Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 858

Chapter 858: Luck Is Like A Rainbow Going Straight To Jiuxiao

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The guy Meng Jiao looks honest and honest, but he is extremely vicious and fierce, and his cultivation strength is far beyond the range that Zhao Yuande and Lan Fenghuang can contend with. Such people can't deal with it unless they sneak attack.

"Should we cut Lin Zan and run away immediately? With your spirit treasure, we may be able to escape this ghost hell." Blue Phoenix naturally knows that Meng Jiao is invincible, even if it is a sneak attack, I am afraid of the chance of killing the other party. Also very low.

"That's fine, but we can't show our feet, we can't let him see through our identity, otherwise he will be found by him after going out!" Zhao Yuande frowned, this is not easy to handle.

There should be no problem in killing Lin Zan as long as he does it well, but it would be too difficult to avoid being seen by Meng Jiao, or to prevent him from doubting his two people.

At this time, only the two of them entered the Nether Hell Trial, he will naturally doubt his body for the first time!

"Actually, my Phoenix family has a secret called the Phoenix Mask, which can change your breath, make you ever-changing, and even turn into stones and trees. Even the Divine Emperor cant see through it, but it needs strong cultivation support. The thing is on me now, but it is one of my life-saving means. You can use it first!" Lan Fenghuang took out an exquisite blue mask and handed it to Zhao Yuande's hand.

On the mask is a child's face, which looks cute and cute, but it actually gives a strange and unpredictable feeling.

Zhao Yuande is also not polite, but this is a matter of safety for the two of them, and there is no need to look forward.

He turned out the Phoenix Mask, and suddenly felt a strange power flowing in the mask.

"This is... the power of creation! Do you know where this mask was obtained from?" Zhao Yuande suddenly exclaimed, and he felt a trace of familiar power from this mask.

"The power of creation? It's very appropriate. Heaven and earth make magical skills, indeed it is in line with the description of this mask." Blue Phoenix nodded, but she quickly shook her head again, "My ancestors of the Phoenix family did not know where to get this mask. I dont know the name, and then I will call it a phoenix."

"It turns out that it's a pity, it's a pity!" Zhao Yuande shook his head and sighed, "I have a set of boxing techniques, called chemical boxing, which lacks a kind of strength, that is the power of creation, if you can find the source of the mask, maybe it may also be made. Power."

"I go back and look up the records in the clan, maybe there is something recorded in this regard." Lan Fenghuang said.

"Okay, let me demonstrate the Phoenix mask first, but don't let the power leak out." Zhao Yuande put the mask on his face, and suddenly felt the mask merge with his skin at once. His thoughts turned, the whole People suddenly became the appearance of Wan Zai's Soul, regardless of breath or appearance.

"It's that creative spirit that is changing itself, and it's really magical." Zhao Yuande took off his mask and returned to his real body, and suddenly his face showed thought.

"This kind of change cannot be held for too long, otherwise the spiritual power in your body will be quickly consumed, and the battle must be quick and quick," Lan Fenghuang reminded.

"Okay! I know." Zhao Yuande nodded, and he still hadn't recovered from the mysterious feeling just now.

"Miss Blue, you must lend me this mask to study after going back."

"No problem, you can use it as long as you want!"

Just when the two men agreed on the plan, Meng Jiao and Lin Zan also started aimlessly searching.

Meng Jiaos spirits are powerful. Even in the suppressed ghost hell, he can still cover a distance of hundreds of miles in an instant. Zhao Yuande can clearly feel that the others spirits are like waves, and waves of radiation come over. If Shi was not covered by the spectacle, they could be found instantly.

Suddenly, I had the feeling of sneaking into Zhengde in the Desolate Realm. It was exciting and thrilling, but it made people look forward to it.

Unfortunately, Chi Tong bow has been given back to Yi Menggui at this time, and the women around him have also become blue phoenixes!

He instantly changed his physique and restored Zhao Yuande's real body. A stronger breath than before just burst out, which surprised the blue phoenix around him.

"This...this is your true strength!" Lan Fenghuang's voice was slightly surprised.

Originally, she felt that Zhao Yuande was extremely powerful, which made her feel a little ashamed. Now Zhao Yuande has restored the Chaos Eucharist, which gives her a strong sense of oppression.

She seemed to be standing in front of a majestic giant at this moment. The terrible momentum of the other party made her lose the courage to confront. She even suspected that the other party could directly confront the Meng Jiao head-on.

"Let's hurry up and catch up! Find an opportunity to kill Lin Zan, but it's a matter of your mind!" Zhao Yuande urged his body to take the blue phoenix away, and quickly caught up with the two in front. .

"Senior brother, they came in only half an hour, and we should be able to catch up with them at their speed, but why haven't they found them yet?" Lin Zan suddenly felt a little irritable and inexplicable, as if there was something Bad things are about to happen, he feels that if he stays here, maybe there will be any danger, he can't help but frown, "They won't sway a shot and turn back to Wanjie City? Or we will go back to Wanjie City and wait for the rabbits Never mind!"

"Brother, what you said is not impossible, or should we go back?" Meng Jiao couldn't help but feel a little strange. This brother has always been impatient for this kind of thing. But he didn't dare to ask the exit. Anyway, it was right to do what the other party said.

"Go back!" Lin Zan frowned and made a decision.

Meng Jiao had no choice but to turn his gun head and kill him back towards the portal of the Wanjie City.

But just after they turned a distance, Meng Jiao suddenly looked happy.

"Senior Brother, there is another breath of ten thousand years of ghosts over there. Do we want to go!" Meng Jiao pointed in a direction with excitement, and there was a stone wall everywhere, although it was not as smooth as the beginning, but it also shone quietly. The light, and a shadow flashed by, seemed to enter the stone wall.

"No! There are so many Wan Zai Yin souls..." At this time, even Lin Zan couldn't help but exclaimed. It is said that this thing is very rare in hell. Every captured Wan Zai Yin Soul is in the auction conference of the fairy world You can shoot a shocking sky-high price, but now you have come to the nether **** and met two heads in a row... this is too much!

"Brother! Have you forgotten your uncle's evaluation of you? The luck is like a rainbow, go straight to Jiuxiao, don't you believe in your uncle's vision?" Meng Jiao laughed, "You have broken through again and again in the past few years, only It took five years to reach this level, and as soon as I came to the lower realm, I met the body of pure Yin. As soon as I entered the nether hell, I could capture the Wan Zai Yin Soul. Does this not explain the problem?"

"Uh huh! Brother said that I was too cautious!" Lin Zan was praised by this brother a little confused, and even more trust his trust in that fellow.