Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 849

Chapter 849: Guess

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"Crazy! All crazy! This guy was so bold that he dared to kill the genius of Bajing Palace directly. This is just to poke the sky into a big hole, and no one can keep him!" Some whitishly, "I hope we don't hurt us this time."

"Don't blame the heavens and the people here, hurry and find a way to remedy." The female fairy made her brows wrinkle and her head turned quickly, trying to find a path of stars, but she couldn't think of breaking her head!

"That's right! We can go find that person!" The teenager suddenly tapped his thigh. "As long as the legendary person is found, there may be a rescue at this time!"

"You're talking about..." The woman's face said, "Go, go now, it will take some time to get there through the teleportation array, and you mustn't make a big noise at this time!"

"Taishu Zhong, let's go find someone. You should hold this old guy of Zhou's family first!" The young fairy sent a voice to Taishu Zhong.

The two figures disappeared in an instant.

"I'm free! Give me a hand!" Tai Shuzhong heard the news, although he didn't know who they were looking for, but the dead horse power was a living horse doctor!

Uncle Tai swept his sleeves and turned the old Zhou family back and forth, turned his head to look at Zhao Yuande, and his face was complicated: "You go first! Here I will help you block it, the farther you go it is good!"

"Where to go! He is not allowed to leave!" The Zhu family and the Luo family looked at each other, and the red-faced old man stood up decisively. "He can't go anywhere, and the killing of my family's Weier is not yet clear!"

"Yes! My grandchildren can't die in vain, let him stay!" The old lady was also in the other direction, her attitude was very determined.

"His mother, Lao Tzu fights with you!" Dong Guofu's violent air continued to rise, and the sky suddenly darkened, and a thunder rumbled as if a storm was coming.

"Dad! Your son-in-law was scrapped by someone. You don't hurry to come out." Gu Jianqiu cried in the direction of Wan Jianyu. "If you don't come out again, your daughter is desperate!"

"Hey! Daughter, it's okay! The legs are broken and they can grow out!" Gu Jianqiu took a step from the void with her father's black face, came to Dong Guofu and nodded to him quietly in the ear of his daughter. Said a word.

Gu Jianqiu listened to this, she couldn't help but stunned for a while, she turned to look at the sword drifting, and there was wind without borders, and even Lin Jin'er, there was no slight worry on the faces of the three of them, only her sister and wind Wujiang's cousin was worried, but was blocked by Feng Wujiang and Jianpiaoling.

"Cousin! Why didn't you say it earlier, causing others to be scared for a long time!" Gu Jianqiu looked at the sword floating in grievance.

"Cousin, all day long, you and me, kiss me and me, how can I have a chance to say it!" Jian Piao Ling aggrieved.

"Uh!" Gu Jianqiu suddenly flushed, turning his head to look at his cousin again.

"What the **** is going on?" Dong Guofu was also embarrassed at this time. His brother was at this juncture of life and death. Why are these people in no hurry, what do they think?

"That... Uncle, what did you just say to Jianqiu?" Dong Guofu looked at his cheap old man, curious.

"Cough! Well, I am not suitable to tell you at this time, wait a moment for the matter to be resolved and let your brother tell you personally!" The young man turned his head and left, looking at it here, his daughter's eyes Obviously there was no daddy himself, and when he saw that he was not saluting, he was tired of being in the arms of this bad guy.

Dong Guofu looked at Zhao Yuande, but found that this guy had been blinking at himself.

"His mother, I don't care anymore! I'm a handicapped person, I want to rest! Jian Qiu, hurry up and help me sit down. It's not used to it without legs." Dong Guofu grinned and suddenly thought of something. , Whispered in Gu Jianqiu's ear, "You said that this leg is temporarily gone. Is there any hindrance to do that?"

Although this voice is very small, but who are there on the scene, the ears are better than dogs, he heard this sentence clearly heard by everyone present, even his cheap old man heard it.

Everyone's eyes can't help but show a weird look, get rid of the most critical moment that is now deciding on life and death, you **** actually said this, but it is really big heart!

Gu Jianqiu and his dad almost stumbled to the ground, his body trembling, his teeth giggling even more.

The next moment, one step into the void, disappeared.

"Gee!" Gu Jianqiu gave a soft sip, his entire face flushed.

"Hey!" Someone smiled indifferently.

"Damn! My grandson just died, you are here to kiss me and kiss me, is this annoying me?" The old woman turned to look at them, almost burst into flames in her eyes.

"Ah!" Tai Shuzhong didn't even know what to do at this time!

When the old man of the Zhou family threw himself up again, Zhao Yuande suddenly threw a thing wrapped in golden light directly to the old guy.

The old man of the Zhou family saw Jin Guang flying and thought it was something like the flying sword magic weapon released by the other party.

But before his palm touched the golden light, he felt the familiar feeling of the thing in the golden light.

He grabbed the golden light and waited until he could see what was in the golden light. His body suddenly froze in place. He rubbed his eyes in disbelief and confirmed again that it was still that thing.

He took a long breath and suppressed all the depression in his heart at once. He bowed and respectfully handed back the things in the golden light to Zhao Yuande, his face was even more frightened.

Zhao Yuande took the stuff in the golden light and stuffed it directly into the storage space, waving at the old Zhou family.

The old Zhou family was forgiven, and turned around and left. The dead body of Zhou Ping on the ground didn't look at him.

At this time, everyone focused their attention on Zhao Yuande. They were curious about what this guy brought out, and they were able to scare Zhou's old man like this.

At this time, even the two strong members of the Zhu family and the Luo family couldn't help but step back a few steps. Although they didn't know what exactly scared the Zhou family elders, they knew that the Zhou family could not provoke them. Can't provoke.

In fact, it was Taishuzhong who was most surprised at the moment. He was still hesitant about what to do? Should I help Zhao Yuande drive away the three people, or simply hand over Zhao Yuande and let the three families calm down their anger.

But when he was still at war between heaven and humans, the things thrown away by Zhao Yuande made the old Zhou family frightened and pushed away. With the power of his soul, although he only glanced at it, he still saw that it was wrapped in a golden light White tokens.

However, Zhao Yuande moved too fast, so he did not see the real appearance of the token, but this time he had a bold suspicion. This guy had come to the special recruiting team with an invitation letter. He might have this behind him. A terrible force.

No wonder he is indifferently dressed no matter who he is facing, and even meeting the fairy lord in the purgatory passage is a pair of calm, original background...

It is rumored that there is a supreme emperor in the lower realm, he will not be a disciple of that emperor!