Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 851

Chapter 851: New Angel

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After several superpowers of the Eastern Emperor Great World discovered this problem, they immediately blocked the Star Gate, closed the Star Teleport Gate, and no longer accepted the entry of outside practitioners.

And those cultivators who have already arrived cannot be driven away. They simply started to plan the land area and let many cultivators build the cities themselves.

At this time, many great forces also began to select materials that could be made among the influx of practitioners, so that their sect gradually grew stronger.

Of course, the Eastern World is just a microcosm of the many worlds in the beginning. Other big worlds have also encountered this kind of problem, and they are all using their own methods to solve it.

However, some people will directly come to these big worlds and bring a steady stream of people.

So that these big worlds began to have a profession, that is, angel patrol, and various major forces jointly enforced the law, selected the powerful people above the world to patrol the periphery of the big world, and once they were found, they stole them out, If you don't listen to it, kill it directly.

A year later, the population of the starting realm and the surrounding star fields expanded hundreds of times, and their strength naturally began to rise and become the most powerful star fields in the lower realm.

With more people, there is naturally money to make. Zhao Yuandes Tianyi Chamber of Commerce has expanded more than ten times during the year. Tianyi Chamber of Commerce is now spreading in every corner of the beginning, although the scale is still not as good as Wantong Chamber of Commerce, but there are a few The momentum of the Super Chamber of Commerce.

The Tianyi Chamber of Commerce is growing in an unstoppable form. Naturally, some people can't look at it and want to do some damage. However, the Chamber of Commerce has also enveloped a large group of powerful people, giving them generous treatment, and signed a Tiandao contract with them. .

The presence of these strong men, and even more intricate links between them and many major forces, these destructions have not caused them any impact.

And just in this year, Zhao Yuande's first child was finally born. She was a big girl with a lot of money. She looked similar to Zhao Yuande and was named Zhao Yiyi!

Seeing the children, so many elderly people's eyes are bright. Who doesn't like their children, but the wolf has less meat.

They began to urge their girls to hurry up and finally, Zhai Linxuan did not twist his mother, gloriously pregnant with a second child.

At this time, Zhu Luan's cultivation practice was ascending all the way, and he rushed into the peak of the emperor without obstruction. This speed of cultivation even Zhao Yuande was shocked.

However, he helped him check up and down, but found that the foundation was solid, and there was no sign of rushing in.

Although her training room is in the trial space, the time flow rate is ten times that of the outside world, but it only takes more than four months to practice. It takes four years to reach this point. I am afraid that if you go to the fairy world, you will be shocked. .

Only then did he understand why Zhu Luan stood out in the past and became the first person in many years to successfully enter the fairy realm by breaking down the barriers of the fairy realm.

At this time, the three immortal waiters also reported that they would return to the immortal world at this time. Everyone is also getting along well. Many disciples of the immortal class came to see off.

"Thank you for your cooperation over the past year. My uncle's family, Liu's family, and Shenguangzong are also doing their best for you. Being able to successfully embark on the fairy road ultimately depends on you." Taishuzhong faced the fairy class The disciple continued, "These two in the lower realm, but the disciples of the Xifengzhou Xiandi Palace, the two of them are not as good at talking as us, so you can do it yourself!"

"However, Immortal Emperor Palace is a high presence in Xifengzhou. They are only here to test you in this lower realm, and they will not stay here for a long time. You...especially Zhao 14 you a few thousand Dont be too shocked!" The female immortal looked at Zhao Yuande and focused on them.

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande nodded innocently and smiled, "I'm a principled person. If people don't commit me, I don't commit anybody. If people commit me... that's hard to say!"

"Hey! Just when I didn't say it!" The female fairy shook her head, she knew she was talkative.

"You! Goodbye, goodbye to our fairyland!" The teenager waved to everyone.

Watching the three immortals step into the white gate of the immortal world, everyone felt a little reluctant. These three were approachable and good to them, but the envoy who came next did not know what it would be like?

Just as everyone was about to leave, the gate of the fairy world that was about to disappear was lit up again, and two people walked out of it.

A tall man with a straight face, the other is a teenager with a long sword in his head.

"Brother, is this the World of Realm?" The young man with a long sword in his face was proud and glanced at the eyes of many disciples of the Xianban. He felt disdainful and sarcasm, as if the young master who was entangled in the poverty came to the poor mountain area.

"Brother! The posture needs to be adjusted. We are here to tour this class of fairy tales, and we will do our part!" The tall man spoke very calmly, but there was a hidden warning.

"Yes! Brother, younger brother knows, knows!" The teenager seemed a little afraid of this senior brother, nodded quickly and said yes.

The two fell slowly and fell in front of everyone.

"Everyone, we are the children of Xiandi Palace. My name is Meng Jiao. This is my brother Lin Zan. Let's test your achievements for Xiandi Palace over the past year." Meng Jiao, the Han, spoke first and his tone was calm. There was no high shelf, so that everyone was relieved.

"Who is the person in charge now?" Meng Jiao looked at everyone, "Come and report the situation!"

The Ziwu woman standing not far behind came out slowly and bowed slightly towards the two of them: "Little girl Ziqiong is one of the heads of the Xianban. What do the two immortals make adults want to know?"

"Um! Purple girl, I know you, Master Ziyun Sect of the Immortal Realm, the lower realm is considered to be experienced, don't need to pay more!" Dahan nodded to the Ziwu woman and continued, "Tell about this class of fairy class What are some of the outstanding characters in them! Which side do they all join?"

Hearing the immortal angels say this, many powerful people of Wanjie City couldn't help but cast their curious gazes towards the Ziwu woman. They only knew that this Ziwu woman was extraordinary and powerful, but they didn't expect it to be a fairy from the fairy world.

"Yes!" Ziwu woman doesn't care about the other party's breaking her identity. "There are..."

It seems that she has done enough homework for a long time, and she knows all the people in Xianban very well.

Meng Jiao, who listened, couldn't help but nodded, with a smile on his face.

At this time, the young Lin Zan had a pair of eyes, but he turned around among the disciples of Xianban. As long as she was a woman, his eyes would stay for a moment, and finally her eyes fell on the blue-haired woman Blue Phoenix, with a trace on her face. The color of satisfaction.