Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 841

Chapter 841: Coward

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Although these Mozus ridiculed everyone when they were leaving, none of them had dissatisfaction on their faces. It seemed as if they were following Zhang Fan's orders, and they dared not raise any questions or queries.

"Why are they gone?" Lin Jin'er looked at the disappearing back with some incomprehension.

"You have to ask Brother Zhao!" Jian Piao Ling naturally knows the relationship between Zhao Yuande and Zhang Fan, who is also the enemy and the friend. He knows that it must be that Zhao Yuande just talked to the other party before the other party will retreat.

"Brother Zhao, we were rescued by you again!" Feng Wujiang smiled helplessly on his face. He sighed, "When I'm not out of the wilderness, I always think that Laozi is the first in the world, that the world Geniuses of all realms are nothing more than that, but after seeing the battle between you and Zhang Fan, I know how ignorant I am. The two of you are true geniuses, and we are simply mediocre compared to you, really human More dead than popular!"

"Brother Feng is so arrogant, you all know your talents, it is already a great resource! To know that the greater the power, the greater the responsibility, and now let me face is not as simple as you think! You should be glad "Zhao Yuande sighed softly, "Sometimes, I even envy you very much."

"Okay!" Feng Wujiang smiled freely, "I just sighed, if it is really like you, I'm afraid I can't adapt!"

Not only were Zhao Yuande and them discussing, many other Xianban disciples were also discussing in groups, the reasons for the withdrawal of these demons.

However, at this time, many people were very dissatisfied with the purple-clothed young people who had fled. They did not expect that a purple five-scale super genius, the most powerful leader in the Xian class, was frightened and fled without a fight!

"Don't talk about it, Brother Zhou may have a bitter feeling!" Zhu Linwei listened to many discussions and frowned, although he was also dissatisfied with the young people in Ziyi, but because of the alliance relationship he just discussed, he I had to come out and say a few words for the other party.

"I'm going to escape and ignore my companions. What can I do? Are you afraid of dying?" The blue-haired woman's voice was cold. If it wasn't for her sudden outburst just now, the people on the side of Xianban had already lost their confidence, and the damage might be even greater.

"The girl can't say that, Brother Zhou's battle was not rushing ahead. This time it was just...but it was..." Zhu Linwei didn't come up with any suitable reason for a long time. He couldn't help but stop talking for a while. Too.

"Okay, you are not him, there is no need to explain to him, anyway, we have recognized the true face of this person! This kind of person is not worthy of us to follow, and I will withdraw from the World Alliance from now on!" Take off and fall **** the ground.

"I also quit!"

"I also quit!"


Suddenly, there were more than 20 people who withdrew their determination and withdrew from the World Alliance. They all went to the blue-haired woman. They also saw the performance of the blue-haired woman just now, and they all asked to join the blood-shaking alliance.

The woman in blue was naturally welcomed, and her cold face also showed a faint smile.

Looking at this situation, Zhu Linwei also changed for a while. He also felt that it was a little unwise to cooperate with the young people in Ziyi, but now it is not possible to make him regret it.

He had fallen out with Zhao Yuande before, and the reputation came out was not good. Although the people didn't say anything in the end, they only scolded him for his snobbery. Dong Guo Fugang turned to the camp of young people in purple clothes as soon as he disappeared.

If he turns around again now, other people will certainly despise him even more, and if it spreads to the heavens and the world, or even to his family, it may be a big joke.

The first time it can be said that it was an improper choice, and the second time it became a snobbery.

And at this time, the young man in Ziyi returned very ugly.

Although he escaped, he still pays attention to the situation here, and he has long heard those unpleasant words in the ears.

He is still grateful for Zhu Linwei, and only the alliance he just formed is willing to speak for himself, but he also knows that his reputation is over!

Looking at everyone's indifferent and mocking eyes, the young man in purple clothes was almost mad, but he knew he couldn't provoke anger, otherwise the influence would only be worse, he forced down the anger in his heart and took a deep breath, but when his eyes swept over Zhao Yuande In a few people, that anger could no longer be controlled.

This person Zhao Yuande is talking and laughing, and only they know why the Mozu will retreat, so they are very happy!

However, this joy fell into the eyes of the young man in purple clothes, but it became a kind of mockery.

He couldn't bear it anymore, and strode meteorically towards Zhao Yuande. He decided to solve this kid today, even if he was punished, even if he was kicked out of the fairy class, he would do the same.

"Zhao XIV! What do you mean?" The young man in Ziyi's voice sounded as if he was a wounded hungry wolf, hissing.

"What are you talking about?" Zhao Yuande had doubts on his face. Although he didn't know what he was asking, he knew that this guy was in trouble.

"I know, you are laughing at me. Today, I simply twisted your head off to make you laugh enough!" The young man in purple walked in a stride, his face was extremely cold, and there was one more hand in his hand that never appeared His magic sword, he was so angry, that he wanted to kill Zhao Yuande.

"Humph! It's ridiculous. A coward who escaped, didn't make people laugh. You have the ability to kill the demons!" Zhao Yuande finally understood what the other party meant, and his heart was furious.

He felt that this person really bit like a crazy dog, and the only way to solve it was to kill the crazy dog.

At this time, Zhu Linwei was standing in the distance, with a smug grin on his lips, and if the young man in purple had cut Zhao Yuande, he was most happy.

"I killed you!" The young man in Ziyi's face was blue and his sword had been handed out towards Zhao Yuande's eyebrow.

A powerful sword was shot from the Excalibur, almost stabbing the entire space. The disciples of Xianban felt a powerful crisis and hurried back. Their faces were even weirder at this moment. The young man in Ziyi obviously has such a horrible method, but he still flees. This is either a mess, or the strength of the other party has far exceeded everyone's imagination!

"Is this your reliance? Why didn't you deal with the Demon Race, and instead started against your own people, it was really ridiculous!" Zhao Yuande sneered again and again, not panicking, his big sleeves sent everyone behind him hundreds of feet away, himself Then the body retreated, the fingers of his right hand flicked repeatedly, and an invisible force hit the long sword, making a series of clanging sounds.