Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 855

Chapter 855: Heavy Color

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"However, I heard from the people of Wanjie City that this force behind Zhao XIV..." Meng Jiao hesitated. If it was really as these people guessed, it would be really difficult to do at this time.

"The master hurts me the most, and I bear everything for everything!" Lin Zan patted his chest and sneered. "I don't believe that his backstage can be bigger than me. The master is the fairy emperor, the strongest existence in the fairy world!"

"Okay! I'll help you, but don't do anything by chance!" Meng Jiao nodded, but there was still a trace of worry on his face.

"Brother, rest assured, after the big deal, I will go back to Immortal Realm. I don't believe that he can catch up with Immortal Realm!" Lin Zan thought that he had lost money in Zhao Yuande's hands just now, and he felt like he was mad.

The two immortals did not have much to do with Zhao Yuande. They only came to inspect, that is, to check their cultivation situation. What can they do for the uncle's family, the Liu family, and the Shenguang Sect? The characters of Xiandi Palace are also well-known.

To put it bluntly, I fear that these three forces will use the gains from this fairy class and exceed their control.

The two celestial envoys did not bring them any exercises, immortality medicine, nor did they bring them any chance, just a simple inspection.

After learning of this situation, all Xianban disciples felt a very uncomfortable feeling, and their original enthusiasm for the two of them disappeared.

No matter who knows that he is being monitored, he has not been ascended to be a thief before he has been promoted, and he will not be too happy in his heart.

The disciples of Xianban are still the same as before. If they have problems with cultivation, they will consult the three giants of Wanjie City. If they want to go out and practice, they will go together.

The last three envoys also left a road to the nether hell, so that many disciples of the Xianban can enter it anytime and anywhere to fight the evil spirits in the nether **** and enhance their fighting experience.

Zhao Yuande has always doubted whether this ghost **** was the last **** he had been in. The two are very similar, but Zhao Yuande once fought in the ghost **** for a month in a row, and did not find those places last time.

He still remembers the last hell, especially the mysterious halls, those ancient heritages, he feels that there must be some terrible secrets in it, and he also got the old ancestor of the Chaos Eucharist, which is beautiful A drop of essential blood from Wushuang's female corpse made him achieve two systems.

He wondered, if he could enter there again, would he get any more chance?

For example, will the Wa Palace be related to the Emperor Wa?

Later, he asked Taishuzhong, and the answers he got were mixed.

Taishuzhong said that there is more than one hell, but all **** are phase pupils. It seems that there are a total of eighteen floors. Only the first three floors are accessible to them. That is to say, the **** he entered last time With this ghost nether hell, it might be a place, maybe a few floors nearby.

And this nether **** is the third layer of the eighteenth layer of hell, where the spirits and fierce beasts are more powerful than Zhao Yuande's last experience, maybe the second layer they entered last time.

The size of each layer of **** is equivalent to a big world. I just want him to have time. I will always go around this layer and find the way to the upper layer and the next layer by the way!

"Blue girl, I heard that these two immortal envoys took a total of more than ten days. It is better for us to organize a trial together in the nether **** and wait until they are gone. We will come back!" Zhao Yuande suggested.

"Yeah! Sister Lan, the immortal named Lin Zan is really annoying. Those eyes are very thieves. They are not good people at first sight. You simply go to the nether **** to hide." Lin Jiner echoed with him.

"My third brother, I won't go anymore. My cheap old man still has something to do with me. You go with some sisters!" Dong Guofu blinked at Zhao Yuande repeatedly.

"My dad is looking for you, why don't I know?" Gu Jianqiu was a little puzzled.

"You stupid woman." Dong Guofu squeezed quietly on her **** and lowered her voice. "If we go, we won't have our own time, so much effort to do something!"

"Oh! Oh!" Gu Jianqiu nodded hurriedly, "Yes, my father did find him, maybe to discuss our marriage!"

"Hey! You're overweight, Dong Guofu, you're done!" Zhao Yuandeqiang resisted the urge to laugh. Dong Guofu did not know if he was unfamiliar or deliberate. The one on the scene was not clever, even dozens of miles away. Anyone who can fart can hear clearly, this is so far away, everyone said what he said in his ears.

Several girls blushed with shame, and Feng Wujiang laughed back and forth.

"You dead!" Gu Jianqiu was smirked by them, but she instantly thought of the key. She suddenly showed her hot hands to Dong Guofu, and held the soft meat around Dong Guofu's waist. Twist never stops.

"Haha!" Zhao Yuande finally couldn't help but smiled.

Lan Fenghuang looked at the harmony between the people, and the good relationship seemed to be a family. She couldn't help but have a little yearning in her heart, and she also wanted to join this small team.

"Let's go! There are people who want to go to the underworld **** to sign up, and those who don't want to go to accompany their wife at home are definitely not forced!" Zhao Yuande beckoned to everyone.

"I won't go! I want to consolidate the lower realm." Jian Piao waved his hand to show that he had no time.

"Sister doesn't go, I won't go either!" Gu Jianyu stood next to Jianpiaoling, looking at her as the leader.

"Brother Zhao, this... my cousin and I received a family call, and if we want to go back, we will not accompany you!" Feng Wujiang also hurriedly waved his hand.

"Jin'er, where are you?" Zhao Yuande turned to look at Lin Jin'er.

"Oh! Fourteenth brother, hurry me into the other side of the world, I miss Xiaoyi Yi!" Lin Jiner shook Zhao Yuande's arm and shook it.

"Okay! I'm scared of you!" Zhao Yuande smiled helplessly, Lin Jin'er waved his sleeves into the other side of the world, and then waved to everyone, "Since that's the case, let's go."

"Go! Go!" Everyone blinked hard at Zhao Yuande.

"This group of guys..." Zhao Yuande shook his head and said to the little blue phoenix who was blushing around him. "Blue girl, don't blame them. I didn't explain it to them, so they misunderstood!"

"It's okay, you are helping me, I know!" Lan Fenghuang's voice was very low.

At this time, if other people of the Phoenix family see it, they absolutely do not believe that this is the young master of the Phoenix family, the cold and frosty blue phoenix that has been abandoned to all men.