Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 839

Chapter 839: Ordinary Youth

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"Did you kill the Devil Wing Tiger? You just had a chance to stop the Devil Wing Tiger's footsteps just now, but you didn't intentionally stop it, and now you want to **** the loot, it's shameless!" Tai Shuzhong didn't speak, beside Zhao Yuande There was an icy cold voice, it was Lin Jin'er who couldn't see it anymore and made sarcasm.

"Little girl, you are bold, do you know what will happen after you offend me?" The young man in purple looked cold, staring coldly at Lin Jin'er.

Zhao Yuande stepped out and stood in front of Lin Jin'er, blocking the compelling eyes of the young man in purple clothes.

"What is that..." Someone exclaimed loudly at this moment.

The people looked not far away from this person's eyes, only to see a large piece of dark black clouds coming from the sky, and screamed into the eardrums of everyone, so that everyone could not help covering their ears.

Tai Shuzhong's face was very dignified and said: "Everyone retreat quickly. This group of bone crows. The worst is the cultivation of Divine Emperor Realm. It is not what you can cope with."

Everyone looked sullen and hurriedly began to retreat. The young man in Ziyi swept Zhao Yuande hard and said coldly: "Be careful, don't let me find an opportunity!"

"I don't know life or death!" Zhao Yuande responded coldly with a cruel smile.

"Rewind!" Tai Shuzhong suddenly exclaimed, "There are people on Bone Crow, and they are coming towards us!"

Everyone was shocked and quickly retreated in the direction of a large group of fairy soldiers in the distance.

"Taishu Zhong! Don't run away, fight a thousand rounds with your son!" After a while, the group of eclipsed crows that flew over everyone's heads didn't swoop down at all and attacked them, but there was a group of figures from the eclipsed crows Jumped up.

The first of them is a handsome young man in a blood robe. His eyes are evil, flashing the cold and sadistic luster.

Behind the teenager, there is a group of powerful people with magical energy.

This group of demonic powerful people is similar to those of the Xianban. Most of the cultivation bases are also hovering around the Emperor Realm. An ordinary young man among this group stands quietly. He is no different from ordinary people. There is no terrible magic lingering, just a faint cold air.

When all the strong people look at this person, their eyes are full of respect and worship.

After seeing this person, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but show a playful smile in his mouth. He didn't expect it to be this guy.

"Moshatian!" Tai Shuzhong saw this **** robe boy, suddenly angry, no longer beckoning everyone to escape, but his face continued to twitch, striding toward the other side and walked past, "Today we There will be a fight!"

"That's right! Little guys, give me this, kill these fairy species, and make the fairy world extinct!" The blood robe boy Mo Tian, facing the group of monsters behind him, issued a grinning voice. , "There are a lot of little girls across from you, seized to deal with you! Oh, there are so many handsome...hehe!"

The battle between the **** robe boy and Taishuzhong broke out instantly. The strength of the two people is too strong. If they fight here, I am afraid that these people will be killed by the aftermath of the battle, so they consciously faced the open space in the distance. .

And the group of demonic powerful men all rushed towards Zhao Yuande with a secret smile.

"14th Brother! Who are they?" Lin Jin'er was obviously nervous.

"They are like us, but we are washed by the spirit of fairy spirits, but they are washed by the spirit of demons. The spirit of demons changes people's temperament, so be careful." Zhao Yuande explained to her while Quietly led everyone back to the edge of the team.

"That man is... Zhang Fan! How could he be here?" Jian Piao Ling recognized the ordinary young man among this group first.

"He was originally a disciple of Zhenyi Mohuang, which is normal here!" Feng Wujiang felt extremely intractable. The appearance of this guy, only Zhao Yuande can cope with, is his identity exposed so soon?

"Hey! This group of chicks are ours!" Suddenly a murky voice came from the other party, and dozens of powerful men rushed over the body, and they attacked Zhao Yuande.

"Everyone keeps their own direction, and the rest will be handed over to me!" Zhao Yuande looked at the cultivation behavior of these dozen people, and there was no too strong presence. He suddenly put his heart down and quietly said, "Dont Expose all your strengths and fight them evenly."

Everyone knew what Zhao Yuande planned in a moment.

Seven of them formed a formation, and Zhao Yuande was in charge of the overall situation, and quickly blocked the attack of these dozen people.

The total number of opponents is not much different from Xianban, so they blocked a dozen people in the battlefield, and naturally some teams felt relaxed.

And the most important thing is that the seemingly ordinary young man didn't mean to end at this time, but stood in the distance and looked at the young man in purple clothes in the distance, his eyes showed a smile. expression.

The young man in purple didn't do anything at this time. He stared at the ordinary young man with a pair of eyes. He felt a terrible crisis from the other person. He even felt a taste of death.

His forehead was covered with cold sweat, and he felt that the person opposite was the most powerful opponent he had encountered in this life. He didn't even know if he could block the opponent.

"Boring!" The ordinary youth, seeing the status of the young man in purple clothes, couldn't help but shook his head slightly and whispered softly, "Are there no other people besides him who are qualified to be my opponents? Are these the fairy species of fairyland? Really disappoint others."

The voice of ordinary youth is very low, but everyone can hear clearly.

Although the young man in Ziyi was indignant at this time, he did not dare to say anything at all. He just slowly backed away with difficulty, and his entire face was red.

He was so depressed that he wanted to scold his mother.

Why do you encounter so many powerful existences, and why do there exist such characters in this heaven and earth, and the other party's cultivation is obviously not high, but he can't even give up a little courage to resist, this Why!

"Hey! It's so far away, you are a ant compared to him, and he is the only one in the lower realm..." The ordinary youth continued to whisper, a trace of memory appeared in his eyes.

"Who is he?" The young man in Ziyi's voice was hoarse. He wanted to know who the person said in the other person's mouth was. Is there really someone more talented than himself in the lower realm? Why didn't he appear in the fairy class? .

"Huh! You are still the same teacher, no wonder... Fireflies want to compete with Haoyue, which is ridiculous!" The ordinary young man said, shook his head and turned his eyes to the endless distance, no longer ignored the young people in purple clothes.