Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 835

Chapter 835: Lost

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"Magic Town Territory, has terrible corrosion power, can corrode everything..."

"Family stops! Second brother! Come back! Big"

Seeing this information, Zhao Yuande's face suddenly changed slightly. He thought that he was not afraid of this thing, but other people would not be able to say it. Since the thing is in hand, unnecessary sacrifices are unnecessary.

As soon as Zhao Yuande's voice fell, everyone gave up their opponents and flew back home. At the same time, they also felt a powerful crisis coming. Perhaps only Zhao Yuande's side was the safest.

"Go!" The young blood pupil looked deeply at Zhao Yuande and waved at the demon seed that had suffered heavy losses around him.

All these demons showed unwillingness in their eyes, but they all listened to this young man with blood pupils.

Watching this group of demons leave, Zhao Yuande let out a breath.

Sure enough, everyone has his own hole card. Although the Devil's hole card can't threaten him, but it can really threaten other people. He dare not make fun of other people's lives.

And he didnt do it with this Demon just now. The main reason is that he felt that the opponent had something that could threaten his life. He knew that it must be another opponents hole card. Since the opponent refused to take the initiative, Naturally, he also cared about his own strength, and he was happy to face off with the other party.

"Hey! It's a pity that if it's a blow, that guy is over!" Dong Guofu said with regret.

"Oh! Anyway, when things are in place, we only need stability and no danger!" Zhao Yuande looked around everyone and smiled, "Everyone is doing well, but you guys don't rely too much on these spirit treasures, otherwise your mood will be different. influences."

Zhao Yuande's last few sentences were obviously addressed to Zhu Luan's fourth daughter, who only chuckled and smiled, with a happy expression on her face, watching the envy of everyone.

"Okay! Let's leave this area hurriedly, otherwise this group of demons might call for helpers." Zhao Yuande's figure flew away and led everyone away.

After a few hundred miles out, they re-recognized the direction, let Lin Jiner explore the Quartet, and then choose the direction of the trial.

"That, can I..." Dong Guofu was anxious at this time.

"So anxious?" Zhao Yuande looked at the anxious look on the other's face and couldn't help asking.

"When I got close to the Lord of the Blood Sea, there was a fluctuation in my body that I couldn't suppress my promotion. I was afraid I missed this opportunity. I don't know when this feeling will come again next time!" He knows that it is not the right time to break through, but the opportunity should not be missed.

"No problem, you can make a breakthrough in the other side of the world! But you can't cross the sky in this place, otherwise it will cause disaster. When you need to cross the disaster, please notify me quickly!" Zhao Yuande was also very decisive and agreed immediately after trying the situation.

"Jianqiu...I!" Dong Guofu looked at Gu Jianqiu, apologizing.

"It's okay! The big man doesn't need mother-in-law, I'll wait for your successful promotion! Come on!" Gu Jianqiu focused on him. Although he was a little bit reluctant, he was more sweet.

"Second brother, your sister-in-law will give it to you!" Dong Guofu looked at Zhao Yuande and focused on him.

"Okay, don't resist! Go in!" Zhao Yuande swept his sleeves and Dong Guofu's figure disappeared.

The next moment Dong Guofu appeared in the other side of the world.

This guy is a big filial son. He went to visit his mother first and said a few words to make his mother feel at ease. Then he moved to the place Zhao Yuande arranged for him.

At that time, the blood sea demon master Hengchen was in front of him, and Dong Guofu slowly walked to the huge blood sea demon master's body, and planed away his huge body...

Besides Zhao Yuande and them, they quickly chose the direction. After Lin Jin'er's careful detection, they found suitable opponents again and again.

Fighting for almost a few hours, the black wind, Zhu Luan seven of them are also growing faster and faster in the continuous battle.

Especially for breaking the sky, although this guy is silent, but the cultivation among the people is the most powerful. Without Qin Xingyu needing to guard, he also began to let go of his hands and feet.

In the end, Po Tian also came to Zhao Yuande's side. If he joined him on the battlefield, I'm afraid others would be fine!

Zhu Luan is the second person to come to Zhao Yuande. Her talents are strong. The inheritance of Vulcan makes her more and more powerful. She also has a sword in her hand. Killing those monsters is like cutting grass.

Except for the two of them, the others are really the same. They are all trying to improve their cultivation and improve their combat experience.

Five days later, the trial missions of the sword floats and these immortal species have been completed, but they still have no intention of returning.

Continuous fighting is the fastest way to improve cultivation. There are strong guards around you, and there are holes in the eyes to detect crises and dangers. They really hope that the time of trial is not ten days, but forever.

In the five days here, Dong Guofu has begun to try to attack the second Guan Zhenhai of the prison body, but it is not as smooth as he imagined, and there are many obstacles.

Fortunately, Dong Guofu also possessed an extremely tenacious character and a spirit of unsuccessful defeat. After repeated failures, he was not discouraged, but strengthened his determination to break through.

If he declares a failure in this way, he is not only sorry for everyone's expectations, but also disappointed Gu Jianqiu's affection, and he is also sorry for Zhao Yuande's unselfish guardianship.

On the sixth day, Zhao Yuande suddenly received a message from Taishuzhong, asking them to gather somewhere.

Zhao Yuande will naturally not allow Heifeng and Zhu Luan to be exposed to the crowd, so they will re-enter the trial space and retreat a little, so that they can digest the gains from the five days of fighting.

But he took the sword with him, and Feng Wujiang flew towards the place where Tai Shuzhong said.

When they got to the place, they found that most of the people had arrived here at this time, but what he did not expect was that Zhu Linwei was now talking with the young man in purple clothes with a smile, it seemed that the relationship between the two was a tacit understanding.

Zhao Yuande's face was a bit gloomy, but after all, people were not his own. They had their own freedom, and he had no right to control them.

Zhu Linwei saw Zhao Yuande and others return, his face slightly stiff, but then he came over with a smile.

"Third brother, what about the second one? He went there?" Zhu Linwei's face was puzzled.

"Lost just now, we will come back first! I think he will be able to come back by himself in a while!" Zhao Yuande could not tell Dong Guofu, they had discussed it long before they came back, so they said.

"Oh!" Zhu Linwei nodded, but there was doubt on his face, but then he said again, "Five days have passed, how is your trial result? Have you completed it?"