Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 838

Chapter 838: Fairy Fei

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As soon as everyone saw it, the two stood up and felt relieved in their hearts.

If these two people can really block the Demon Wing Tiger in the God Realm, after they have beheaded the other Devil Wing Tiger, they will go through the siege together, maybe they can really destroy it.

"You are all by my side, don't be too far away, let's go and kill a group of magic wings tigers!" Zhao Yuande looked at these magic wings tigers at this moment, because he just identified this magic wings tiger through identification It is a very good ingredient, which has a great effect on the improvement of his blood and blood.

You have to know that this is a place of half an immortal world. Although there is no immortal spirit and demonic spirit, it also has a high-level energy suitable for the growth of these monsters, which is half a grade higher than the lower realm, so he Very interested in the monsters here.

You should know that in this purgatory channel, Zhao Yuande identified many monsters that were suggested to be highly toxic, and even poisoned the cultivator, which disappointed him.

The appearance of this kind of magic wing tiger made him see the dawn again.

The battle was on the verge, and the young man in purple and Zhu Linwei joined forces to stop the attack of the magic wing tiger, creating a good opportunity for everyone.

Zhao Yuande, seven of them, moved quickly and quickly approached a dozen magic wings.

The hard trials these days, coupled with Zhao Yuande's shot, these dozen or so demon wing tigers were killed by them in only three or two breaths.

But what puzzled them was that Zhao Yuande put away all the beasts of the beast of winged tigers.

"Don't say more, you will know when you go back!" Zhao Yuande made a continuing gesture to them.

Soon they selected the next set of goals.

At this time the battlefield was divided into teams, and people cooperated with each other, and soon a group of magic wings were cleaned up by them.

After Zhao Yuande successively cut the targets of the three tribes, there was little left on the scene, but at this time he had collected more than thirty bodies of the winged tiger, and he should be able to make more than ten foods.


After seeing his subordinates in just a dozen breaths, the devil-winged tiger of the God Emperor Realm was almost completely killed, and suddenly began to be fierce.

With a roar, it directly broke away from the control of the two and rushed towards the team of practitioners.

The strongest among this group of practitioners is just an emperor mid-term strong, how could it be the opponent of the magic wings tiger? The big claws of the winged tiger were torn to pieces at once, and the remaining people were torn apart to pieces.

Although Tai Shuzhong didn't care about what he said just now, he was distressed when he saw someone was torn to pieces. In fact, he didn't distress these people, but the fairy liquids from his family. If these people grow up smoothly When I get up, I always want to remember how good my family is. The investment of these fairy liquids is not a loss.

But now if they die, they are really wasted!

"Beast! Stop me!" The young man in purple clothes yelled, but the team was just a member of his Alliance of All Realms.

He just wanted to rush up to stop, but he found that the devil winged tiger rushed in the other direction. Seeing a group of people in this direction, his figure slowed down.

The pace that Zhu Linwei originally wanted to catch up was also slow. A cruel smile appeared on his face. He wanted to see if he would regret it before he died!

The direction of this devil-winged tiger rushed in is naturally the direction of Zhao Yuande.

Seeing this scene, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but sigh a little in his heart, it seemed that he had to show his strength! But there is no way, he could not watch the people around him die.

But just before this devil-winged tiger was about to fall in front of him, suddenly a beautiful arc was crossed in the sky, a colorful bird flew across the sky, a little golden light fell down, and directly hit the devil Winged tiger's forehead.

The huge body of the Devilwing Tiger slammed down on the ground, and there was no trace of breath.

Zhao Yuande looked up at the colorful bird, and only saw a slim figure on the back of the colorful bird.

Zhao Yuande grinned, without any hesitation, directly into the space of this magic wings tiger equivalent to the realm of God Emperor.

Seeing that Tai Shuzhong looked at the place where the colorful bird disappeared at this time, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but ask, "Senior Ambassador, do you know who the woman who saved us just now?"

"Oh! That's just the Fairy Feather Fairy of Xianhong City, and the peak of Xianshi Xiu can be promoted to the super genius of Xianjun at any time!" Tai Shuzhong said again, with some loneliness and envy in his words.

"It turned out to be the fairy of Xianhong City!" Zhao Yuande showed a faint smile on his face, and he couldn't help but sigh in his heart. It seemed that he owed Xianhongcheng a favor. The union proposed by Xianhongcheng seemed to agree, he He also asked, "I don't know what kind of power this Xianhong City is?"

"Xianhong City, the power of the three forces of Xifengzhou, there is a strong power of the first stage of the fairy emperor. This fairy emperor was also a person who soared in the lower realm. There are many people who take care of the lower realm. It is also a comparison. The reason is strong." Tai Shuzhong sighed softly and murmured, "And, several super geniuses have recently appeared in Xianhong City, including the Fairy Feather Fairy just now!"

Zhao Yuande nodded his head lightly, and he was relieved. As long as this Xianhong City was not the kind of domineering force, he could accept it.

"Zhao XIV, just hand over that Devil-winged Tiger!" Just as Zhao Yuande was contemplating, a cold voice came.

Zhao Yuande looked up and it turned out that the young man in purple came slowly and coldly, reaching out to Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande was taken aback for a moment, and then glanced at Zhu Linwei, who was not far away, but he saw this guy staring at himself, and suddenly knew what was going on.

"No!" Zhao Yuande replied lightly. He was too lazy to talk nonsense with this person. If the other party really wanted to find death, he wouldn't mind exposing his strength to kill him alive.

"Now there is no support for Dong Guofu, you dare to be so arrogant and come up with something, otherwise I will not be merciful." The younger people in purple clothes are getting closer and closer, and their body strength is getting stronger and stronger.

"Zhou Ping, what are you going to do?" At this moment, Uncle Zhong's cold and quiet voice came. This Zhou Ping's identity was a little mysterious, and no one wooed him, so he can now be said to be threatening his uncle's family, How could he turn a blind eye.

"Senior emperor, that magic wing tiger, but we fought for a long time, it should be our prey, but he was taken away!" The young man in purple looked at Tai Shuzhong without fear, his identity was mysterious, Even the other party dare not treat himself.