Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 84

Chapter 84: The Wages Of Avarice Is Death

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There was a sound of fighting behind him, and not long after a figure had quietly followed.

"Yin cannot be you!"

The people turned their heads, but what they saw was not the imaginary Long Chengan, but Yin Yin.

"Why can't it be me!" Yin couldn't sneer, "Long Chengan's fool thought his flesh is stronger than me, in fact, my most powerful one is the flesh..."

His body was dripping with blood, but he was not hurt at all. It seemed that the fighting just now was intense and brutal!

"Five people have died, and there are fewer babies. That's good!" Yi Jie glanced at the other four, with an inexplicable smile in the corner of his mouth.

"Hey, the thief is bald, otherwise we will kill those guys, all the babies here are ours!" The black bear looked at several people with bad intentions, and licked his lips with his big tongue, " And, Grandpa Bear, Im a little hungry!"

"Brother Zhao, you don't really want to..." Li Tian glanced at Black Bear's eyes, only to feel as if he was a weak lamb.


Zhao Yuande slapped Black Bear fiercely and scolded, "Okay! Don't talk nonsense, Brother Li is a friend."

"Hey! Friends can not eat, is it not a friend that allows Grandpa Bear to beat his teeth?" The black bear rubs the fat bear paw, and the corner of his mouth will be left with harras. A pair of yellow beans with small eyes are always deliberately or unconsciously. .

"You..." Yin couldn't turn his eyes around, but his body was close to Jiang Tianyue. He didn't dare to challenge the other three no matter how strong he was. Now the only way is to alliance with Jiang Tianyue.

"Miss Jiang, I promised your previous request!"

Yin could not obviously have some kind of deal with Jiang Tianyue. He had not agreed before, but if he does not get Jiang Tianyue in this situation, he will definitely die.

Jiang Tianyue was pleased with the indefinite reply from Yin. If this event was promoted, his status in the family would be further improved, and Yin could never die.

"Brother Zhao, let your men not be kidding. We are not out of danger now. If we encounter a powerful enemy, we still have to cooperate!" Jiang Tianyue looked at each other. Although she didn't care about Zhao Yuande's strength, she did. His two men.

"They are just kidding, just kidding!" Zhao Yuande grinned, showing his white teeth.

After all, the other party is his own friend. Although he wants to kill Yin, he still has to give him a face. Now if Jiang Tianyue doesnt intervene, he will inevitably destroy Yin directly. This person is too insidious to hide himself. If he is allowed to go out alive this time, he will surely try his best to revenge and count himself, which is definitely a big scourge.

"Then let's enter the drug garden!" Jiang Tianyue felt that the other party seemed a little insincere, but there was no way. The black bear's physical body was very strong, and he could not overcome it without a certain degree of assurance.

But he is not afraid of it, because he has a hole in his hand.

The crowd didn't talk much, because they had come to the drug garden at the moment and looked at the high-level elixir filled with the drug garden. Their eyes lit up.


Yin couldn't be the first to enter the medicine garden, but when he dropped his foot, he suddenly felt that his shoulders seemed to resist a mountain, making him tremble, almost kneeling down to the ground.

Jiang Tianyue was the second to enter the medicine garden. Her body was also tempered for a certain period of time, but when he stepped down, she still felt unable to withstand the horrifying pressure on her body. She stumbled and fell to the ground for a long time. climb up.

"Miss!" Jiang Tianyue's scary side was showing strong strength at this time. He was even easier than Yin. He took a step to support Jiang Tianyue. Although his body was shaking, he was still able to persist.

Seeing the status of the three people in front, Black Bear laughed.

It strode into the medicine garden. Although the powerful force also exerted great pressure on it, but this guy didn't care about landing on all fours, and walked towards the nearest fifth-order elixir of Tianxincao. .

It is six steps away from Tianxincao. The six steps seem to be separated by the sky. The first step of the black bear is very easy, and the second step feels a little difficult. The third step shakes its body and almost stumbles to the ground. .

The black bear shook his body vigorously and went on to step 4, step 5!

In the fifth step, the Black Bear knew that if he didn't take a break at this step, he would definitely lie directly on the ground in the sixth step!

Zhao Yuande, Yi Jie and Li Tian both watched the black bear approaching the elixir step by step, and they could all feel the repression of that kind of strong pressure on the black bear.

With a dignified look, he fought with the Black Bear many times and deeply knew the strength of this guy, but such a powerful flesh could only walk out five steps in a row, showing how strong the ban is here!

Li Tian looked as if he was a mistake. He felt that he had come in just wrong. His defense was very strong. In fact, it was entirely due to the dragons depravity. His physical body was very fragile. If he entered the drug garden, he would probably be lying on the ground directly. Moved.


The black bear growled and finally took a big step, grabbing the heart of Tianxincao in his hand.


The black bear laughed proudly, unable to squeeze his eyebrows with Jiang Tianyue towards Yin.


Yin couldn't crack his body and muscles, and the whole person was short for a while, and his breath did almost double at this time. Although he was short, he felt more tall and majestic.


Yin couldn't lift his footsteps and took seven steps towards a elixir not far away. He directly pinched the elixir in his hand.

"The kid is good!" The black bear shook the fat on his body very uncomfortably, with a yin and yang tone. "Don't you dare to compare Grandpa Xiong with more elixir?"

"Humph! Who's afraid of who!" Yin could not show a grin on his face. He didn't think a bear could be stronger than himself.

"Yi Jie, don't you go in and try?" Zhao Yuande pushed the Yi Yi master around him.

"Hey! Caibo is moving, people are dying for money!" Yi Changchang sighed and stepped into the medicine garden. "Sure enough, there are some ways!"

When Master Yijie entered the medicine garden, he immediately understood why everyone was so difficult. His body suddenly radiated a kind of glaze, as if a real Buddha came to the world to walk.

The glory of Liuli helped him resist part of the oppression and made him walk in the medicine garden more easily than others.

What he cultivated is the golden body of the glazed Buddha light of the Supreme Zen Buddhism of the Zen Buddhism. The light of those glazes is not the spiritual energy, but the power of the Buddha to condense the sentiment of the sentient beings and is not affected by the prohibition.