Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 854

Chapter 854: Fiance

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"I'm already a fianc, and it's impossible to be swear by him. It really doesn't work! You, son Lin, raise your hand!" Lan Fenghuang and his proud woman are now forced to be so low and low.

What is more helpless is that the Phoenix family obviously has a strong man in the World of Realms, but they dare not come out to defend their young masters, so they watched the Blue Phoenix being bullied.

But the survival of the family is the first, they can only choose humiliating silence.

"Stop me!" Zhao Yuande shouted loudly. The whole person had already come to the two of them, and he grabbed his hand and grabbed Lin Zan.

"You... that stabbing Zhao XIV! You are so brave to dare to shoot me." Lin Zan's eyes were cold, his arms raised hard against Zhao Yuande's scratch.


The two collided, and the impact tearing torn around the many ornaments around, it was really a deep crack in the wall of the main hall.

Lin Zan only felt that his body was sinking, and his lower body was directly pressed into the ground. His breath did not come up in a tight breath, and he almost suffocated a **** breath.

On the other hand, Zhao Yuande's body didn't move at all, and the other hand was already placed on the other hand of Blue Phoenix to pull her to his side.

"I'm sorry, I'm late! Are you okay!" Zhao Yuande gently helped her wipe away the tears from the corners of her eyes, and the voice was even softer, making the relationship between the two people unusual.

Lan Fenghuang only felt a grievance rushing out of his heart, turning into tears of tears. The tears couldn't stop anymore, and they ran down.

"Woo!" She plunged her head into Zhao Yuande's arms, and the tears immediately wet the clothes on Zhao Yuande's chest.

"Okay, didn't I come?" Zhao Yuande patted her on the back gently. Although he knew that this was a play, he still felt that the people in his arms could not help but want to pity.

"Zhao XIV! You die for me!" Lin Zan suffered a loss as soon as he fought, and when she saw that the woman she liked was crying in the arms of this guy, the anger in her heart could no longer be resisted, and broke out directly. .

A fierce Jianguang seemed to be a bit of a cold star, illuminating the sky in an instant, and took Zhao Yuande's brow straight away.

"Linzan, don't think that you can do whatever you want as an immortal. You should go back to the fairy world when you are bullying men and women! We don't welcome you like this **** in the lower realm!" Enraged Zhao Yuande.

Isn't he a good-tempered person, since he decided to help Lan Fenghuang, he must help in the end, simply help her to solve the opposite guy!

He flicked his fingers, and an invisible force also covered the opponent's eyebrows.

Lao Tzu depends on who is ruthless today and who is more confident!

Although Lin Zan thought that Zhao Yuande had many counterattacks, he did not expect that the other party would come up with such a tactic of replacing the injury. Although he was confident that a sword could pierce the other person's sea of knowledge, he also felt that brow. crisis.

He didn't want to lose both sides with the other side, he directly shone, and the long sword in his hand also gave up to the other side to death.

"Humph! I knew you didn't grow!" Zhao Yuande held Lan Fenghuang in his arms with one hand, and pointed at the other with a raging anger on his face. "Don't you dare to move my woman, believe me today? Interrupt your limbs, strip you and hang it on the head of the city of all realms, and let the people of all worlds see what your Lin Zan is!"

"Good! Very good! You dare to insult me so much! Have you ever regarded my fairy emperor palace in your eyes, I think you want to die! And not only will you die, your family, your friends, your place Everyone you know is going to die!" Lin Zan stepped towards Zhao Yuande step by step. He just lost money on the enemy, and now he must cut this obscure guy under the sword, so that the blue phoenix lost its dependence, it is not up to himself Shiwei!

"Linzan, are you giving me the reason to kill you?" What Zhao Yuande hates most is that people threaten his family and friends. When he encounters this kind of person, his usual approach is to be stupid.

"You come to the side first, I will help you solve this problem before I say it!" Zhao Yuande gently pushed the Blue Phoenix away, and a small well in the palm of his left hand turned a little.

Now that he has made a decision, he must make a quick decision and must not drag the mud and water. He will kill this guy in a single blow with Jingzhongyue.

Lin Zan's sense of consciousness was so acute that he immediately felt a crisis of death coming to him. He had the illusion that he was anchored by the terrible Warcraft. As long as he didn't make a decision anymore, he would probably be here in the next moment.

His forward body stopped suddenly, retreating step by step alertly.

"What's the matter?" Suddenly a voice came from a distance, and a tall figure had arrived between the two. "Linzan, why are you clashing with the disciples of Xianban here?"

The person coming is Meng Jiao, Lin Zan's brother, the fairy emperor who stepped into the realm of the fairy king.

"Brother..." Lin Zan saw the arrival of Meng Jiao and suddenly let go of his heart. His vitality blew away and he knew he was safe.

"Sen Emperor, Lin Xian made him intend to misbehave my fiancee, and was discovered by me, so we have this conflict." Zhao Yuande naturally will not let him distort the facts and hurriedly explain things.

"Humph! I knew it was your problem. I will tell the master his old man about this and let him punish you!" Meng Jiao snorted coldly and swept Lin Zan coldly, his eyes full of warnings and threats.

"Brother!" Lin Zan's face was wronged, but he said nothing, but lowered his head.

"This disciple, I took him away. You can rest assured that no such thing will happen in the future!" Meng Jiao nodded and smiled at Zhao Yuande, then turned to Lin Zan coldly, "Don't go yet! "

"Yes! Brother." Lin Zan turned his head fiercely and looked at Zhao Yuande with a vicious light flashing in his eyes.

"Blue girl, it's all right!" Zhao Yuande turned around and saw a slight smile at Lan Fenghuang after seeing the two walking away one after the other.

"Thank you Brother Zhao!" Lan Fenghuang remembered his performance just now.

"Go! From today, until this Mengjiao leaves, I will temporarily be your fiance."

"Thank you Brother Zhao..."

"Brother Zhao!"

"Oh! Fourteenth brother..."


"Brother, is this woman really so important to you?" When he came to the place where no one was, Meng Jiao turned to look at this brother. There was no blame in his eyes, nor the harshness just now, but a respectful taste." The power behind this Zhao Shi fourteen is not small, and I'm afraid that it's going to happen."

"Brother, you dont know that this woman is a pure Yin body, which is very helpful to my cultivation. If you can absorb her Yuanyin realm, it will be directly raised to the peak of the emperor, and even have the opportunity to be promoted to the Divine Emperor. At that time, what the **** Zhao 14 is not shooting backhand, it will occupy the disadvantage as before." Lin Zan's eyes showed a ruthless color, and said, "Brother, the master has commanded you before the lower realm. You will cooperate with me. If you help me get this woman, I will definitely say more good things to you at the master. The master will give you the elixir directly when you are happy. It is not easy to enter the realm of immortality!"