Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 860

Chapter 860: Conspiracy

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"Brother Zhao, do you know this stone man?" Lan Fenghuang saw Zhao Yuande's expression, knowing that the horn must be related to him, she continued, "Brother Zhao saved me, I am not able to repay such a big relationship, if needed If you help me, the Phoenix family can contribute."

"Well! Well, I will contact you if necessary." Zhao Yuande nodded. The Phoenix family is also a super power beyond the realm in the beginning, and the combination with the real dragon family makes their strength override many super. Above the great forces.

Although the dragon and phoenix are very low-key, their legends have been around since ancient times, and no one dared to underestimate these two super races that have been passed down from ancient times.


Suddenly, there was a loud and loud noise from the teleport hall, and a figure flew high from the teleport hall, and then hit the ground heavily.

"Damn minions, you dare to question my words!" A voice roared angrily, it was Meng Jiao who had died his brother and had no hope of life.

"You said, when did Zhao Shizi and the woman come back?" Meng Jiao slapped the guard who didn't know about life and slap, and turned his head to look at the other guard, and his eyes burst into anger.

He plowed the ground almost in Nether Hell, but he still didn't find the murderer. What made him feel even stranger was that he didn't even see Zhao Yuande and Lan Fenghuang.

He immediately linked the matter before and after, and felt that the matter could not be separated from the two of Zhao Yuande.

Of course, even if he is out of relationship, he can let him have a relationship. His brother and sister just entered the ghost **** just to chase them down and died in it. This is the biggest relationship!

"He... they just came back for a while and went to the direction of the immortal palace!" The guard turned pale and his legs kept shaking. Although he was a strong man in the world, he was scared by this terrifying pressure The whole body shivered, and yellow water stains dripped under the crotch.

"Humph!" Meng Jiao frowned and looked at the guard. He smelled a strong smell and threw it out in disgust.

"Zhao XIV, you killed my brother, I will kill you today!" Meng Jiao no matter whether Zhao Yuande did it or not, he was directly charged with this crime. Anyway, he will die, Nondola One back is one.

Zhao Yuande's face changed, he didn't expect this person to be so broken, he dared to start directly against the guards of Wanjie City, and he was also charged with murder.

But he instantly understood that under the powerful forces, the weak are not valued at all, the strong can kill the weak at will, and arrange various charges for the weak at will, even if they do not arrange the charges, it does not matter, and no one dares to stand up for The weak speak.

Meng Jiao has come in a fierce manner, patting towards the Immortal Hall, and does not care whether there are others in the Immortal Hall.

But this is where his mistakes occurred. If he directly searched for Zhao Yuande, he only directed at Zhao Yuande. At this time, no one would come back to touch his brow, but now he covers dozens of Xianban disciples under his palm. These people His elders are still waiting in Wanjie City at this time, how can he let him come like this.

However, when the elders of these people haven't tried to intercept, Ziqiong Ziqiong has already appeared in front of Meng Jiao and flew Meng Jiao out with a single palm.

"Are you crazy, Meng Jiao!" Zi Qiong's face was extremely ugly.

"Ziqiong, you leave me, Zhao Shizi killed my younger brother, I will kill him, otherwise no one can explain to my master!" Meng Jiao looked extremely fierce, staring at Ziqiong fiercely.

"It's a joke, when did I kill your younger brother, why should I kill him, do I have a grudge against him? Have you ever seen me do it yourself?" Zhao Yuande knew he would never come out at this time, I am afraid he would really be safe Last charge of murder.

"" Meng Jiao's complexion changed, he couldn't say that his younger brother took a fancy to the physique of his fiancee and wanted to kill him! And he didn't even see how his teacher's brother died. He was asked for a while and was speechless.

"Huh! Let me say it! Your brothers and sisters took a fancy to the blue girl's physique and wanted to use evil techniques to seize her pure Yin body, and the blue girl came to me for self-help and let me act temporarily Her fiance. In order to avoid the harassment of the brothers and sisters, we went into the nether hell, who knows that they are tracking all the way, we can only turn around in the nether **** and come out, I did not expect that we just came out and a few The disciple just said a few words, and he rushed out aggressively, saying that I killed his brother! Its ridiculous, my cultivation is good, but although the world is very powerful, it cant kill the fairy fairy waiter! You come to judge..."

Zhao Yuande said the cause and effect of the incident like a bean, and the face of Meng Jiao said changed again and again.

"You're still talking nonsense here! My younger brother just took a fancy to Miss Lan's beautiful appearance. She didn't intend to hide her pure Yin body. They must have been wrong! My younger brother is a disciple of Xiandi Palace, how? I will practice that evil method!"

"Then you all know that Blue Girl has a fiance, why would you follow us all the way into the Nether Hell, do you also go in for trial?" Zhao Yuande snorted and pressed hard.

"This... we are just worried about the comfort of Blue Girl, so..." Meng Jiao stagnate. He said this even he didn't believe it, and anyone else would believe it.

"You still said there was no conspiracy..." Zhao Yuande sneered again and again.

"You... must be that you killed my brother, and it would be useless to say anything!" Meng Jiao knew his theory, but he simply stubbornly died, "Zi Qiong, don't blame me for not explaining it first, Lin Zannai It is my masters most beloved disciple, who gave almost all the hard work. Today, my brother is dead, but he was killed! If you let me kill him, he will do nothing for you, if you dont let me kill him, , You will also be angered by my Master!"

"Meng Jiao, you are still a fairy ambassador, or a disciple of Xifengzhou's fairy emperor palace. How could you, a kind of arrogant and unreasonable person, be regarded as a disciple by the fairy emperor, and sent to visit the fairy class, it is a laugh!" Zhao Yuande No politeness, no matter what the identity of the other party, he dared to scold the immortal emperor.

"Meng Jiao, as long as you take out the evidence, Zhao XIV does not need you to do it. I will take him down. If there is no evidence, I'm sorry, my Ziyun Sect is not a person who is afraid of things. Unfortunately, my master is also a fairy. Emperor, look for his old man to go to theory!" Zi Qiong was originally a quiet temperament, but he was also maddened by this Mengjiao.