Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 856

Chapter 856: Wan Zai Yin

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The two quickly passed through the gate reserved in the immortal hall and entered the nether hell.

As soon as he entered the nether hell, there was an eerie coldness coming from all directions.

There seems to be no daytime here, only an endless long night, and dense gray and black fog gathers around, covering people's sight.

"Miss Lan, since we are here, let's explore it!" Zhao Yuande saw Lan Fengfeng absent-mindedly and reminded her softly.

"Well! We are going to stay here for more than ten days. We should be able to explore it, even if it is a real trial!" Blue Phoenix nodded, calmed his heart, waved his fist, and cheered himself up.


When Zhao Yuande and the two entered the Nether Hell Passage, the two figures were walking out of the void not far away. It was the two envoys of Meng Jiao and Lin Chu.

"Brother, are they creating opportunities for us? It seems that I am really grateful to this guy." Lin Chu grinned coldly, "I really dare not come in this immortal palace, but entered In the underworld hell, I really have no scruples! Brother, for a while, help me catch the kid, I will kill his woman in front of him!"

"Brother, you can rest assured! Although the kid is said to be fighting against the sky, but in front of me, he is also a scum. I want him to be round, and if he is square, he will be square!" Meng Jiao grinned, his face full of forest Han, there is a little bit of a waiter in the fairy world, clearly a wicked dog loyal to his master.

"Go! Let's go in and give them some surprises!"


Zhao Yuande and his two headed towards the depths of Nether Hell. They had been explored several times by tens of thousands of miles away from the teleportation point. The evil spirits and fierce beasts had long disappeared.

Here is a barren stretch of giant hills, clusters of black-painted plants on the hill, flashing a light from time to time.

"We walked out of this mountainous area soon, and every time we passed here there was a feeling of shock." Zhao Yuande looked at the rolling mountain range as if someone was always peeping at him.

"I have this feeling too, but we also walked here during the last trial, and nothing happened." Lan Fenghuang followed behind Zhao Yuande, and the speed was extremely fast. He looked at the surrounding scenes and suddenly startled, "Brother Zhao It seems that there was a shadow passing by just now, which is very fast."

"Huh?" Zhao Yuande turned to look at the direction of Lan Fenghuang's finger, and found that a faint shadow disappeared.

He opened his eyes and found that the shadow seemed to have suddenly penetrated into a dark stone wall.

The black stone wall is as smooth as a mirror.

"Let's go over there and see." Zhao Yuande changed direction and ran towards the dark stone wall.

Ghost Hell has a powerful pressure that makes people unable to fly, and can only run on the earth. Even the first uncle Zhong who led the team cant fly. According to Tai Shuzhong, there is a kind of override The things above the heavens suppress the eighteenth level of hell, and even the fairy king can't fly.

So they can only run on the earth, otherwise at their flying speed, they will be able to walk through the entire Nether Hell in just a few days.

"This stone wall is so smooth, like a mirror." Lan Fenghuang stroked the stone wall. "There is also a warm and jade-like feeling."

"This..." Zhao Yuande suddenly remembered that there was once such a stone wall in the back hill of the Emperor Kongzong Daozong. At that time, many manipulative practitioners were sent to the stone wall and swallowed by Wan Zai's soul.

At that time, he cultivated underground, although he saw Wan Zai's Soul, but he was unable to capture it. Otherwise, he would be able to produce food that could rejuvenate the soul and revive the cultivator who died less than an hour.

"No, let's hurry back!" Zhao Yuande suddenly pulled the blue phoenix, backed a few tens of feet behind him, and directly covered the body of the two through the mirror.

"This is..." Lan Fenghuang felt as if she had arrived in another time and space. She could see the outside world clearly, but she couldn't feel the cold breath of the outside world at all.

"This is a treasure of mine, which can cover all our breath in this world. According to my current practice, as long as it is not a strong person above the fairy, it can't be seen through." Zhao Yuande replied, but his thoughts He didn't put it on the blue phoenix, because he saw a faint gray shadow in the stone wall emerged.

"Thousand Years Soul, the strong man who died before Ten Thousand Years, grudges will not be destroyed, devouring the third level of the spirit... high-grade ingredients, matching the recipe "Huan Soul Soup", can reunite the soul... ingredients list..."

what! Its really strange that its the same as Ten Thousand Years Souls, and this one has been promoted to Tier 3, it seems that there is no time to reunite the soul, it means that as long as the dead souls soul does not dissipate between heaven and earth, it should be enough. Save this person.

Zhao Yuande rubbed his hands in excitement. When he was in Kongshan Daozong, he cultivated shallowly, and could not get good things. Now that she has made great strides, she is already a strong person in the world, and she should be able to catch it. Right!

"Blue girl, you will do me a favor for a while, don't let this ghost return to the stone wall." Zhao Yuande pointed to the gray shadow that had been drilled out of the stone wall, "This is a good thing , Can bring people back to life and help me catch a lot of rewards for a while."

"What do you appreciate?" Lan Fenghuang suddenly smiled and asked Zhangkou.

In fact, Zhao Yuande just casually said that the cold girl like Blue Phoenix would never take his own stubble because he wanted to come, but he didn't think that he would be miscalculated.

"Oh! This..." Zhao Yuande touched his head. It took a long time for him to tell him, "How do you feel about rewarding you with a delicious meal?"

"Alright! Zhao Yuande is the owner of the world's first gourmet, I have been famous for a long time, you don't have to say anything!" Lan Fenghuang smiled, she had long heard Long Qingtian bragging about Zhao Yuande's name, it was like an insight very early on Let's take a look at the world's best food, how delicious it is, and how effective it is!

"Okay! I can't guarantee anything else, but I'm definitely the best in the world!" Zhao Yuande patted his chest.

"When are we going to do it?" Lan Fenghuang smiled and looked forward to it.

"When the gray shadow completely leaves the stone wall, this stone wall seems to be a spiritual space, and only gods or demons can enter, and this million-year-old ghost seems to be connected with the stone tablet's mind, as if the stone wall has become its life. Lingbao, as long as we break the stone wall, it will die, so it can only prevent him from returning to the stone wall." Zhao Yuande explained.

"No problem, we have some methods for this kind of demon, our Phoenix family, you will see me in a moment!" Blue Phoenix nodded.