Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 842

Chapter 842: Long Qingtian News

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Zhao Yuande retreated continuously with the power of returning from time to time. He is now considering whether he should show all his strength and defeat it, or fight back and wait until the angel returns.

"Shameless! Give me a hand!" A sword light crossed the oblique thorn, blocking your long sword from the young man in purple. A blue long-haired woman stood in front of Zhao Yuande with anger, blocking the road of the young man in purple.

"Lan Fenghuang, give it to me. Today I am going to kill him!" The young man in purple looked at the blue-haired woman, and she couldn't help but frown slightly. Although the woman was not like him, her status was not worse than him. If he insists on blocking, he is really not good at acting.

"Zhou Ping, you are too disappointing! But you are a disciple of Bajing Palace, don't you feel that you have lost Bajing Palace's face?" The blue-haired woman's complexion is not good-looking, he knew this Zhou Ping very early, and the relationship between the two Yes, the elders in the family also intended to marry each other. Although they did not agree at the time, they were still friends.

Watching Zhou Ping gradually reveal his bad behavior, let her feel a moment of happiness in her heart, but also feel sad for the other party's family.

"Our Zhou family is only the peripheral force of the Eight Kings Palace. Even if it is shameful, it is better than being ridiculed and not daring to shoot!" Zhou Ping can be considered a face.

"You...too disappointed me!" The blue-haired woman was almost mad at him by his misrepresentation, pointing at him for a long time before speaking. "How could you be like this!"

"Huh! Master Xian Shi once said that life is the most important thing. If you lose your life, you will lose everything. I am here to protect myself!" Zhou Ping looked coldly at Zhao Yuande behind the blue-haired woman. , You have been hiding behind a woman with the ability!"

Zhao Yuande heard that the blue-haired woman said that Zhou Ping was a disciple of Bajing Palace. Many doubts in her heart were immediately solved. No wonder that none of the three immortals enlisted him.

He also sighed in his heart. The eight sceneries were really uneven. They looked like dogs on weekdays, but at the critical moment they were able to escape directly. They are also disciples of the eight sceneries. This approach made him feel ashamed. .

"Shut up! Zhou Ping!" Tai Shuzhong's voice came from a distance, a bit desolate and disappointed.

I don't know what it was like in his heart at this moment. The group of disciples under the leadership of his own group really broke his heart. The two strongest disciples, one escaped from the battle but were still eloquent, one disappeared and could not find the whereabouts.

"Zhao XIV, you're lucky! When you get back to Wanjie City, I'll see where you can hide." The young man in purple turned around and left, returning to Zhu Linwei's side, staring sharply at the surroundings. Xianban disciples, a gruesome arc appeared on the corners of their mouths.

Those disciples who were swept by him couldn't help but tremble, with a look of horror on their faces.

"Hey! Just a good person, so degenerate!" Zhao Yuande sighed softly. He can be regarded as the third generation figure in the Eight Kings Palace. , So he felt a little sorry in addition to his anger at this time, a good seedling was so ruined!

His confidence collapsed and his temperament changed drastically, and now it is not an exaggeration to say that he has fallen into the magic path.

Lan Fenghuang turned his head to look at Zhao Yuande, hesitantly.

"Thank you for the girl's help!" Zhao Yuande arched his hand to the Blue Phoenix and suddenly asked, "But is the girl a child of the Phoenix family?"

"Exactly, what's the matter with you?" Lan Fenghuang nodded. She had a good impression of the young man in front of her. She was calm and decisive in the event, and she was very capable of leadership. A group of his friends were able to stay safe during many fights. This is inseparable from the leadership of this young man.

"Actually, I thought of a friend of mine. He belongs to the real dragon family. I think the two families of the dragon and the phoenix should be friends! So, I have to ask this question." Zhao Yuande also feels very boring. Is this nothing to talk about?

"Oh! Yes, our Phoenix family and the True Dragon family are a unified alliance, offensive and defensive, what is your friend's name? Maybe I know." Blue Phoenix did not think that Zhao Yuande was talking about anything, the Dragon and Phoenix family It has been the same front since ancient times, and there are many marriages between the two races.

"My friend's name is Long Qingtian, do you know him? Why didn't he come to Wanjie City this time?" Zhao Yuande wondered why this guy missed such a good opportunity.

"Long Qingtian! Do you know him?" Lan Fenghuang was slightly surprised. "Don't you know that he was injured? Someone coveted his East Emperor Bell and ambushed the dragon clan halfway, and in the end all except him. The dragons were all killed in battle, and he was also seriously injured. If it were not for the arrival of an ancestor of the dragons at the critical moment, I am afraid that they would be succeeded!"

"How did he hurt?" Zhao Yuande was shocked in his heart. He didn't expect that anyone would really dare to deal with him, aren't he afraid of the Dragon clan's anger?

"I heard that I almost smashed the sea of knowledge. Fortunately, I was stabilized by the dragon ancestors, but I can't find a way to restore the sea for the time being. The dragon is now rewarding the heavens and the world to find a way to save him. "Lan Fenghuang looked at the expression of the young man opposite, and knew that this person was indeed a friend of Long Qingtian, so he continued, "But don't be excited, I heard that Long Qingtian's injury has stabilized and there should be no life. Dangerous."

"Hey!" Zhao Yuande sighed softly and clenched his fists at the Blue Phoenix. "Thank you Lan girl for telling me."

"It's nothing"

"Your trial is over here, let's return now!" Tai Shuzhong has come to the crowd at this time, some glances at the crowd with interest, especially the last sight on Zhou Ping's body, there is a trace on his face The color of disgust.

Everyone didn't say much. Although this trip to purgatory can't be said to have no gains, it shocked their confidence, especially the seemingly ordinary young man who finally appeared, which shocked them too much. Now, let them know what is meant by Tianwai and Tianren and others, and at the same time, let them recognize the true face of some people. Although they didn't say anything on their lips, they already disdained Zhou Ping in their hearts.

"Now all come to my inner world! We will return to Wanjie City immediately. I will send you back this time, and I will return to Immortal World! Too much time has been lost, no gain..." Tai Shuzhong's voice gradually Low, a huge space slowly appeared behind him, the space door opened, and everyone walked in slowly.

"Master Xian Shi, help me tell Xian Hongcheng the Xian Jun, said his conditions I promised!" Before leaving, Zhao Yuande entrusted Taishu Zhong with the old man.