Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 837

Chapter 837: Magic Wing Tiger

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The old man was just about to go up and ask, but he heard a voice ringing in his ear: "I hope the seniors will not divulge my identity. The juniors have thanked me here first!"

Although Zhao Yuande can feel that the old man has no bad thoughts, he does not want to let other people, even Taishu Zhong know that he is the identity of the reincarnation of the universe, which will cause the uncle's family to pull in, and this will also be the case Expose yourself.

Along with his cultivation, especially his physique, his hidden means have also been greatly improved. Even the fairy cant see his identity as the reincarnation of the universe, and now the old man sees it, Even knowing the fact that he can't hide before the fairy king now.

"Good! Little friends, let's talk like this!" The old man naturally saw this identity of Zhao Yuande, otherwise how would he care about him in the realm of the old man's fairy monarch, even if his talent is high, it is just before entering the fairy world Only clouds.

There are countless geniuses in the worlds, and almost every day there will be some powerful geniuses. Many of these geniuses claim to be able to embark on a fairy tale and successfully promoted to God Emperor. But in the end, how many God Emperors will be in a big world?

It's not that these geniuses are not true to their names, but that they have fallen into a ninety-nine percent of their growth!

So no matter how genius you are, this old man will not be worried until he achieves fairyland.

But Zhao Yuande's identity is different. He has an incomparably powerful deterrent. The more powerful he is, the more powerful he is, the more he fears Zhao Yuande's identity!

The universe known as the time manipulator, no one has really seen him, but his legend has always been spread among immortal emperors, devil emperors, and even **** emperors, even the strong kings like immortal emperors are against them Extremely dreaded.

"Please teach seniors!" Zhao Yuande is very respectful. In the face of such a strong man, his own identity is useless no matter how high it is. It is necessary to maintain a respectful heart all the time.

"Well! Not arrogant, not bad!" The old man nodded slightly, he didn't turn around and said directly, "If you arrive in the fairy world in the future, I hope to cooperate with our Xifengzhou Xianhong City, our city master is an immortal emperor To ensure the satisfaction of your friends!"

"Xianhong City, I remember! If I soared into the fairy world, I will definitely consider it, but now I am under the leadership of the immortal emperor, and when the time comes..." Zhao Yuande agreed, but he also raised his own questions.

"It doesn't matter, in your identity, if you really grow up, it doesn't matter if you cooperate with several companies. The big guy will only help you and will never harm you!" The old man's voice showed a little smile, continued, " I dare not say specific things, there are too many taboos, but I still hope that you think about our Xianhong City."

"Seniors rest assured, I will!" Zhao Yuande reiterated again, "But now I'm nothing more than a world. It's too early to talk about these."

"No sooner, no sooner! There will be great changes in the worlds of the heavens and earth within ten years, and you have to plan early!" The old man suddenly said a little seriously, "You probably don't know the changes of the outside world at this moment! Nine days Above, a huge black hole appeared between the fairy world and the lower realm. At this time, if it is not a hidden emperor in the lower realm, I am afraid that half of the lower realm does not exist at this time! However, this emperor uses the means of heaven to remove this The black hole seal, but this seal can only be maintained for ten years! After ten years, the black hole will erupt again, and it will be more violent than it is now. It is estimated that nine-tenths of the lower realm will be swallowed. Among the black holes."

In order to convince Zhao Yuande, the old man also passed on a picture to show him that it was a huge black hole that was sealed.

"I will consider carefully the matter of uniting with Xianhong City. I would like to thank my predecessors for their intelligence." Zhao Yuande's face was very solemn, even if the swords around him felt that Zhao Yuande was not right.

"Okay! It's best to tell me the result when I leave the purgatory channel, and I can pass the message back to Xianhong City!" Zhao Yuande's cautiousness made the old man nodded and recognized. If he didn't know Xianhong City, he would take a sip. When he agreed, he would doubt whether the young man was worth uniting.

"Seniors rest assured, I will definitely give the seniors an answer before leaving." Zhao Yuande agreed.

When chatting with Zhao Yuande, the old man also gave Taishuzhong them an order to follow them to the third frontline support in the canyon.

Taishuzhong hurriedly took them with the big troops to the third front, and finally after two fronts, came to a silver-white castle.

At this time, the silver-white castle was surrounded by a large number of magic soldiers, and a large group of monsters wandered in front of the castle.

At this time, the fairy power who came to support has already fought with the demon soldiers, and the battle was **** and tragic.

"Our task is to clean up the monsters around. Come with me!" Tai Shuzhong led the crowd to a group of magic wings tigers not far away.

"Go on! Remember, only survival is the most important thing." Tai Shuzhong pointed to this group of magic wings and let everyone wipe them out.

There are hundreds of monster wings in this group, and the lowest-order monster wings are equivalent to the powerful ones in the early stage of Emperor Realm, while the slightly stronger ones will approach the late Emperor Emperor. There will be an exceptionally powerful Devil Wing Tiger, they are equivalent to Divine Emperor Realm Powerhouse.

There are more than a dozen Devil Wing Tigers in the Divine Emperor Realm alone, and among these dozens of Devil Wing Tigers, there is one extraordinarily magnificent and tall.

This kind of discovery made everyone feel chilly. They can still fight against the Devil Wing Tiger of the Divine Emperor Realm, but the Divine Emperor Realm has already far exceeded his tolerance range. .

"Demonwing tiger, demigod beast, cultivating magic beads, high-end ingredients, matching recipes... list of ingredients..."

"Master messenger, what should I do with the magic wing tiger in God's Realm?" Some people's voice shivered, and they might die under the claws of the magic wing tiger.

"You think of it yourself." The disappearance of Dong Guofu made Tai Shuzhong feel a little dispirited at this time. He felt that the trip was a bit boring. He regretted it. He should be behind Dong Guofu at the time. This is their uncle. A hope for home, now...

Having received such a reply, the people couldn't help but look at each other.

"I'll block it!" The young man in purple stepped forward with a faint smile on his face. His current state is already the pinnacle of the emperor. Although he may not be able to stay completely low-level, he can still resist it for a while. .

"I'll be with Brother Zhou!" Zhu Linwei also walked out and nodded slightly at the young man in purple.