Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 86

Chapter 86: Comparison Of Forces

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He felt that his head was a little messy, and these results were not what he wanted, he...

"Forget it! Don't think about it!" Zhao Yuande shook his head hard, and no matter what other elixir, he strode toward the Tianji grass.

The power of the Chaos Eucharist is unquestionable. In the end, he felt as if he had suppressed a huge magic mountain, and every step of the whole earth began to oscillate, like a small earthquake after another.

But this did not disturb him. He still collected the Tianji grass into his hands with a huge force close to one million catties.

Carefully put Tianji grass in the storage space, and then he put down one heart, but when he was about to pick up other elixir, he suddenly felt the huge pressure on his body.

What he saw next was a scene that was almost heartbreaking. The large-scale sixth-level and seventh-level elixir turned into a pile of mud at the moment of pressure loss, and they were all spilt in the mud of the medicine garden.

Obviously, this Tianji grass is the center of the entire ban. As long as the spirit grass is taken away, the ban will suddenly become invalid, and all elixir will be destroyed at this moment.

Zhao Yuande felt a little remorse in his heart. If he didnt rush to pick Tianji grass, he wouldnt make all the prohibitions invalid. These elixir could have been in his own pocket!

At this time, Yin couldn't be mad because he had just put his hand on a seventh-level elixir. Before he could collect it, the seven-level elixir would turn into a mud!

You have to know that this'phantom spirit flower' is worth millions of middle-grade spirit jade. He couldn't buy one in ten years of devotion. Now he is destroyed by life in front of him, and the muscles on his face are beating, almost You can't help but kill Zhao Yuande.

But he was cold and cunning, and he had to think about it and think about it. When he thought of the black bear and the two strong men who were not weaker than himself, the impulse in his heart was suppressed.

What he did not know was that his repression retrieved a life for himself so that he would not die on the spot!

As soon as the pressure around them was light, the crowd immediately recovered all mana, and the powerful force returned again, and their hearts were filled with joy.

Especially Li Tian, there is a feeling of being back to himself now. He is grateful to Zhao Yuande. When he is the weakest, the other party accepts himself. These people are definitely worth contacting.

The people gathered together again, with joy and worry on their faces. Except for Li Tian, everyone was somewhat rewarded. Apart from some complaints about Zhao Yuande, they were also very satisfied.

You know, even if the sixth-order elixir is very popular in the outside world, it is not a problem to buy a hundred thousand middle-grade spirit jade. Although these people are ancestral royal princes, their one-year offering is only seven or eight hundred thousand fast middle grades. Lingyu, this time it is a great harvest!

But Yin Yin couldn't look good at the moment, he still had some grudges in his heart, and looked at Zhao Yuande's eyes coldly.

"Boy, look at me again. Believe it or not, Grandpa Bear let you spit out all the elixir!" Black Bear hates this guy the most, there is always an urge to rush up and beat him, so I always look for opportunities Stimulate each other's anger.

"Brother Yin, don't be angry!" Jiang Tianyue and Yin could not be an ally on the front line at this time. Naturally, they didn't want to see Yin unable to lose money, and hurriedly arrested the upcoming Yin.

Jiang Shisan has been closely following Jiang Tianyue. As long as he goes to war, he will inevitably stand in front of Jiang Tianyue.

At this time, Zhao Yuande and Black Bear had already stood together, but Li Tian hesitated a little at this time, but immediately came to Zhao Yuande's side.

The two forces instantly compared, and Zhao Yuande took the upper hand.

"Brother Zhao, there is still a long way to go, and the final secret hall has not yet arrived. It is said that there is a powerful spiritual treasure in the hall. We still have to cooperate!" Jiang Tianyue stepped forward and smiled broadly.

"Miss Jiang said, let's move on!" Zhao Yuande smiled coldly in his heart, but his face was awkward. "I hope there will be no contradiction between us. My brother's temper is very grumpy. , In case I can't stop them, Miss Jiang can't blame me!"

"I will persuade Brother Yin more, he is so arrogant, and also ask Brother Zhao to forgive me!" Jiang Tianyue is already in disguise!

"It's easy to talk!" Zhao Yuande smiled, not saying much.

However, at this time he was full of affection for the prince Li Tian. This prince knows to advance and retreat, is reasonable, and can judge the situation. This alone can make a deep friendship.

Everyone was on the road again, but this time they did not join together, but Zhao Yuande was behind them and Jiang Tianyue was in front.

On this way, when encountering fierce beasts, everyone joined forces to beheaded, and when they encountered danger, everyone resisted together, but it was obvious that the gap between the two teams could be seen.

Zhao Yuande and Li Tian also talked a lot along the way, and also had a certain understanding of the other party, and they were more determined to continue their deep friendship with the other party.

Li Tian is the three princes of the Dali dynasty and one of the three princes most liked by the Dali dynasty. He has a good chance of succeeding the throne. His main opponent is the big prince. At this time, he is already a strong yin and yang unity. This person It is already the crown prince, if there is no special change, this person will eventually inherit the throne, and the Mo prince behind him has the support of Mo, which is also the biggest reason why he can become the crown prince.

The Mo family is likely to realize the plan of controlling the entire Dali dynasty through the crown prince. If they succeed, their power will once again promote a big realm!

There is a kind of aversion to Mo Yuan Zhao Yuande from the bones. It is this family who betrayed the entire world of the Eastern Emperor and introduced alien invasion. If it is possible, he will destroy this family as soon as possible!

The seventh prince is the son of King Dali's favorite princess. At this time, he worshipped under the gate of Luoxue Palace, and was favored by an ancestor.

The Seven Prince has also become one of the strongest contenders for the throne because of these two levels of relationship.

Originally, the three princes were an ancestor of the royal family, but unfortunately this ancestor fell three years ago due to the failure to hit a higher level. Since then, the supporters of the three princes have mostly transferred except for a few loyal veterans. The arrival of the other two princes also made him a little depressed, and wanted to come out more.

He originally met Jiang Tianyue and was suddenly attracted by it, but he gradually saw that this woman was an absolute egoist. He wanted to use the other's momentum to deal with the other two princes, which is basically impossible!

"Hehe! Brother Li, if you believe in me, I can help achieve hegemony!" Zhao Yuande smiled at Li Tian and threw such a bombshell.

His voice was not suppressed because of avoiding suspicion, and Jiang Tianyue naturally listened clearly.

Jiang Tianyue cornered her mouth, she felt that Zhao Yuande was bragging, a chaotic sacred body without a backstage, she could only show her strength in front of the third-rate clan forces, but when she reached second-rate, there were realm powerhouses in the field and even world powerhouses. How can a united environment withstand such a powerful person.

In the end, he finally wants everyone to be ignorant!