Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 863

Chapter 863: There Is Absolutely No Undivided Thought

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"You see it." The girl smiled a little embarrassedly, and there were two small dimples on her face, which looked very charming and cute. "Actually, I did that to try to arouse the rebellion of more people in the world. If you go on like this, I am afraid that the Eastern World will really be occupied by Shadow Soul Sect."

Even Zhao Yuande couldn't help but be a little stunned. The girl was capable and mature when she didn't laugh, and when she smiled, she had a cute little girl's family.

This somewhat contradictory look is something he only saw in this life, as seems to have been seen in the previous life...

"Oh! That's the way it is." Zhao Yuande recovered and nodded gently, and he asked, "I don't know why the girl should do this? Do the big forces of the Eastern World have begun to bow down and claim their titles?"

"Eastern Emperor Great World now has great power to surrender the Shadow Soul Sect, and even a few super families now have some meaning to succumb. This Shadow Soul Sect's ability is too horrible, they can quietly control a person. If there is no precautions, perhaps 9 out of 10 people will have a big loss against them, so they can annex one-third of the site of Donghuang Great World in just a few months, and now their tentacles have been extended Towards Zhongyu and the barren, the stone man blocked the footsteps of their barbaric attack some time ago, so they were under siege and almost died." The girl sighed softly and told the general form of the East Emperor to Zhao Yuande. Again.

Zhao Yuande nodded silently, turned his head to look at the girl and continued to ask: "The girl you belong to? What is your name? What are your plans?"

"Oh! My name is Xie Nan. I am a disciple of the Earthfire Sect. I just want to arouse the resistance of more people and unite everyone to fight against the Shadow Soul Sect!" The girl was a little surprised, but soon she returned to normal .

"Okay! Sister, how many days have it been since you brought you back alone? What use can this have? I think we still continue to hit our irons and make our spiritual weapons. What is the matter of fighting for these things? Not what we should be concerned about." A big man sitting not far away, pouted, and complained softly with some dissatisfaction.

"Yes! Sister, what are you doing with your unreliable business, and what do you think of our Huozuo Zong? If the people with shadow demon traces here, all of us will be finished!" The other complained.

"Shut up for me! Why don't you have a brother like you!" Xie Nan seemed to be irritated, turned his head and swept the two brothers fiercely, and said furiously, "You Are you still a man? I'm being cautiously borrowed by someone riding on my head and urinating and urinating. I still feel wronged if you feel wronged. If it wasn't for the master who stopped me, I would have killed the rubbish! Did I ask you to follow me? Im going to fight, just occupying the secret land of the sect, you are here crooked and crooked, believe it or not I will make you all pig heads!"

Xie Nan was more and more excited and almost jumped up and pointed at the noses of the two younger brothers.

"Sister! Sister! We are wrong, there are outsiders here? You want a little lady, otherwise how can you find your mother-in-law! Who dares to want you." One of the big men hurriedly whispered, pointing at Zhao Yuande.

"Yes! Sister, keep the image, the image!" The other big man almost knelt on the ground, as if he was very afraid of the world's turbulence.

Zhao Yuande was also dumbfounded. This man Xie looked at the wounded place quietly and peacefully for the first time. He smiled like a mountain of flowers and was very cute. This anger was like a Buddha's anger and King Kong. Even Zhao Yuande, a time-tested strong man, couldn't help She was terrified by her.

"Oh! Cough..." Xie Nan remembered that Zhao Yuande was still around, and suddenly his face turned slightly red, and he lowered his voice unconsciously, "In short, you must support me, although I can't save the East Emperor Great World, But if he can do his part, he will feel at ease."

"Yes! The elder sister said, be at ease! Be at ease!" A big man quickly echoed.

"Sister Gao Yi, I will admire, admire!" The other big man also hurriedly echoed.

The two looked cautious, as if afraid of the sister's hair.

"It's almost the same!" Xie Nan nodded with satisfaction, turned his head to look at Zhao Yuande, and was a little embarrassed. "This elder brother smiled. My two younger brothers are not sensible. I don't teach them to Master one day, they don't. I know how to be a man. Hey, I dont know the name of my elder brother. Although the elder brothers palm broke into trouble just now, it definitely made the whole Star Crusher applaud. The elder brother is the sect or family. Have you considered joining? What about our team against Shadow Soul Sect?"

"Oh! It's okay, my name is Zhao XIV. I'm a loose repairer in the world of the Eastern Emperor. There are no schools. As for joining the team against the Shadow Soul Sect, I would like to ask how many of us are there? How many are there? The forces joined?" Zhao Yuande actually did not lie. Since he came out of Huo Yunzong, he only joined Bajing Palace and became a disciple of Zhang Ling. He was recognized by the Wa Palace and became the master of the Wa Palace. These two forces can be All in the heavens and the world, he really has no way in the world of the East Emperor.

"Oh! This..." Xie Nan couldn't help but look slightly red.

"Sister, why don't I say it for you!" A big man winked at Zhao Yuande, who was looking forward to his face, and whispered, "In fact, this team has just started, there are only two people, that is you and my sister, if you are Willing to join, my sister will buy half and give away, and give it to you as a wife, how do you feel?"

"You... this **** thing, see I don't kill you!" Hearing the younger brother said, Xie Nan blushed suddenly, and punched and kicked at the younger brother, and the guy opened each other. The fists are all tigers, and they can directly kill a sixth-order beast. The younger brother with a swollen nose and screamed repeatedly, hurriedly begging for mercy.

Zhao Yuande, who was not far away, was in a panic and secretly wondered, who would marry back to this door is definitely a brand new experience, sometimes quiet, sometimes cute, sometimes violent, sometimes... cruel!

Thinking of this, Zhao Yuande could not help but shivered subconsciously.

"Cough! Brother Zhao, don't listen to my nonsense, we are just comrades-in-arms. I have absolutely no ambitions about you, really!" Xie Nanyi said seriously, "In fact, although we are only two of us, I believe There will be more people soon, and in the face of oppression and persecution, our children of the Eastern Emperor Great World should soon wake up and rise up to rebel. Can't fight Shadow Soul Sect?"

"Oh! Girl Xie really... really..." Zhao Yuande didn't know what words to use to describe the other party, but he admired the girl in his heart.

"Give me a happy sentence! Do you want to join or not, don't let your mother-in-law!" Xie Nan suddenly felt anxious when he saw the other party talking.