Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 848

Chapter 848: Sneak Attack

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"Haha!" The young immortal burst into laughter.

"Shut up! Be careful of being uncle Zhong, take revenge." The woman immortal reminded softly.

"I can't help it anymore. These two guys' trouble-making ability is absolutely proportional to their fighting power!" When the young immortal envoy turned his attention to Zhao Yuande and Dong Guofu, he couldn't help but look hot.

"I didn't expect that that guy should be so against the sky. When I have seen his battle, it seems that he is hiding too deep!" The woman immortal sighed lightly.

"I think even if I don't necessarily be able to defeat him, it was ridiculous that I wanted to be a child of my Liu family. Now I want to come back and it is true that if I really fight, maybe I will be disgraced! "The young immortal laughed at himself."

"I didn't expect you to be really self-knowledge." The female immortal, a large number of teenagers, showed a surprised look on her face.

"Hey! There are too many geniuses in the fairyland. We are just a drop in the ocean. We are countless than our geniuses. Can we do it in a low-key manner carelessly? Thanks to my careful low-key this time, otherwise you will suffer a big loss!" Laughed, "But he will not be better this time, killing the two and insulting the people in Bajing Palace. I don't know if he can bow his head in the end. If he doesn't bow his head, I'm afraid his uncle's family can't protect him."

"This person is also a wise man. I think he should be able to see the form clearly." The woman immortal said.


When two people chatted, things changed.

Zhou Ping came awake from his loss. He was hysterical at this time. While Dong Guofu confronted his ancestor, a blood-red jade was quietly added in his hand, directly between Dong Guofu's legs. Printed on it.

Seeing the red jade symbol, Zhao Yuande suddenly changed his face and pulled Dong Guofu away, but it was still a little too late!

The blood-red jade symbol exploded directly at Dong Guofu's calf, and directly exploded one of Dong Guofu's calves, along with Zhou Ping's own hand.

"Oh! This cub, my feet!" Dong Guofu flushed with pain, only to feel that a terrible force was crazy up with his calf, and the place where this force passed was completely lifeless, like a dead wood. .

"Dongguo..." Gu Jianqiu rushed over crying and hugged him.

"It's okay!" Dong Guofu hurriedly urged the body's strength to fight against that terrible force, but still could not stop the speed of this force.

At this time, Zhou Ping rolled over, and the other hand chopped off his broken arm.

His face showed a terrible expression, so he glanced coldly at Dong Guofu.

Zhao Yuande frowned, and immediately flicked his fingers to cut off one of Dong Guofu's legs, which stopped the erosion of this terrible force.

"It's really sinister and spicy, how could a vicious person like you in Bajing Palace die for me!" Zhao Yuande looked very gloomy, and originally wanted to leave Zhou Ping a life, but the other party's approach made him change this idea.

"Dare you kill me!" Zhou Ping grinned indifferently, "I have eight palaces..."


Zhao Yuande flicked his fingers, and Zhou Ping's body was cut horizontally from it.

"Destroy!" Zhao Yuande's finger spread a blue flame directly on the lower half of Zhou Ping's body, and the lower half of the body was burned to ashes by the terrible flame.


Zhou Ping roared in pain, his upper body wriggled on the ground, and the blood sprayed from his body stained the ground in an instant like a fountain.

Everyone was silent, they could not think that Zhao Yuande was so decisive and dare to be in front of the old Zhou family. This did not leave any room at all.

"Boy, stop!" The old man of the Zhou family saw that Zhou Ping was directly scrapped by his lower body, and he immediately became furious and wanted to come directly to rescue Zhou Ping.

"You dare to move, I will kill him directly!" Zhao Yuande stepped on Zhou Ping's head and looked at the old Zhou family coldly.

"Zhao XIV! Don't be impulsive!" Tai Shuzhong's face changed, and he didn't expect Zhou Ping to do so.

The blood rune was called the blood dry rune rune just now, and it was the most poisonous. He wanted Dong Guofu's life. However, the Bajing Palace stood here, but he had to hold back his breath.

"You dare to touch him, I will make you worse than life!" The old Zhou family was very angry, watching Zhao Yuande stepping on Zhou Ping's head with his feet, but he did not dare to shoot.

At this time, the Zhu family and the Luo family turned out to be hilarious, and they were also happy to see the Zhou family and the immortal messenger fall down. In this way, the three of them united, and they would definitely let the other party throw away the mouse.

"Just now I wanted to keep him alive, now it seems that this is no longer necessary!" Zhao Yuande's feet aggravated a bit, and the corner of his mouth was sneer.

"Don't kill me! Don't kill me! Uncle Gong save me!" Zhou Ping just woke up from the huge pain, and felt his head was being trampled by someone, and the foot on his head was constantly exerting force, he Suddenly panicked.

He didnt want to die, but he was only in his twenties, and he was full of enthusiasm. With his present talent, it would be a stubborn thing to achieve the fairy monarch. Even the fairy emperor was not impossible. He could not be here, his ideal. Aspirations, your own expectations and longings will turn into a bubble.

"You also know that you are afraid?" Zhao Yuande sneered. "Originally you can live, but now it's too late. Your venom makes you lose the need to survive. My brother's legs are more valuable than your life. You yourself If you die, you Zhou family will have to pay a terrible price. You remember that the Zhou family's decline is because of you!"

Zhao Yuande's voice was getting lower and lower, and finally penetrated into his sea of knowledge, the others could not hear it at all.

"You... you can only succeed in speaking the tongue. Behind our Zhou family is the Bajing Palace!" Zhou Ping gritted his teeth and wanted to use the Bajing Palace to deter the other party.

"Hey! Bajing Palace! Do you know who I am? I am Zhao Yuande, a disciple of Zhang Ling in Bajing Palace. According to the seniority, your ancestors will also call me grandpa!"

Zhao Yuande's voice seemed like a sky of thunder directly chopping on Zhou Ping's head, and stunned him directly.

"" Zhou Ping's eyes were empty, he had been hit by this news and fell into the abyss.

"Die!" Zhao Yuande stepped **** his feet and smashed the opponent's head directly, and at the same time shattered the knowledge of the sea earthquake, exterminating the soul.

"You're looking for death!" Zhou's ancestor saw this scene, and his eyes were suddenly split, no matter how uncle Tai, he rushed towards Zhao Yuande crazy.

A terrifying force of heaven and earth rolled down, completely covering a radius of hundreds of feet, and even Tai Shuzhong was enveloped in it.