Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 852

Chapter 852: For Help

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"Brother, we should go!" After listening to Ziqiong's report, Dahan patted Brother on the shoulder and pulled him away.

"Brother...I haven't..." Lin Zan's face was unhappy, but the next words were not spoken.

"I don't care about how you like to toss me after the business is over, now I can't do it!" Dahan's voice became a little cold, and Lin Zan's face could not help fading slightly, but he knew the strength of this fellow.

"We have arranged the residences of the two immortals, and are in the immortal palace..." Ziqiong hurriedly left with the two immortals.

All the disciples of Xianban breathed a sigh of relief at this moment. The big man looked calm and in fact a pair of eyes were sharp, giving a strong sense of oppression, and the boy was very irregular, the eyes always like to fall on the woman, Some are unscrupulous.

"This guy called Meng Jiao is not easy. Xiu Wei has already stepped into the realm of immortals half a step." Zhao Yuande whispered a few words to his body, "That Lin Zan is not strong. Now in the late Emperor, it is not enough for this person. The real age is only about twenty, and his physique is very special. It is definitely one of the best among us."

"Better than you? I don't believe it." Dong Guofu waved his hand carelessly and smiled, "I'm afraid he can't even count the two, I don't think I'm weaker than him!"

"Okay! That's true." Zhao Yuande shook his head helplessly. Dong Guofu's recent training was a leap forward, and he had already entered the late Emperor's late stage, and after his physique reached Zhenhai, the combat power was even more outrageous. Even if he had to use his full strength to fight him A battle.

At this time, Zhao Yuande's realm of the two systems stayed in the early stage of the world. He was recently trying to merge the world on the other side with the inner world of his chaotic sacred body, and then he could directly promote the world's dual true spiritual realm.

It is important to know that the strength of the world cultivator depends entirely on how big the inner world is, and Zhao Yuandes inner world is not small, but he still has not escaped the scope of an ordinary person, but the size of the other side of the world is comparable to a real large If the world is successfully integrated, it can directly become the extreme state of the world, and then the next step is to strengthen its own control of the inner world, that is, the triple dominance of the world.

As for the constitution of life, he decided to temporarily take his natural promotion, anyway, it will be remedial in the future, and he will later find a solid small world like the other side of the world and then merge.

He is now making progress with both systems, so his entry is a bit slow.

However, slowly returning slowly, but the real combat effectiveness is not as simple as one plus one. If his two physiques are superimposed together, it should now be possible to fight against the strong middle-aged God Emperor.

You have to know the realm of the Divine Emperor, but it is a new world. The difference in strength between the early and mid-terms is more than a hundred times, and the gap between the mid and late stages is even greater. There is also the Supreme Divine Emperor after the late period, which is even more remote. Unreachable state.

According to his rough estimate, he should be able to fight the late Emperor when he arrives at the Emperor, but he needs to be at least the late Emperor in order to overcome it, and he should be able to fight the Supreme Emperor after entering the realm of the Divine Emperor. After reaching the Divine Emperor Realm, you should be able to compete with the powerful in the Immortal Realm.

If this is the case, the leapfrog challenge will become more and more difficult!

Of course, she also forgot to count the opening of the seven stars in her body. As long as one of the seven stars is turned on, she will be able to improve her fighting power. The full power of the five stars can already fight against the fairy.

But how difficult it was to turn on the Seven Stars, he soaked in the fairy pool for such a long time and absorbed a lot of fairy liquid. At this time, they were all moisturizing the third star, but there was still no sign of turning on.

"Let's go back to practice, you are all emperors, and I'm still in the early stage of the world, I want to continue to work hard!" Thinking of this, Zhao Yuande suddenly felt that his road to cultivation has a long way to go, and he must work hard to double it.

But when he returned to his cave and wanted to start practicing, he was interrupted by an uninvited guest.

"Why are you here, Blue Girl?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but stunned the genius of the Phoenix family. Although he said that he had some friendship with himself, he just stopped nodding and smiling.

However, Lan Fenghuang, a female child, is cold and somewhat unsmiling. It happens that Zhao Yuande doesn't like this too indifferent personality, so although there is a link between Long Qingtian and the two, they are still just shallow friends.

Actually, this woman is not bad. He once took Zhao Yuande to the Dragon Clan to visit Long Qingtian, and through Long Qingtian he only knew that this Blue Phoenix actually had a marriage contract with Long Qingtian, but both of them were against each other. There is no feeling, and they are considered the young masters of the next generation, so things between them become impossible.

Today, Blue Phoenix came suddenly, making him feel very strange.

"I... I want to ask you something." Lan Fenghuang was a little restrained, with a hesitant look on his face.

"Oh, talk about it, maybe I can help you!" He didn't feel bad about Blue Phoenix. As long as it was not too much, he wouldn't mind helping the other side.

Although the Phoenix family can't hide in the world, but its strength is very strong, and with the real dragon alliance, he has got the friendship of the real dragon family. Now if he can get the friendship of the Phoenix family...

Now Blue Phoenix begged to come to the door, he decided to seize this opportunity.

"Two immortal envoys in the lower realm today, one of them is called Lin Zan, he seems..." Lan Fenghuang's face was reddish, and he didn't say it for a long time.

"What the **** is going on? Girl Lan said what she said." Although Zhao Yuande guessed a little, but was not sure, he still needed the other person to say it himself.

"I asked the seniors of the tribe, I checked the person's information, this person is very lustful, I see his eyes today seem to want to deal with me..." Lan Fenghuang said the matter with a bite.

"He just glanced, how do you know?" Zhao Yuande didn't quite believe it.

"The woman's instinct, intuition tells me that this person has done evil things to me!" Since Lan Fenghuang started, he was not nervous anymore, but he blushed again, "I want to invite Brother Zhao to be Mine...mine... help me block him anyway."

"Why come to me? Don't your Phoenix family have power in the fairy world? Can't you warn him, why do you still need this means?" Zhao Yuande didn't understand.

"You don't know, this Lin Zan has won the appreciation of an immortal emperor in the immortal emperor palace, and it is likely to be closed disciples! Although my Phoenix family has some power in the immortal world, but the **** emperor in the family has not I know how many billions of years it has fallen, so it is not as good as an ordinary force. If there is no dragon clan to support it, I am afraid it will have been wiped out." Blue Phoenix said the sorrow of the Phoenix family and the cruelty of the fairy world. Said the helplessness of the Phoenix family now.