Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 836

Chapter 836: Fairy

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"They all worked hard, almost finished!" Zhao Yuande looked at everyone behind him and nodded.

"Okay! Yes, a few days ago..." Zhu Linwei wanted to explain something, but Taishu Zhong's voice came not far from this time.

"Everyone is coming. For the next five days, we are going to the True Demon Canyon, where a battle between Immortal Realm and Demon Realm is now underway. Our task is to intercept the ordinary demon soldiers in the demon world. Above the Divine Emperor Realm, so you must cooperate well, dont be brave, especially... um? Dong Guofu went there?" Tai Shuzhong said suddenly he found that there was no Tai Shuzhong among the crowd. The figure suddenly changed.

Dong Guofu is the biggest gain of stopping in the lower realm. If something goes wrong with this person, I am afraid that he cannot return to his family.

"Taishuzhong separated from us a few days ago and chased a monster. He hasn't returned yet." Zhao Yuande had no choice but to continue to lie.

"What! Why didn't you say it earlier! He chased that direction?" Tai Shuzhong's face changed drastically, staring at Zhao Yuande.

"That direction." Zhao Yuande pointed in one direction. He felt that this lie was not round, and he could only take half of it!

"In that direction, I don't mean that direction can't be passed casually? Why are you... Hey!" Tai Shuzhong suddenly became very ugly when he saw what Zhao Yuande was referring to, thinking for a moment, Tai Shuzhong still thought he should go Looking for something, he can only say to many disciples, "I'm going to find him, you are here to wait! Don't go around, there is a crisis here, and if you fail to do so, you may be destroyed."

The masters looked solemnly, looking at Tai Shuzhong's back, and began to discuss one after another.

"Third brother, it's wrong for you to do this. The second child is lost. You just came back like this?" Zhu Linwei looked at Zhao Yuande, his face was not very good-looking, he said, "At least, you should go and find some!"

"I'm different from you. I'm also responsible for the safety of these friends. I can't let others fall into a crisis in order to find a person." Zhao Yuande saw that the other person still had a face to teach him, suddenly face There was a sarcasm.

"Third brother, what are you talking about?" Zhu Linwei changed his face and lowered his voice. "Don't you know Dong Guofu's talent? If you can get him back, it can be more valuable than bringing some useless friends." many!"

"Go!" Zhao Yuande's anger suddenly came to his heart when he heard the other person say this. He knew that this person was a bit selfish, but he didn't expect the other person to say this in front of him. When he came, he suddenly broke out, "How far can you roll me, I don't want to see you again, disgusting!"

"Humph!" Zhu Linwei's eyes flickered coldly, but the coldness in his eyes flashed, but he finally refrained. He turned around and walked straight to the young man in purple clothes, talking to him.

"I started looking at this person, but I didn't expect it to be like this!" Jian Piao Ling looked at Zhu Linwei's figure coldly.

"I've felt this person's power eyes for a long time. The eyes of several of us are always full of light disdain. Although he hides well, he can't escape my hole." Lin Jiner said gently. .

"This person has not been with us since the beginning, but the truth is what he looks like when he regrets it." Feng Wujiang's mouth sneered with disdain.

"Okay, everyone has their own ambitions, there are thousands of people, you can't ask him to be like us! However, he hasn't exposed his fangs yet, and he will only be true after the bad news brought back by adults. The original form is revealed!" Zhao Yuande glanced at Zhu Linwei not far away and smiled coldly.

After waiting for about two hours, Tai Shuzhong walked back alone and dejected.

Zhao Yuande had known this result for a long time and was not surprised, while others were slightly shocked in his face.

"Master Xian, Dong Guofu him..." Zhu Linwei spoke first, his face still showing a bit of concern.

"I didnt find it. I ran hundreds of thousands of miles in that direction and found no trace of him. However, I saw several traces of violent fighting. When I arrived at the Demon Realm, I still didnt find his trace. Missing!" Uncle Zhong was disappointed.

"What! There are so many evils..." Many people sighed with a sigh, Dong Guofu's talents were obvious to them, and they were definitely the most top-notch. Now that this news has come, they suddenly have a feeling of death and sorrow.

"It turns out so!" Zhu Linwei's face showed a trace of disappointment, but the next time he looked at Zhao Yuande's eyes, it was full of resentment, and the eyes of the piggybacked to the sword were also full of coldness.

"Look!" Zhao Yuande said helplessly to the people around him, "I'm right!"

"Huh! It's really a wolf heart. It turns out that he just took a fancy to Dong Guofu's talent..."

"Okay, don't say that he is dirty, our mouth is dirty!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand. "Everyone should be careful. This guy might turn his face and don't recognize anyone, and he will also start against you."


"From now on, you have to be very careful. After you reach the real demon gorge, you may be able to meet the demon strongs at any time, and may even encounter the demon of the demon world. It will depend on your creation at that time!" Taishu Zhong had some interest in lingering, and after confirming the disappearance of Dong Guofu, he was in a very bad mood. He felt that this time the realm was really unlucky, and he even used the protective treasures that the ancestors gave him.

Everyone nodded their heads, and there was a dignified look in their eyes. The disappearance of Dong Guofu made them self-defeating, and they always felt an inexplicable danger lurking around them.

Under the leadership of Taishuzhong, they soon came to a huge white misty canyon.

At this point, you can already see a team of powerful immortals galloping, rushing into the valley under the command of a powerful immortal.

"Little man from Uncle's house, you are here!" Silently, an old man in black appeared in front of everyone quietly.

The old man seems to be a ghost, no one feels his presence, and even now everyone sees that he can't feel its existence. He seems not to be in the same time and space with them, and he is talking with each other.

"See Master Xianjun!" Tai Shuzhong saw this person and bowed in a very respectful manner.

"Well! These are the seeds you choose? Um, yes, yes!" The old man glanced at everyone, focusing on a few more people, although his mouth said good, but his eyes were exposed A trace of disappointment.

But when the old man's eyes swept over Zhao Yuande's body, his eyes could not help but light up.