's all son-in-law's woman. I've been to that wedding banquet. They're all peerless beauties. They are all very talented and approachable. Don't you want to marry your son, too? I cant look at you, but the name of the Six Women is quite bluffing... giggling! Okay, my sister wont say it." Speaking of that, Jian Piao Ling made a joke on her cousin, and was suddenly attacked by her armpit. , This is just forgiveness.

After Zhao Yuande let everyone know each other, together with Heifeng, Zhu Luan also explained the situation in front of them.

They have been anxious for practicing for such a long time in the trial space, and they are in need of a battle to test the results.

However, it is regrettable that Qin Xingyu did not come out this time, but still followed Wan Yao to practice.

The appearance of seven people made the strength of the entire team so strong that it was enough to face the opponents.

At this time, many strong opponents also just roared the blood sea monsters repeatedly, madly counterattacked the colorful glory of the sky, and the scary tentacles fluttered in the air, but the invincibility of the two made the final battle.

Finally, after losing the lives of the three strong men, they finally succeeded in beheading this blood sea monster.

Just when this group of people wanted to reap the fruits of victory, Zhao Yuande killed them.

They were covered under the Tongyou mirror, and appeared in front of this group of demons in an instant. Dong Guofu shouted and slammed into one body, directly knocking over several demons who wanted to go up and clean up their loot, and Zhao Yuande cooperated with him very well. , Quietly appeared next to the corpse of the Blood Sea Demon Lord, and sent it directly into the other side of the world.

"Damn! You despicable bunny cubs, hand over our spoils!" A tall demon clan was **** with red eyes at the moment, and a huge black cow phantom appeared behind him, and his mouth and nose were spitting with white paint.

This tall demon is one of the two powerful demon.

"This guy gave it to me!" Dong Guofu saw something in his hand, and suddenly his eyes showed excitement, and he rushed towards the tall Demon Race.

Zhao Yuande is staring at another demon, this demon is no different from ordinary people, but a pair of eyes are blood red, and there are two curved horns in the long hair above his head.

Others rushed towards the remaining demons in a tacit understanding.


Dong Guofu's tall demon collided together, and even made a loud and shocking noise. The tall devil's body stepped back and forth a few steps before gradually stabilizing his body, and the corners of his mouth were overflowing with blood. His angry eyes were full of Incredible look.

He is a descendant of the ancient god, and his flesh is the strongest among the seeds of the demon world, but he did not expect that he would prevail in this collision.

And Dong Guofu, who collided with him, just leaned back slightly, his face full of excitement and ecstasy. He had never encountered a strong man whose flesh could compete with himself. Today, this guy filled his heart With joy and fighting intent, he felt that he finally found an opponent who could fight with all his strength.


The tall Demon roared, his muscles swelled, and his bones crackled, and his body instantly expanded.

"Come again!"

The tall demons once again rushed towards Dong Guofu.

"Hey! Just waiting for you!"

Dong Guofu's body shook, and the air around him shook, and the whole earth suddenly fell by a few feet under a terrible force.

Surrounding Dong Guofu as a center, it seemed to be surrounded by a huge place of gravity. As soon as the tall Demon Clan approached, they felt a little bit wrong.


At the next moment, the tall demon clan threw its body high and spurted blood in the air, revealing an unbelievable fear on the entire face.

"It's a pity! You can only withstand my full blow!" Dong Guofu's face was slightly disappointed.

At this time, Zhao Yuande and the young man with blood pupils with long horns above his head did not do anything. They were just confronting each other and observing the surroundings.

However, when the blood pupil young man saw that the tall demon race was hit by Dong Guofu, he was shocked in his eyes. Although he ranked second among the seeds of the demon world, he still felt that he was not sure that he could beat each other. You can feel the pressure from the opposite human who seems to be weak.

When he was thinking about retreating, he heard a scream.

A sibling from a short distance between them was pierced with a sharp sword at once, and the gods and spirits were destroyed on the spot.

When he saw the Excalibur, he couldn't help but change his face. Wasn't he **** bullying? At least this is the level of Chaos Lingbao.

He was stunned for a while, and the screams kept remembering, and several demons were beheaded.

He looked again, and suddenly had an urge to scold the mother, only to see that there were a few women in the other party, and there were a lot of light on his body. Everybody had no less than three innate treasures, and their protection was regarded as the emperors full strength. Can't hurt, how to fight this?

"let's go!"

The blood-eyed young man shouted, and a black bead appeared in his hand.

"Let's leave, or at least a few of you will be killed!" The young blood pupil put the black beads high in his hands.