Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 861

Chapter 861: Crisis Relief

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As soon as she heard it, she knew that all the things that Zhao XIV said were true, and she didnt believe that Zhao Yuande could kill Lin Zan in front of Meng Jiao. Lin Zans death must have been hidden. .

Moreover, although Ziqiong did not understand Zhao Yuande's true identity, he did not know what kind of influence he had behind him.

But she knew that since she went to the purgatory passage, even Uncle Zhong was kind to him. To know that Uncle Zhong is a very arrogant person who can do this to a younger generation. Ability to convince Taishu Zhong.

Such a person, she must not let him die in the hands of Meng Jiao.

"Okay! Very good! Ziqiong, you wait for me and send a message to my master. I let him come down to the old man in person. I think you dare to stop it!" Meng Jiao said fiercely in his mouth, but in his heart it was Playing drums.

If you really tell the master directly, the first thing after the master comes is that you will shoot yourself directly, and you will never have the opportunity to make a contribution.

In the end how to do! Meng Jiao escaped his messenger jade in disguise, while thinking hard.

But no matter what he thought, he couldn't think of any way.

At this time, the sky above the Wanjie City suddenly had a golden light, and a huge gate of the fairy world appeared slowly.

The gate of the fairy world suddenly opened, and a majestic figure of about ten thousand feet appeared in front of everyone in the city of the world.

This is just a phantom, but its prestige makes the whole world tremble. The power of the heaven and earth around the world of the realm has stopped running at this time. Some powerful **** emperors suddenly felt their power as if they were suddenly killed. Deprived, the living will fall into a big realm and become a Divine Emperor Realm.

"See Immortal Emperor!" Ziqiong's face changed, looking at the phantom in the sky, bowing respectfully.

"See Immortal Emperor!" Many old monsters beyond the realm of Divine Emperor in Wanjie City showed their bodies at this time, paying respect to the phantom in the sky.

"See Immortal Emperor!" Only the practitioners of Wanjie City reacted at this time, and all bowed down to the phantom to worship together.

"Is this the powerhouse of Immortal Emperor Realm? Sure enough, it is countless times more powerful than Zhang Ling!" Zhao Yuande was slightly shocked when he saw the power of this phantom, facing such a terrible existence Even he had to lower his head.

"Master... Master!" Meng Jiao made a direct orbit on the ground, and desperately kowtowed to this phantom. "They are all incompetent, failing to protect their younger brothers, and invite Master..."


Before Meng Jiao finished speaking the following, he immediately turned into a blood mist.

"Useless things, these small things can't be done well, why should I keep you!" Tall phantom seemed to kill a humble bug, no expression at all, but turned his eyes to Zhao Yuande, "you"

As soon as you exited the word of the tall phantom, it suddenly stopped!

He looked at Zhao Yuande's gaze, as if he had seen a ghost, and the originally proud figure suddenly shivered slightly.

Zhao Yuande suddenly knew that the other party must have seen the identity of the reincarnation of his own universe. He heard that the immortal strongman of Xianhong City said that the stronger the person, the more afraid of his identity, and the less dare to pass.

"Boy, I know that you killed my disciple. I can feel the breath of my disciple in you!" The words of the shadow slowly sounded in Zhao Yuande's sea of knowledge, "But, since you are that I will not personally deal with you for the chosen person, but I will not let you go. I also know the rules of that person. I will not do it myself, but will send my disciples to find you! "

"Since the seniors know it, then I won't hide it. Even if you send someone, if Zhao Zhao 14 frowns, he loses! But you have to be careful, none of the disciples under your door may return. Go!" Since the other party has spoken, he will no longer hide, as long as the other party shoots no more than his two big realms, he is not afraid at all, and guarantees how much you die!

"Okay! Very good, the little guy is worthy of the chosen person. I hope you can live well. When you have achieved the fairy monarch, I will go to you in person. I want to see if you can be in my Escape the man!" The fairy emperor's voice was cold and quiet, like the wind of the cold winter.

"I think, Master Xiandi, you don't have to wait too long!" Zhao Yuande did not fear the other party's means, but just responded lightly.


Immortal Emperor Xuying slowly disappeared, but at this time, several figures rushed out of the gate of Immortal World.

These figures are all wrapped in golden armor, each of which is the cultivation of Divine Emperor Realm. They all looked at Zhao Yuande with scorching eyes, and the killing intention was strong in his eyes.

Zhao Yuande clearly felt the extraordinaryness of these divine emperors. Their combat effectiveness was not weaker than that of ordinary early emperors, and the golden armor on everyone was extremely strong. He even doubted that ordinary innate spirit treasures might not be able to Marked on it.

These golden armor figures did not shout and kill Zhao Yuande as soon as they came up, but rushed out of the gate of the fairy world and found the three giants of Wanjie City.

Ziqiong couldn't help but looked at these golden armor strongmen. She didn't understand it. These were all golden armor guards of the Immortal Emperor Palace. These people's origins are also quite good. They entered the Immortal Emperor Palace to practice. Only those with very good qualifications will be selected as Jinjia Xianwei, as long as they are full within three years, they can become true disciples of the Xiandi Palace.

The immortal emperor sent a team of golden armor guards without saying a word. What did he think?

"Okay, let's go! It's our business!" Zhao Yuande smiled at Lan Fenghuang. "Now your crisis has been lifted, and I am a free man!"

"Thank you Brother Zhao! If Brother Zhao wanted that Phoenix mask, I could give it to Brother Zhao, and I would be the right to thank him." Lan Fenghuang bowed slightly, but his heart was still slightly lost.

"No, this mask was left by the Blue Girl's ancestors. How can I stay? You can borrow me for a month, and maybe I still need Blue Girl's help!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand in a hurry, saying he couldn't accept it.

"Well, since Brother Zhao said this, I won't stick to it! This is my Phoenix token. As long as you need it, you can excite the prohibition in the token, and there will naturally be people from Phoenix. "Blue Phoenix handed a token to Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande was not hypocritical and reached out to take over. This time he returned to the Eastern Emperor World, and he might really need the help of the Phoenix family.

He was no longer delayed, he was worried about the corner so he decided to set off immediately and return to the Eastern Emperor World.