Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 846

Chapter 846: Home Trouble

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The battle is long, but the real past is just a few breathing hours. Those disciples of Xianban who are going to stop Lin Jin'er and several of them at this time are stunned one by one, and they dare not move at the same place, afraid of this By the way, the guy killed them all.

"Injustice has a debt and there is a master, I will not treat you, you go!" Zhao Yuande glanced at these people and waved at them.

He is not the kind of cruel and ruthless person, he has his own principles, as long as these people do not provoke him, he is lazy.

Several people fled as quickly as amnesty.

Sword drifting, Feng Wujiang they know Zhao Yuande's true strength, but Feng Wujiang's cousin, Jianbianling's cousin doesn't know, at this time their mouths can be put into a fist, and the throat is gruntingly weird. sound.

Looking at the figure of Zhao Yuande, they could not imagine that he would be so powerful.

"14th Brother, wouldn't it be a problem for you to kill them?" Lin Jin'er's face was worried.

"It's okay, this is the acquiescence of the Immortal Master." Zhao Yuande shook his head, a slight smile appeared on his face.


This is how everyone understood why the immense movement of Xianban, but the immortal master, did not appear.

"Let's go! Let's go and see, this guy Dong Guofu doesn't have a stubborn temper and directly kills Zhou Ping, and it's up to me to kill this person!" Zhao Yuande stepped out and appeared directly outside the hall. .

"Second brother! Stop it!" Zhao Yuande really saw Dong Guofu's big feet stepping directly on the head of the young man in purple clothes, and hurried out to stop.

Dong Guofu was surprised when he saw Zhao Yuande appearing: "What's wrong? Did the immortal cause the adult to shoot?"

"Second brother, your speed is a bit slow, the two have been cut by me!" Zhao Yuande spread his hands.

"What! You have killed them?" Dong Guofu's eyes were bigger than Tong Ling, and he looked at Zhao Yuande inconceivably.

"Hey! Why didn't the second brother believe my strength?" Zhao Yuande pointed to the hall, "Would you like to see it?"

"I... I have to go and see." Dong Guofu kicked Zhou Ping's foot fiercely and walked to the gap of the hall.

"Ah!" Zhou Ping was lying on the ground like a dead dog at this time, his eyes scattered, his face desperate.

Although Dong Guofu's foot hurts, he couldn't bring him back to his mind. He used to urge the world's peerless genius, and now he is lying on the ground like a dead dog, letting him be slaughtered. The blow he has taken is really too great!

"I depend! Three brothers, you are too ruthless." Dong Guofu's exclamation came out of the hall.

At this time, there were more people watching around, and the young immortal appeared quietly in the field.

He looked at the scene with surprise, and began to ask what happened to the people next to him.

Listening to the accounts of these people, the face of the young immortal was shocked at first, and then it was incredible. Finally, regret appeared in his eyes.

Dong Guofu walked out of the hall with strange looks and came to Zhao Yuande: "Third brother, since you have killed those two debris, why don't you let me kill him, and keeping it is also a scourge."

"This person can only be killed by me, even if you kill it, it will cause a huge disaster!" Zhao Yuande said solemnly to him.

"I don't understand, but it's okay if you kill them, brother three!" Dong Guofu asked worriedly.

"Trust me, it's okay!" Zhao Yuande smiled slightly at him.

"Who is it! Dare to kill my disciples of the Zhu family!"

At the moment when Zhao Yuande's voice just fell, a roar came from a distance, and several powerful breaths flew towards them.

"Luo Chengkun of my Luo family is dead... no matter who it is, I want you to pay your life!"

In the other direction, several powerful breaths flew by.

Lin Jin'er behind Zhao Yuande's face suddenly changed, and the two families felt the genius of their family had fallen and had arrived.

"Master Xian, you will never appear again, but there will be a big mess!" Zhao Yuande smiled at a void behind him.

Everyone stayed for a while, looking in the direction that Zhao Yuande was looking at. Sure enough, they found the void split, and Tai Shuzhong came out of it.

"You... you are too ruthless, just give them a lesson. Why do you want to kill them and **** to help you clean up." Uncle Zhong looked at Zhao Yuande with helpless face, but stood In front of him.

"What about this guy?" Dong Guofu dragged the young man in purple clothes like a dead dog to Zhao Yuande. "It's up to you to decide whether to kill or release."

"Yes, let it go! Let's look at their Zhou family's attitude for a while, and then just kill it if we can't!" Zhao Yuan's German language was weak, as if killing not a person but a chicken and a duck.

"You... he's going to kill too? Do you know what he is? If you killed him..." Tai Shuzhong looked at this kid who didn't know the height and thickness of the sky, and was almost gasped, "Don't think You are valued by the predecessors of Xianhong City, and you think you can do whatever you want, and even the power behind this person can't even provoke Xianhong City!"

"Got it! Master Xian, the trouble has come to your door!" Zhao Yuande shrugged helplessly to his uncle, pointing to a large group of murderous people who appeared in front of him.

Tai Shuzhong looked at Dong Guofu and Zhao Yuande again, feeling how unlucky he is today.

"Who killed my Zhu Linwei of the Zhu family!" A red-faced old man rushed into the hall and picked up Zhu Linwei's broken body. By the time he came out, his face had become extremely ugly and angry. Roared, "Vicious, even the souls have been killed, what kind of hatred does my family have with you!"

"Cheng Kun... My grandchildren, you died so miserably!" An old lady also arrived in the hall at this time, and took out Luo Chengkun's absence. Her eyes were bitterly swept on everyone. Swept around, and finally fell on Tai Shuzhong.

"Senior Emperor, who is the poisonous hand under you, you have to give us a statement!" Although the old woman was rampant and angry, she still kept the due respect to the Taishu Zhong.

"Yes! Master Xian Shi, we have handed over the juniors to you. They must give us an explanation if something goes wrong, otherwise how can we be assured of sending our descendants to the fairy world in the future!" The red-faced old man also took a step forward , Looking at Taishuzhong, "Our juniors, if they die in trials, we absolutely don't say two things. This is because they are not good at learning, but they are killed in the Xian class. , Bring it to justice!"

"Two, don't make any noise, this matter was picked up by Zhu Linwei, Luo Chengkun and Zhou Ping. The three of them wanted to round up the two disciples of the same class. I really didnt expect the three of them to be justified. The fighting power was too weak and was counter-killed! But it was too late when I wanted to stop it! I also have a responsibility and responsibility for this matter." Taishu Zhong said that he was responsible, but he didn't have the responsibility at all, and his face was cold.