Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 862

Chapter 862: Strange Girl

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As soon as he returned to the East Star Emperor's broken star ring, he immediately felt that it was not the same as before. The flow of people in the broken star city was several times more than before, and many strange human races appeared on the street. It was not East at first sight. The original cultivator of the emperor world.

And not only that, these foreign human race cultivators seem to be full of hostility to the practitioners of the Eastern Emperor Great World, but after a while, Zhao Yuande saw several conflicts.

But Zhao Yuande didn't have much time to manage these things, he had to rush back to the East Emperor Great World.

He hurried out of the star field teleportation array, and came to the ordinary teleportation array back to the Eastern Emperor Great World.

But as soon as he entered the hall of transmission, there was a tumultuous voice, and a girl with a beautiful face of 14 to 5 years old was confronting a large group of big men.

"You abominable aliens, you just go to our Eastern Emperor World to take refuge, and you want to bully our Eastern Emperor World, really a group of unfamiliar wolf cubs!" It is the sixfold of the realm, without fear of the group of big men in front of them, pointing at them and scolding.

"Shut up for me, my Shadow Soul Sect is now the largest sect of the Eastern Emperor Great World. The so-called local forces of your Eastern Emperor Great World dare not confront my sect at all, and have now given up the Holy City to My sect, you little girl dare to talk to me like this, hum!" The first big man is tall and majestic, but his ears are like Pu fans. It seems that he is not a pure human being.

Most of this group of big Han Xiuwei have just entered the yin and yang union, led by this pig-eared big man, but the field is fivefold.

Their cultivation practices are not as good as pretty girls, so they did not dare to do it directly, but used the forces behind them to deter the girls opposite.

"What... they are the people of the Shadow Soul Sect!" someone suddenly exclaimed all around.

"This sect has quietly risen in the world of the East Emperor, and its total strength is strong. Now it has annexed several super powers, and it seems to be the most powerful sect of the entire East Emperor!" Someone whispered.

"The guardian of the Eastern Emperor Great World, why didn't the Thunder Priest family come forward to control them and just let them run wild?" Some people were puzzled.

"Hey! The Thunder Prison family is only responsible for the protection of the Eastern Emperor Great World, only to the outside world! They have their own rules, and now the Shadow Soul Sect has belonged to the Eastern Emperor Great World, and they are not easy to intervene in this matter."

"Poor me, the natives of the Eastern Emperor Great World, this really attracts wolves into the room!"

"Those of the superpowers almost regretted their intestines. They are now gradually uniting together to try to fight against the Shadow Soul Sect. However, there are two strong men who have surpassed the Divine Emperor in the Shadow Soul Sect and let these big forces Losing again and again!"

"Hey! Now the whole world of the East Emperor has become the world of Shadow Soul Sect..."


When Zhao Yuande heard this, he couldn't help feeling annoyed for a while, this Shadow Soul Sect was too much.

And this time the horn was also injured by this force called Shadow Soul Sect, and he was even more hostile to this Shadow Soul Sect.

"What a **** shadow soul sect, do not take medicine to delay my return, leave me away!" Da simply simply strode the meteor group of men, and the powerful momentum was like a mountain. The big man retreated back and forth, vomiting blood in his mouth.

Even for the first pig-eared man, he couldn't help but stepped back and forth a few times, his complexion became ugly.

"Who the **** are you, dare you not give me Shadow Soul Sect face, are you not afraid of being annihilated?" Although the pig-eared big man feels that the other party is very powerful, it should be beyond the world and can only be threatened with words.

"What are you talking about?" Zhao Yuande's eyes were cold. He didn't like the words that others threatened his genocide. Those who had threatened him before were basically dead.

"I...I...I said you are not afraid of being annihilated by my Shadow Soul Sect?" The pig-eared big man was terrified by Zhao Yuande. His body receded repeatedly, but his tone was still very hard.

"Then I will destroy you first." Zhao Yuande slapped towards the pig-eared big man with a slap.

"This big brother don't be impulsive, he... hey!" The pretty girl just wanted to stop it, but before she finished talking, she saw that the pig-eared big man's head was slapped by Zhao Yuande into a rotten watermelon.

"In the face of this kind of garbage, how can the girl hold back her hands? Haven't all the powerful people in the Eastern Emperor's World lost their blood?" Zhao Yuande's voice was high, and he looked at the pretty girl with a helpless face.

"You don't know...Eastern Emperor Great World has to change its name, even if it is something that the super clan can't change, how do we ordinary cultivators do, we also have blood, but if the blood is over, we will die , How can we persevere!" The girl smiled bitterly, she continued, "I think the elder brother just returned to the East Emperor's World! I advise you not to be so stubborn in the future, and change your appearance and leave now! Shadow Soul soon The strong Zong will arrive, and it will be too late when he wants to go. Hey! They are already here, come with me quickly, and I will take you to hide."

Zhao Yuande was dragged away by the girl, and the girl was very fast. The girl rushed out of the hall and went into a small alley, then opened a courtyard door and went straight in.

At this time, an angry roar came from the teleport hall not far away, followed by a scream and the collapse of the temple.

The girl took Zhao Yuande into the yard. At this time, an old blacksmith was hitting the iron. It was not much to see the two coming in. He gently stomped the ground, and a dark passage appeared in the yard.

The girl nodded at the old blacksmith, and dragged Zhao Yuande into the dark passage.

After entering the passage, there was a loud noise above, and the earth was restored to its original state, and they soon reached the end of the passage.

What you are looking at is an underground cave, which is not less than a dozen square feet in size. There are some ordinary tables and chairs around the cave. Several people are sitting in a frustrated manner, and the center of the cave is a huge one. In the stove of the fire, there are two big men with red fruits all beating.

"What is this place?" Zhao Yuande looked around curiously.

"This is a refuge, and the people who came here in order to escape the trauma and murder of Shadow Soul Sect." The pretty girl pointed to a chair and motioned to Zhao Yuande to sit down.

"Then why did you play in the teleport hall?" Zhao Yuande looked at the pretty girl.

The girl is a little stronger, her arms and thighs are obviously thicker than those of ordinary girls, and her hands are also obviously rough. At first glance, she is a person who takes the path of practicing physical body.

However, the girl's appearance makes people feel clean and refreshing at first glance, as if a flower is out of mud without staining the lotus.