Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 847

Chapter 847: Why Don't You Go To Heaven?

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"What! Impossible! Who is in this fairy class who can kill my family Weier and Luo Chengkun in an instant? You can't talk nonsense even though you are expensive as an angel." The red-faced old man was furious, even to his uncle Zhong also exasperated, "Dont think that I am bullied by the Zhu family, I also have an ancestor at the peak of the fairy, and my Zhu family also has a foundation in the fairy world. At this time, if the immortal causes the adults not to make it clear, I cant sue Immortal world, find the immortal emperor to understand!"

"Yes, my Luo family is not irritating! My ancestor has entered the realm of the fairy monarch...Hum!" The old woman looked cold and didn't believe Taishu Zhong's words at all. It made people feel shocked. .

A fairy king, this is not only in the lower realm, even in the fairy realm belongs to the big guys!

Everyone around the audience couldn't help but also changed color.

The young immortal emperor had a good expression at this time. He hoped that Tai Shuzhong would fight with the two.

And at this time, the female immortal entourage came by and came to the young immortal envoy to ask him what happened.

The young immortal told the story with added fuel and vinegar. The woman's face suddenly showed a very wonderful look. She looked at Zhao Yuande's eyes full of curiosity.

"Are you threatening me?" Tai Shuzhong's face was cold, but he was the peak power of the fairy, and his peak power could already fight against the power of the early fairy king. Now he is accused face to face, and suddenly he is in his heart. There was a great deal of anger, "Do you still want to threaten my uncle's house? Believe it or not, my uncle's house will destroy both of you!"

"Xiancai adults please calm down, we are just angry, not to threaten Xiancai adults, but want to ask the truth!" The red-faced old man shuddered in his heart, and then remembered that the other party was a fairy strongman, and It is still a long-standing family of immortal emperors. Although there is no immortal emperor in the family now, its heritage still deter the entire Xifengzhou.

"Xian makes Master angry!" The old lady also hurriedly bowed her head, "Please also make Xian make Master understand the anger of my grandson being killed."

"Humph! What I said just now is true, what else do you want to do? Do you want me to give you a statement?" Taishu Zhong glanced coldly at the two of them.

"Don't dare! But even if the Immortal Master killed us, this matter should never be considered this way. My family is just coming to the Bubble Fairy Pool, but we didn't expect to die here. We have no way to explain to the family." Red Face The old man insisted.

"You can't die so you don't understand it! You must not let people read the jokes of our two!" The old lady was also inseparable.

There was a sigh in the uncle's heart, he didn't know what to do, neither of these two forces should be ignored...

"Senior emperor, start from me at this time, then I will end, these two were killed by me!" Zhao Yuande walked out from behind Uncle Zhong, facing the two strong emperors of God, without fear.

"You killed?" The red-faced old man glanced at Zhao Yuande, but when he saw Zhao Yuande's cultivation behavior, he suddenly shook his head coldly, "You? Such cultivation can kill my family. "Emperor Xian Shi, don't be so perfunctory!"

When he finally said that he looked at Taishuzhong, there was unbelief in his eyes.

"Yes, Master Xian, please hand over the murderer, and don't let innocent people come out to blame!" The old woman also did not believe it.

"Hey! To tell the truth, no one believes, then forget it!" Zhao Yuande shook his head helplessly and returned to Tai Shuzhong's side, stepping on Zhou Ping on the ground with his feet, some taste, "How come the Zhou family hasn't come yet? Will I show up until I kill him together?"

Taishuzhong was shivered by his anger, this guy is really not too big, isn't it clearly to provoke the Zhou family?

"I said, if the Zhou family is really angry, I can't stop them. The power behind them is too great, and my uncle's family can't dare to protect you." Taishu Zhong secretly told Zhao Yuande.

"The immortal reassures the adults that they will definitely not harm you!" Zhao Yuande chuckled.

"Who is so rampant and dare to humiliate my Zhou disciples!" At this time an old man with a somber face was able to come out of the crowd.

Seeing that Zhou Ping had no worries about his life for a while, he didn't show up. He didn't want to help the two parties.

But now there is no way to do it. Everyone is provoking the door, and if they don't come out again, they will be joked.

"Brother Zhou!" When the old lady and the red-faced old man saw this person appear, they all bowed their heads. If this person could stand on the front line with himself, then it would be a good solution.

"Two, you continue to ignore me!" The gloomy old man nodded to the two, and then strode to Zhao Yuande, "Boy, you have to pay some price for your ignorance, and break your own arms!"

"Humph! You're so confused! My brother broke his own arm, why don't you go to heaven!" Dong Guofu strode in front of Zhao Yuande and pointed to the old man's nose, "This Zhou Ping was beaten by Lao Tzu, Have the ability to work hard for Lao Tzu!"

"Dong Guofu! I know you, you and Zhou Ping are a fair battle. I won't blame you if you win him, but this person clearly insulted my Zhou family just now, this is insulting the Bajing Palace. It cant be forgotten!" The old man naturally knew who Dong Guofu was, a person who had long been valued by the uncles family, and in the future he might be a genius who could be promoted to the Immortal Emperor. They were even more reluctant to offend, so they let Zhou Ping be beaten. Don't shoot.

Although their Zhou family is a branch of Bajing Palace, the ancestor used to be a senior elder in Bajing Palace. Now the family ancestor still holds the position of Zhang Lao in Bajing Palace, but it is not an important position. There is still some power to fight against the uncle's family, but if they really killed Zhou Ping, they have an excuse to let Bajing Palace come back to find the scene, even the uncle's family dare not stop.

In this way, Zhou Ping is a part of the Eight Kings Palace, and is also valued by several elders. It is regarded as having the qualification to promote the fairy king, and even the fairy emperor has a hint of hope.

A disciple who has the capital of a fairy emperor is rarely seen even in Bajing Palace.

"Come on, I don't like to listen to you. This is my brother. You want him to break his arm. I will show you today." Dong Guofu forgot Zhao Yuande's instructions, and it was necessary to roll up his sleeves Go up and fight the old man.

"Master Xian Shi, look at this..." The old man of the Zhou family had a dilemma at this time and turned to look at Taishuzhong.

Taishuzhong has a headache! At this time, the Zhu and Luo families refused to make concessions in front of him, and the Zhou family also blended in. He almost turned around and left.