Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 844

Chapter 844: Blind

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"Just kidding? Ha ha, how can I be so naive, now no one in the heavens and the world knows this matter, if you don't believe it, ask your family to know." The woman of Ziwu is extremely cold, making people feel bursts of cold. Palpitations.

Almost everyone's face was white for a while. They didn't know why this happened. They really didn't understand it. After going to the purgatory passage, what happened to the lower realm.

Only Zhao Yuande had known about this for a long time. Although his face was dignified, he was not shocked.

"14th Brother, did you know that already?" Lin Jin'er looked at Zhao Yuande's expression and couldn't help but ask curiously.

"Well! The Master Xianjun who met in the Purgatory Passage, he once talked to me secretly, he told me this matter." Zhao Yuande told the truth, thinking that there is nothing worth hiding.

"Isn't that the fairy king to attract the eleventh brother!" Lin Jin'er guessed carefully.

"Exactly!" Zhao Yuande smiled gently.

"Ah! Really! The fourteenth brother is really amazing!" Although Lin Jin'er had already guessed it, he still showed a shocked look on his face.

"What are you talking about, so happy." A few people from Jian Piao Ling also approached, curious with a look on their faces.

"14th Brother... Uh!"

"Hush! Don't say it under the large crowd, there is ears next to the wall." Zhao Yuande hurriedly covered Lin Jin'er's mouth, this guy has no common sense, if this matter is heard, it will inevitably produce a lot of right and wrong.

Here Zhao Yuande talked and laughed, while Zhou Ping and Zhu Linwei looked at them on the other side, their faces showing anger.

At this point, Ziwu woman let everyone move freely after finishing the matter, and left in a hurry.

The people in the Xianban gradually walked away, leaving only a few Xianban disciples to whisper.

Zhou Ping and Zhu Linwei glanced at each other, waved at the people around them, and slowly walked towards Zhao Yuande.

"Zhao XIV, now I see who will save you!" Zhou Ping's mouth grinned awkwardly. "In the past, there was Dong Guofu, you just want to show off your strength and arrogance, and now you show me another arrogant one!"

"Zhu Linwei, do you think that Dong Guofu is dead, so I become worthless, and you can show your original face." Zhao Yuande ignored Zhou Ping, but looked at it with interest. Zhu Linwei, sarcasm in his mouth.

"How is it? My person is very realistic. The strength of the two parties is balanced. I naturally choose Brother Zhou's side." Zhu Linwei's face remained unchanged and his tone was light.

"All right! Brother Dong Guo, now you know!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, and a tall figure appeared beside him, not who Dong Guofu was.

"Zhu Linwei, you bastard, my mother still calls you brother, so blind!" Dong Guofu's fists clenched tightly, his face was so fierce, he was really angry!

Just now, he completed the breakthrough and was very pleased to inform Zhao Yuande that he wanted to leave the other side of the world and wanted to share this good news with his brother. As a result, Zhao Yuande splashed cold water in the head. He had not believed it before, but Now I heard that I finally believed it.

"You... Dong Guofu, you are not dead!" Zhu Linwei's pupils widened suddenly, and he looked incredulously at the fat man in front of him. His face became very wonderful. He looked at Zhao Yuande, who was shocked and then depressed, and finally Intrepid, he screamed, "Zhao XIV, you deceived me so hard!"

Zhou Ping was even more stunned at this time. He originally wanted to kill Zhao Yuande, but now this guy is not dead, his subconscious body took a step back, but next time he gritted his teeth, came forward again, patted Zhu Linwei's shoulder.

"Brother Zhu, even if he didn't die, we have the same advantage as we do not do two endlessly..." Zhou Ping's face showed a murderous opportunity, "I block this guy, you go to kill that fourteen Zhao! "

"Okay! Killed him a hundred times! Brother Luo, you and I joined forces to make a quick decision!" Zhu Linwei glanced at the Luo Chengkun beside him. Although the Luo family's genius is not as good as his own, the night is not far away, if it is with himself Teaming up to kill Zhao XIV, no matter how powerful his body is, he is only a dead person.

"OK!" Luo Chengkun's eyes flickered, but he quickly made up his mind that since he was one of the organizers of the World Alliance, he couldn't flinch. Anyway, these two guys were holding it, even if something went wrong. It doesn't matter.

"Other people stopped me. Those few people, not to kill the enemy, just to stop!" Luo Chengkun ordered several disciples behind him.

These disciples nodded again and again, and the fairy fights with the little devil can not join in the excitement, otherwise they may die, and it should be safest to stop people.

"Third brother, is there any problem?" Dong Guofu turned his head, but he knew that Zhao Yuande had hidden a lot of strength. "As long as you can support the column for more than ten breaths, I can solve this little rabbit, and then help you kill them. !"

"Don't worry!" Zhao Yuande nodded. Although these two guys were in a high level, their true combat power was rare.

"Okay! Kill..." Dong Guofu heard an affirmative answer and suddenly roared towards Zhou Ping. His body became heavier and heavier during the running, and finally seemed to turn into an ancient ancient mountain rushing past.

The color of the Zhou plane changed, and he no longer dared to confront the master with it. The sword in his hand exuded glorious glory, and the sword light suddenly poured down towards Dong Guofu like a rainstorm.

"Let me go!" Dong Guofu couldn't avoid flashing, but just covered his eyes with his hands and slammed towards Jianguang directly.

"Ding Ding Dang Dang!"

Countless sword lights seemed to hit a metal wall with a soft sound.

"It hurts me!"

Dong Guofu howled, but he was not injured, but there were red dots on his bare skin.

Instead of slowing down, Dong Guofu concentrated by Jianguang didn't slow down, but faster, bringing a hurricane and hitting Zhou Ping.

Zhou Ping still had time to make two swords, and his body retreated to avoid the impact of Dong Guofu, but at the next moment his face was on one side, he only felt that the air around him seemed to become thick at once, and his body As if stuck in a quagmire, no matter how struggling you can't escape.


As if sledgehammer bombarded, Dong Guofu slammed into Zhou Ping who couldn't dodge.


Zhou Ping screamed and flew out directly, hitting the wall of the hall heavily, knocking the wall directly out of a big hole and flying to the outside.


Dong Guofu's body didn't hide or evade, and ran directly in the direction of the big hole.


The whole hall was violently shaken, and half of the hall was broken by Dong Guofu...